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Esserea (alt. Ser Ea or Elphyne) is an otherworld, and the one known most clearly by those who live on Earth. It is inhabited by many creatures and races thought fantastical by the inhabitants of Earth.


DEAR – The disingenuously-named “Department of Educational and Administrative Resources” is responsible for the official US government oversight of the magical and otherworldly.
Safeguard – British agency overseeing the magical and otherworldy. Not a goverment agency in the same sense as DEAR.
The White Council – Trying to be the UN for magic users. Kind of scary.
Le Élyséens – France’s official government agency for dealing with magic, similar to DEAR.
St Anne’s – You don’t know anything about this group yet.
The Mataru – The people with antlers or horns. Not much known yet.


Brennin – It’s like the Britain in another plane? Braithwick claims to be it’s Lord High Protector.

Nature and Rules of Magic

Shapeshifting Magic Theory – Dynamics and technicalities behind the magic of true shifting
Short Introduction to Magic – By Anna Vaillancourt

Creatures and Races


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