Icons of Esserea


Quote: “It shall end in fire.”
Usual Location: Exact location never known, but he tends to come out of the northeast.
Common Knowledge: Whiteteeth claims to be the father of all the dragons – the first, oldest, and largest. While his claims may be gradiose, they are hard to disprove, and may carry an echo of truth. Whiteteeth is almost certainly the largest dragon in existence, and if he is not the eldest of his race, then he is at least four millenia old. He believes himself to be the refining instrument of the lesser mortal races, culling out the weak and leaving the strong.
Allies: Evil dragons follow Whiteteeth in crafting death and destruction across the world. He will ally with few others, though.
Servants and Associates: The six greatest of Whiteteeth’s draconic followers are called the Silent Children. These servants trade every sound they can ever make to Whiteteeth, who “speaks with seven voices.”
Enemies: Whiteteeth’s greatest enemy is The Lady, who sends her servants to hunt Whiteteeth and his Silent Children. The Red King, as well, is no friend to Whiteteeth, though his enmity is less prnounced.
History: So far as mortals know, Whiteteeth has always existed in Esserea as a force of primeval destruction.
The True Danger: If Whiteteeth ever found friends or allies among the “lesser” mortals.

The Lady

Quote: “I wet my feet in the first dew of the first dawn of this ancient world.”
Usual Location: The Lady makes her home in the Great Barrow in northern Iverindor, a place unreachable except at dawn or dusk. If you enter the Barrow at the right time, you will find your way into a paradise garden. But enter at the wrong time, and you’ll instead enter the haunted tunnels beneath the faerie mound.
Common Knowledge: The Lady is immortal and incredibly powerful – it is said that the only thing she cannot do is raise the dead to life. According to legend, she has lived at least six millenia, most of it reigning from within her citadel of the Great Barrow. A rumor rising among the humans – which The Lady has dismissed but remains irritatingly popular – is that she is the ascended Virgin Mary.
Allies: The realm of Iverindor maintains a faithful relationship to The Lady, naming her as their patron and greatest ally. Iverindor’s current archmage is one of her closest allies, and perhaps her only true friend.
Servants and Associates: Nearly two dozen Ilfirin number themselves among either the Lady’s children and her court, in addition to hundreds, if not thousands, of elves and nature spirits. The Lady also receives an army of a thousand men each year from Iverindor; an army which she employs to fight the forces of Whiteteeth. At the end of the year, the survivors return home with gifts, ranging from fantastic weapons to an ability to do magic.
Enemies: The Lady has many enemies, but none so powerful as the elder dragon Whiteteeth, who hunts the Lady’s servants (but only outside the borders of Iverindor).
History: There has never been a time that the Lady has not lived in Esserea, yet she remains ever-young.
The True Danger: Without her patronage, Iverindor’s independence from Starmarch would be threatened. Without her power holding him back, Whiteteeth would burn the civilized lands.


Quote: “I come in the gray moments just before dawn, in thunder and in earthquake; let evil that walks in the night beware the light I bring!”
Usual Location: Yveshyna has no fixed abode, but has been seen often in Alamanche and Dirakasse.
Common Knowledge: If Whiteteeth is the face of the evil dragons, then Yveshyna is his opposite. Her life has been uniquely marked by the Silent Children. Both of Yveshyna’s parents were numbered among the Six, and she was born as Despair, to become one of his retinue. But she departed her dark family and undertook a rebirth to become Yveshyna. One of the largest and most magnificent of dragons, Yveshyna now hunts down the creatures of darkness, protecting – or avenging – the innocent.
Allies: Dragons who seek peace and oppose evil name Yveshyna as their champion, and in turn she calls on them on occasion for their aid. As a foe of Whiteteeth, Yveshyna receives a grudging support from the Lady – but there is still blood between them, and never trust or respect. Much closer, however, are the Consuls of Alamanche, who are among her closest friends.
Servants and Associates: Yveshyna’s servants and spies are innumerable, and may not even know who they serve in the end. Humans and elves often see and hear the signs that the dragons do not, and Yveshyna listens to her networks of agents to outmaneuver her foes.
Enemies: Whiteteeth and his Silent Children fear and hate her as much as they hate the Lady, and Whiteteeth has promised a ‘special fate’ for her when she falls to him. Easier said than done – Yveshyna is quite possibly the only mortal dragon who can match He Who Speaks With Seven Voices. Ruadhri, the Red King, is also a known enemy of all dragons.
History: Yveshyna has been known in mortal lands for only five hundred years.
The True Danger: All will be well so long as Whiteteeth does not kill her – or worse.


