Hickory Kemp

A blind huldar male in an impeccable white suit and mirror sunglasses.


Vital Statistics
- Charisma: 4
- Comeliness: 2
- Dexterity: 3
- Health: 3
- Intelligence: 4
- Luck: 3
- Perception: 2
- Speed: 3
- Stamina: 3
- Strength: 3
- Willpower: 5

Special Abilities:
- Heightened Comeliness: It may surprise people to discover that Hickory is a Huldar… because he’s not entirely easy on the eyes. He will just point out that he was good-looking when he was younger.
- Pheromones: Hickory gives off a set of pheromones that make him seem more trustworthy and help people be more favorably disposed toward him.
- Heightened Sense (Hearing): Although he’s been blind for ten years, Hickory has built up his ability to perceive things with hearing that others would miss.
- Telepathy: Hickory can reach out and talk with others mind-to-mind. He mostly uses it to communicate with his boss, Caleb Douglas.

- Blind: Hickory is blind, having lost his eyes as the result of a brush with the Red King.

Skills and Talents
- Investigation: modifies INT
- Administration: modifies INT
- Reading Braille: modifies INT
- Hunches: modifies LUCK
- Cane-fighting: modifies STR


Hickory Kemp is a huldar, somewhat overweight and relatively short, with leathery skin and dark hair. He usually wears an impeccable white suit with mirrored sunglasses, and carries a white cane.


Hickory is the assistant to Caleb “Doug” Douglas, the Director of DEAR.

His wife is Amy Kemp. They have an eight-year-old daughter, Summer Kemp.

Hickory Kemp

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