Sam Leto

Little red-headed guy who sets of geiger counters, sometimes.


4 Charisma
2 Comeliness
6 Dexterity
5 Health
6 Intelligence
2 Luck
3 Perception
4 Speed
4 Stamina
6 Strength
5 Willpower

Special Abilities:
Dragon Traits: Flight, Bight, Scales, Elemental Affinity (Radiation)
Dragon Magic
Alchemy (apprentice)

Increased Metabolism
Radiation Leak

Skills and Talents:
Firearms Proficiency
Unarmed Combat Proficiency
Situational Awareness
What Dragon? (AKA Bluff)
That Thing’s Food! (wilderness lore)


Sila Leto’s clutch-sib, and therefore her twin in the eyes of the unknowing human community. He has a strong sense of justice, and wants to work in the military or law enforcement. He’s currently putting off higher education to care for his aged and infirm mother, however. He feels rather guilty about the ‘infirm’ part, as it is attributable to her decision to quicken him with americium-and-radiation as his affinity element. Predictably enough, a radioactive small child doesn’t always keep things under control like he should, but his mother didn’t think to take precautions as she should have either.

Sam is proficient in the martial arts and with firearms. He also enjoys camping and backpacking, especially in areas where he can get away with taking his natural form and going for a nice hunt.

Sam Leto

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