Sila Leto

Red-headed computer expert. What dragon?


3 Charisma
3 Comeliness
4 Dexterity
5 Health
6 Intelligence
3 Luck
5 Perception
5 Speed
4 Stamina
2 Strength
6 Willpower

Special Abilities:
Dragon Traits: Flight, Bite, Scales, Elemental Affinity (electronics)
Dragon Magic (sorcery-flavored magic type with leanings into alchemy)
Planar Travel/Planar Opening (Sila inherited this ability from her father – too bad he didn’t live to teach her how to use it.)

Increased Metabolism, Phobic Fear of Elves

Skills and Talents:
Knows Her Electronics (int)
Firearms Proficiency (dex)
Situational Awareness (perception)
Search and ReSearch
What Dragon? AKA Bluff
That Thing’s Food! AKA Wilderness lore
Knowledge: Family History Plus (bonus to knowledge checks RE Esserea and Earth history)


Sila’s parents originally came through to Earth much closer to when the connection between the worlds was first formed, fleeing not the Red King but general persecution against dragons. Unfortunately, they had not yet quickened their four eggs when the husband (Sila’s father) ran afoul of a certain British knight that went by the name of George… Sila’s mother went into deep hiding, and waited until dragons were again remembered only in myth before finally quickening two of her precious eggs in a carefully hidden nest in the woods behind her rural home in the “colonies” (ahem, Michigan).

Sila was quickened with an unusual affinity element: silicon and alternating current (instead of the more traditional sulphur and fire), giving her a magical affinity to electronic devices (instead of flames). Unfortunately, her mother unwisely quickened her brother with Americium…and didn’t adequately protect herself from his radioactive abilities, leaving the “twins” struggling to learn as much of their heritage as possible before mother’s inevitable death of cancer. Fortunately, like most nestmates, Sila and her brother are resistant to each others’ elements, and he has since learned better control (therefore Sila herself is NOT dying of cancer). Sila has innate magical abilities to affect electronics, and in natural form her “breath weapon” is a stream of sparks – usually a digital logic stream (IE, besides hurting, the stream may also spell out “you’re going to lose” or “die die die” in ASCII code), though in extreme rage she sometimes descends into pure digital noise instead.

Sila earned a scholarship to a prestigious university in Ireland, giving her a chance to both study under the best teachers and visit her father’s burial place. While there, she rescued a small (racially small, not just young) sphynx from a Great Owl that showed his kind’s blatant and horrible disregard for sapience in prey. She helped the sphynx get a human-form pendant and emmigrate to the ‘States, a difficult process but when successful very useful for concealing the previous lack of /any/ citizenship at all. This friend now lives in the nearby town. Unfortunately, the Great Owl is murderously bitter about his defeat at the claws of an unknown dragon, and still searches for Sila; her main hope is that he doesn’t realize she’s American, and is still searching the wrong side of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, he turned out to be chief of a clan (how a clan of Great Owls ended up on Earth, Sila doesn’t know) and they are inclined to take her embarassing of their chief as a general affront to the rest of them too, though they mostly ignore the issue; really, they think the Chief dwells on it far to much for his own good.

The other thing that happened at university is that Sila met, dated, and seriously considered engagement to a striking young man. However, sometime after they began discussing her taste in engagement rings but before he actually tried to give her one, “Luke Hanley” decided he had better reveal to his “human” intended that he was an elf – in fact, a prince in exile! Unfortunately, while she didn’t accuse him of delusion or suchlike expressions of disbelief, she did call him assorted unfair names and break off the relationship utterly and immediately. Completely unbeknownst to him, this is because Sila’s mother’s stories of the OLD old world left her thinking of elves as dragon-genocidal boogeymen. Unfortunately, this was practically the first the Leto family had heard of the elvish refugees, and she didn’t hang around to hear much of it. They hadn’t heard much since either – until the near-hijacking brought Sila to the attention of DEAR. Ragarding the alleged prince, both parties still feel horribly betrayed by each other over this breakup, though neither is actively hunting the other down. Sila graduated the following semester, which was four academic years ago. Sila has been courted by herHavrasti for about two years now, and was /sure/ he was really a human this time. When she should reveal her own non-human nature was her biggest worry in that relationship, until the hijacking led to the revelation that she was wrong again, and Havrasti was actually a dragon too!

Currently, Sila and her brother live at home, providing care to their mother who has reached the terminal stages of cancer but is still doing her best to finish teaching them dragon magic. This is the last major area of draconic development left to pass on, so she considers that in light of her initial carelessness with her son’s element, she’s done pretty well. She is leaving the last two eggs to her daughter to quicken and raise when she is ready (can’t give them to the son, men just aren’t meant to rear eggs after all). Of course, now that they know there are other dragons on-planet, she at least has the comfort of knowing that if the bad guys shoot Sila, Sam might still find a wife to rear his younger siblings.

Sila (and Sam and their mother) wears an enchanted jewel that shifts her to human form. Theoretically she might learn to shift on her own at some point, but the jewel has the benefit that it “tucks” worn objects into the unused form when a shift is triggered, allowing Sila to leave and return to human form without becoming awkwardly unclothed. Sila’s jewel is worked into a “pendant” that she usually wears on a wide bracelet, but can detach and wear on a necklace at need. (Sam’s is in a locket.)

With her pendant, Sila looks like an irishwoman: reddish hair and green eyes, pale skin prone to freckles, shortish and energetic. The race is “programmed” into the jewel’s spell, and interacts with her real characteristics to produce a unique form; anyone else wearing the bracelet/pendant will look like an Irish human, but only Sila will look exactly like Sila.

In natural form, she is large and quadripedal, though her front hand-feet are almost as dexterous as her human hands, adjusting for size. Her scales bear an unnerving resemblance to that standard textured grey casing plastic of the 80s and 90s in appearance, but are every bit as hard and durable as any other dragon’s. Her claws are metalic and conductive, and can serve as a conduit to deliver her innate electrical abilities.

Sila Leto

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