Llewelyn Parwell

Elven Mage



Charisma: 5
Comeliness: 3
Dexterity: 6
Health: 5
Intelligence: 6
Luck: 3
Perception: 3
Speed: 4
Stamina: 3
Strength: 4
Willpower: 5

Special Abilities

  • Heightened Charisma: As an elf, Llewelyn is a really nice guy who you want to invite round to all your parties, since he has such a witty banter and a way with interacting with people to good effect.
  • Extended Lifespan: Now at the age of sixty-four – still in an elven youth – Llewelyn has had a lot of time to learn skills. (+2 dice to one Skill or Talent, rather than just +1. Harping chosen.)
  • Lowered Physical Need – Sleep: Llewelyn’s ancestors were changed to require less sleep each night. He generally requires only two hours of sleep a night (or can go up to four days on a full eight hours), but when he sleeps, it takes a lot to wake him.
  • Magic – Sorcery, Illusion, and Animation: Llewelyn is a trained mage, with his specialties in sorcery, illusion, and animation of objects.


  • Sensitivity to Poisons: Llewelyn doesn’t handle poisons well, dating back to his time in mage’s college.
  • Sensititivity to Heat: Born and raised in the cool climate of Iverindor and Starmarch, Llewelyn has an intolerance for heat.

Talents and Skills

  • Blades: (DEX) Although he generally prefers not to use it, Llewelyn has a working knowledge of bladed weapons large and small, although they are retained for foes resistant or immune to magic.
  • Firearms: (DEX) For all his learning about magic and swordplay, Llewelyn really rather sees the advantage of firearms.
  • Languages: (INT) Llewelyn has an ear for languages, and knows several fluently and with the local accent, including High Elvish (Starmarchene), Urlabhra (a variant of Irish), and English. He also can make himself understood in several other languages.
  • Harp: (INT) In Esserea, the harp is an instrument that denotes masculinity, and Llewelyn has a pretty good handle on playing it. (Roll two dice instead of one due to Extended Lifespan.)
  • Esserean History: As the son of high-ranking servants in Starmarch’s palace, and a well-educated mage, Llewelyn learned much about the history and culture of Starmarch and Iverindor – albeit with a very biased interpretation. Of late he has realized the bias of his learning.
  • Sorcery: (INT) Llewelyn was educated in sorcery at Iverindor’s Óseoltéigh (“Knowning-moot”), and has a better than average grasp of the theories and realities of the use of the Ealaín (Art).
  • Stoic: (WIL) Llewelyn’s seen a lot of amazing things – miracles and magic, war and peace, and he’s even been raised from the dead. He’s not an easy person to impress, nor intimidate or pressure into doing something that he doesn’t want.

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Llewelyn Parwell

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