Vincent Clemenceau

"Vinclem", the chief French magician



Charisma: 6
Comeliness: 3
Dexterity: 4
Health: 3
Intelligence: 6
Luck: 2
Perception: 4
Speed: 3
Stamina: 3
Strength: 3
Willpower: 4
Total: 41

Special Abilities

  • Resistance to Mind-Control: As a human, he’s resistant to mind-control. (Double dice to resist mind-control or hypnotism.)
  • Confusion: Humans confuse people, and Vincent can confuse people really easily. (Delay an opponent’s action or reaction for one turn due to their confusion.)
  • Possession: Ring of Melissa: Vincent acquired – rather accidentally and without intent – the Ring of the sorceress Melissa (from the Matter of France). It is almost solely on this basis that Vincent has any sorcerous power whatsoever.
  • Night Vision: Vincent can see in the dark.
  • Enhanced Perception: Add +1 die to all perception rolls.
  • Truth-sense: The Ring of Melissa’s greatest ability is to pierce illusions and lies. Vincent adds his intelligence to his perception dice to judge whether someone is lying to him or to determine whether something is an illusion or reality.


  • Dependency – Ring: The Ring of Melissa is bonded into Vincent’s hand, and cannot be removed.
  • Magnetic Field: Vincent’s left hand sometimes generates a magnetic field which attracts things: paperclips, screws, rusty nails…

Skills and Talents

  • Argumentative (CHA): Vincent likes to debate with people, and will do so at the drop of a hat.
  • Alertness (PER): Vincent tries to keep alert for enemies or critical details.
  • Parkour (DEX): As part of his daily exercise routine, Vincent practices parkour.
  • Tactics and Strategy (INT): Trained in the Brigade du Tigre, Vincent has training appropriate to a special forces soldier.
  • Firearms (DEX): Vincent knows his firepower.
  • Motorcycling (DEX): A motorcycle enthusiast, Vincent is a skillful and careful motorcyclist.

*’’’Vincent Clemenceau’’ (b.1981)‘: Vincent Clemenceau, occasionally known by the nickname ’Vinclem’, is one of two non-Englishers on the White Council, and a member of ‘le Élyséens’. The youngest member of the White Council, and with very few innate powers to boast about, Vinclem was appointed to the Council solely because he won a casting of the lots. Although young, he takes his position as Adversary very seriously, and aggressively argues with the other Council members at the drop of a hat. He enjoys quoting both the Evil Overlord List (he sees himself as the Eight Year Old Advisor) and TVTropes; he thus has a peculiar genre awareness. Clemenceau is friendly both to DEAR and the Esserean refugees. Vincent identifies himself with the “marginalized and disaffected youths” of the underground community.

Vinclem is not an Esserean refugee, nor does he have any (known) relation to one, be it non-human or otherwise; but he is friendly to them. Vincent’s father (Jean-Marc Clemenceau) was an agent for le Élyséens. When Jean-Marc was killed in action by the Jihadi sorcerer Abdul Hakim al-Mustafa, Vincent joined the Élyséens as an agent in honor of his father, serving in the Brigade du Tigre. Vincent became known on his six-man team as ‘Voltigeur’ (the Vaulter) after he used his parkour skills to chase down a goblin warrior.

In 20011, the Élyséens acquired the Ring of Melissa, an artifact from the time of Charlemagne’s reign (as told in the Matter of France). As France did not at that time have many sorcerers, no one realized how the ring worked. Vinclem picked up the ring, and it burrowed into his hand like a scarab. Vincent cannot remove the ring without losing his left hand, but he gained both the ability for and (some) knowledge of sorcery.

Vincent Clemenceau

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