Laurie Ross

The Golden Rose


== Laurie Ross (with Ilfirin powers) ==


Charisma: 5 / 15
Comeliness: 4 / 12
Dexterity: 5 / 15
Endurance: 4 / 12
Health: 4 / 12
Intelligence: 6 / 18
Luck: 4 / 12
Perception: 5 / 15
Speed: 5 / 15
Strength: 3 / 9
Willpower: 5 / 15
Total: 50 / 150

Special Abilities

  • Magic, Sorcery: As the granddaughter of a powerful Ilfirin, sorcery comes naturally to Laurie, even though she was untrained in this aspect.
  • Magic, Enchantment: With her first-rate enchantment skills and years of experience, Laurie has few equals in this field.
  • Magic, Shapeshifting: Laurie is an extremely talented shapeshifter, almost without equal in the world. She can take almost any form, maintain it indefinitely, and manage this in spite of difficulties that would hinder most shapeshifters.
  • Magic, Glamour: Laurie picks this ability up if or when she acquires the power of the Sommerstone.
  • Extended Lifespan: +2 to one skill or talent. (Crafting chosen.)
  • Enhanced Charisma: +1 dice to Charisma.
  • Walk Between: Laurie has the ability to walk through a doorway and instantly be somewhere else, be it in the world or out of it. (INT Very Difficult check required.)


  • None: Laurie has no disadvantages of note.

Skills or Talents

  • Enchantment (INT): Laurie is an enchanter of great skill, particularly when she matches it with her knowledge of clothing.
  • Crafting: Clothing (INT): +2 dice to crafting anything with cloth or thread.
  • High Society (CHA): Laurie understands how to be a good hostess, navigate court politics, make peace between rivals, etc.
  • Impressive Aura (COM): In proper elven form, Laurie can touch on the powers of her Ilfirin heritage to really impress and overawe people.
  • Daggers (STR): The dagger is an approved weapon for ladies in the Starmarch court, and Laurie learned how to use them effectively during her training as a youth.
  • Design (INT): Laurie has studied the history and design of clothing, and knows how to design styles for her work as a movie-set clothier.
  • You Think I’m Helpless? (LUCK): Laurie doesn’t look much like the sort of person who could survive dangers and violence, but everyone underestimates her.
  • Shapeshifting (INT): Laurie is able to mimic a shape and a creature to near perfection, at least within the humanoid form.

Laurie Ross

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