Ethelwyn Honestel Ross


Looks very much like this… and would totally wear that dress if she could get away with it…


Charisma – 6 (5 + 1 for Elven Racial Ability “Heightened Charisma”)
Skill: Persuasion – Plus 1 to Charisma when trying to influence others through gentle or persuasive means

Comeliness – 3

Dexterity – 4
Skill: Close-quarters Maneuvering – Plus 1 to Dexterity when navigating tight or crowded spaces. Gained from much experience navigating plane aisles and crowded airports.

Health – 3

Intelligence – 6
Skill: First Aid – Plus 1 to Intelligence when rendering emergency medical assistance
Skill: Creative Crafting – Intuitive general competence in a range of arts and hand-crafts. Plus 1 to Intelligence when working with various creative media.

Luck – 5

Perception – 6 (5 + 1 for Personal Enlightenment Life Event)
Skill: Reading Faces – Plus 1 to Perception when trying to determine another’s mood or character through their body language.
Skill: Sharpened Notice – Though not necessarily always on her toes, when Ellie’s on the look-out for something, she really pays attention. Plus 1 to Perception on occasions where Ellie knows there’s reason to pay extra attention to details.

Speed – 4
Skill: Thirty-yard Dash – Plus 1 to Speed when engaging in a short sprint. After all, you had to learn something from all those close-cut cross-airport plane changes. Tagline: “I’m wasted on cross-country! We [flight attendants] are natural sprinters! Very dangerous over short distances!”

Stamina – 3

Strength – 3
Skill: Baggage Weightlifter – Plus 1 to Strength for tasks that primarily use arm muscles. You knew all that lifting of bags into overhead bins had to be good for something.

Willpower – 6 (5 + 1 Personal Enlightenment Life Event)
Human Racial Ability Psychic Immunity – Doubles dice against mind-controlling effects


Range – 1-2 miles, one person at a time
Modifier – Intelligence
Description – Talk to another creature’s mind regardless of language.

Range – Touch (usually)
Modifier – Intelligence
Description – Heal yourself and others.

Range – Self
Modifier – Intelligence
Description – You can alter and re-shape of your body, though primarily to humanoid forms. Clothes do not change with you.

Photokinesis/Light Manipulation:
Range – Sight
Modifier – Intelligence
Description – You can bend light around things to render them invisible, stop lazers, and control the level of brightness or darkness in an area around you.

Range – Sight
Modifier – Intelligence
Description – You can re-shape inanimate objects and imbue them with a simulation of life and intelligence.


Chemical Susceptibility/Toxin Intolerance:
Range – Self
Modifier – Health
Description – You are considerably more sensitive than average to drugs, poisons, and toxic chemicals (acid, alcohol…).


Journal 1 – Saturday, July 27: On the plane to China…
Journal 2 – Wednesday, July 31: The evening after releasing the elf girls…
Journal 3 – Saturday, August 3rd: Back at Ellie’s apartment, after all is said and done…
Journal 4 – Monday, August 5, 2013: Evening, after a day at DEAR…

Ethelwyn Honestel Ross

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