Quote: “By my command, order is upheld and civilization endures.”
Usual Location: Mirilda of the Seven Bridges, capital city of Starmarch.
Common Knowledge: Ruadhri is a giant, standing nine and a quarter feet tall, and a sorcerer-king of formidable powers. He overthrew the mad Queen Nesta of Starmarch, and the realms of Rosoneian and Alindon recognize him as overlord. Although giants are supposedly as short-lived as humans, Ruadhri has reigned now for fifty years without showing a hint of aging.
Allies: Ruadhri’s allies are few, and have a tendency to become servants, as all too many partners have discovered.
Servants and Associates: Ruadhri holds the allegiance of his brother, the king of Rosoneian, and the human King Adam of Alindon. A powerful elvish sorcerer, known only as The Tadhg, supports his rule. His nephew Cairbre, a half-giant, commands Starmarch’s army.
Enemies: Ruadhri has enemies aplenty, but his sworn foe is Sárelle, the Steel Rose, who has raised a small but efficient rebellion against his rule.


Quote: “Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lion and the Lamb – who was slain – to receive all praise, all honour, and all power.”
Usual Location: Nalya is never where he is expected to be. He’s usually expected to be in western Starmarch or occasionally Iverindor, which is a sure sign that he’s somewhere else.
Common Knowledge: Many people believe Nalya is nothing more than a religious crank with a few shiny magic tricks up his sleeve for when things get ugly. But those who know him well understand that this bedraggled-looking half-elf is an unmistakable instrument of an all-powerful God. Kings and sorcerers have sought to take his head, yet he is still in business and they are gone. He seems to be an unlikely choice as a prophet: he speaks in a soft voice with a stutter, and usually manages to thoroughly offend most of his immediate listeners; but the message he voices shakes empires.
Allies: Nalya claims only one ally: God. Others may claim that Nalya is “on their side”, but Nalya responds that God is not on anybody’s side – they are either on His, or they are not.
Servants and Associates: Nalya was once one of a group of nine prophets, eight of whom recanted their beliefs and now serve the Red King.
Enemies: There’s hardly a person alive who Nalya hasn’t offended, but the Red King has taken a particular interest in hunting Nalya down and marking him for death. This has not stopped Nalya from walking into – and out of – the Red King’s court on more than one occasion.

The Consulate

Quote: “Strengthen the weak, defend the defenseless, and pursue their oppressors to the ends of the earth.”
Usual Location: Palais Lafayette, Mont-Laurier, capital of Alamanche
Common Knowledge: The three Consuls of Alamanche serve as joint heads-of-state over the country. Elected by the Alamanchene Parliament for a six-year term (with a new Consul elected every two years), the three men represent their nation’s attempt to achieve a democratic government that protects all of the people. The three current consuls are Edmond Sieyès, Jean-Baptiste Lebrun, and Paul Récamier-Savarin. The youngest of the consuls, Edmond Sieyès, was just re-elected to serve another six years.
Allies: The dragon Yveshyna has a friendly relationship with the Consulate, and the Consuls share information with her regularly, as well as providing a friendly haven for peaceful dragons. In return, Yveshyna lends wise council, particularly on matters related to magic, which fall outside the Consulate’s normal portfolio.
Servants and Associates: The Consulate is ably served by a number of different organizations such as the National Army, one of the best mail services in Esserea, and the [I]Chasseurs de Nuit[/I] (Night Hunters), who are specially-trained in fighting and defeating mages and non-human creatures.
Enemies: One of the Consulate’s strengths is that they have maintained good relations with most of their potential enemies. The Red King, however, has little interest in their brand of just democracy, and has meddled on occasion in Alamanche’s affairs.

Icons of Esserea

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