Anna Vaillancourt

Canada's Enchanting Little Dragon



Charisma: 4
Comeliness: 4
Dexterity: 3
Health: 3
Intelligence: 5
Luck: 4
Perception: 5
Speed: 4
Stamina: 4
Strength: 3
Willpower: 5

Special Abilities

  • Elemental Affinity: Xenon+Light: Anna can breathe a colorless, odorless cloud of xenon gas at her enemies. The gas acts as a surgical anasthetic, able to put a full-grown ogre on the ground in under fifteen seconds.
  • Wings: Has wings. Can fly at will, provided there is enough room to do so. Cannot hover. Maximum flight speed 32 mph; minimum flight speed 12 mph (no headwind).
  • Scales: Reduce all damage rolls by one die.
  • Photogeneration / Light: Can create a brilliant flash of light, like a photography strobe light, which can blind the unwary.
  • Alchemy: Create magic items.
  • Illusion: Create illusions of sight, sound, or touch.


  • Increased Metabolism: Little girl, big eater.
  • Resistance to Anasthetic/Healing: Feels little effect from pain-reducing or deadening medications, and is resistant to magical healing.

Skills and Talents

  • Alertness (PER): Having been trained as an investigator and forensic technician, Anna pays attention to little details.
  • Numismatology (INT): Anna is a coin and medallion collector, and has a sizable collection of coins and medallions. She often enchants some of the more modern ones for her own purposes. She carries an enchanted Canadian $2 piece (“toonie”).
  • Photography (INT): As an amateur photographer, Anna has an eye for details and great skill with a camera.
  • Alchemy / Enchantment (INT): Anna is one of North America’s most skilled alchemists, but she’s still never mastered the art of turning lead into gold.
  • Lockpicking (DEX): Anna’s adopted father was a locksmith, and she learned the tricks of the trade.
  • Forensics (INT): In her ‘day job’, Anna works as a forensic service technician for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – albeit a special division populated with magicians and nonhuman beings.
  • Ice-Skating (DEX): Anna loves to ice skate, and wanted for a long time to become an Olympic ice-dancer. While she has never made the professional cut, she’s still a very talented amateur.

Merana’s egg was carred to Earth by a group of refugees; both dragon parents died prior to her egg’s quickening as a result of a volcanic eruption. The parents entrusted their half-elven servants with the egg. The family in turn convinced one of the American refugee dragons to quicken it (although he wanted nothing further to do with the hatchling, aside from insisting the hatchling receive a draconic name). As a bit of a prank, the dragon used the rare element of xenon, taken from a smashed restaurant sign, to quicken the egg. Thus, Merana (or Anna) was born and adopted by a family of humans from Montreal. Anna received the assistance of one of the British mages (“Auntie Grace”), who cast on her the human form; she could not achieve her natural dragon form unless she received permission. In this fashion, she grew up in much the same fashion as a human. In 2012, Anna graduated from the Université de Montréal with heavy debt and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry, but she was recruited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a civilian member (forensic service tech) and Auxiliary Constable.

Place of birth: Major metropolis / capital city
Childhood environment: Sheltered
- Caretaker’s origin: Adopted – Lucas and Marie Vaillancourt
- Caretaker’s background: Free laborer – locksmith
- Caretaker’s status: Both alive and well.
- First Sibling: Older brother, lost touch – Armand
- Second Sibling: Older brother, lives with parents – Bastien
- Third Sibling: Older sister, keeps in touch – Manon
- Fourth Sibling: Younger sister, keeps in touch – Camille
Significant Times:
- Event One: 1 Lose a pet
- Event Two: 1 Paying off college debts
- Event Three: 9 Year marked with casual relationships
- Event Four: 10 Romance heartbreak – he cheats, she finds out
- Event Five: 5 Made a friend – like a kid brother/sister

Anna Vaillancourt

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