The White Council

Leadership (Founding to September 2013)

  • Anthony Braithwick – the Master; he sets the agenda of the Council and runs the meetings.
  • Jerrold Southcombe – the Justice; he and his group are charged with running down misbehaving magicians.
  • Graham Page – the Educator (role self-describing) even though Page probably would need written instructions on how to pee in the corner of a round room.
  • Elsa Hagenbusche – aka ‘German Icemaiden’ – who’s the Administrator. She keeps records.
  • Vincent “Vinclem” Clemenceau – the Adversary, charged with being the devil’s advocate.

Leadership (After September 2013)

After the events of August 2013, Anthony Braithwick resigned as a member of the White Council, and Jerrold Southcombe was expelled for misbehavior. The distinctive titles and roles for most of the five members were removed, and the positions were filled by appointment.

  • Elsa Hagenbusche – President of the Council, representative of Germany.
  • Betsy Mercer – Vice-President of the Council, representative of the United States.
  • Wen Ru – Representative of the People’s Republic of China / the dragons on Earth.
  • Graham Page – Representative of the United Kingdom.
  • Vincent “Vinclem” Clemenceau – the Adversary, representative of the Republic of France.

Senior Observers

Several nations, organizations, and individuals are recognized by the White Council as “Senior Observers”, meaning they have no vote in decisions and no fiscal stake in upholding the organization, but are included for purposes of transparency. Prior to 2013, the two most notable observers were Wen Ru (acting on behalf of both his own organization and the magical community in the PRC) and the United States (which was skeptical about the goals of the White Council’s leadership at the time).

The White Council

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