Red King's Command

Arc 10

Iverindor Vacation

<rkcgm> Last time, we acquired what appears to be the personal journal or notebook of your dear dragonhunter friend Lockwood. Unfortunately, you can’t decode it, because it’s written in a very obscure language where the letters move.
Llewelyn also announced his intention of going on a vaca… visit to Iverindor to meet with his grandfather, who possibly has a way to translate that language.
<rkcgm> But first, you need to sit through a group meeting at DEAR headquarters.
<ellie> Lovely. Meetings. ;-)
<rkcgm> ((I believe you were still in MI in Havrasti’s cave, yes?))
<havrasti> ((home at least))
<rkcgm> ((We’d better start there.))
<havrasti> “So when is the meeting, exactly?”

  • Sila is asking her dad about the script. Because she can ask her dad things now!
    <llewelyn> “Starts at 10 tomorrow morning.”
    <havrasti> “…I’m glad we have a portal maker and don’t have to take an overnight flight.”
    <llewelyn> “We should probably arrive a 8 even so. I’ve got some things to pull together from my office.”
    <sila> “OK.”
    <sila> “So breakfast at 7, at least for people who have to portal to work.”
    Llewelyn laughs.
    <ellie> “I might as well stick around here this evening. I’ll come over at 7 to join for the portal.”
    <havrasti> “Sounds fine.”
    <ellie> “Might drop by and visit Seth on my way home, actually. Haven’t been able to say hi to my big brother in a while.”
    <havrasti> “Heh.”
    <sila> “Heh, I wonder what he’ll think of a dragon president for Cuba?”
    <llewelyn> responds dryly: “Shrieking terror, probably.”
    <ellie> “Hehe. I’m not sure, though I don’t know if I’ll ask. I try not to talk too much about work, y’know.”
    <ellie> "No need to figure out which things should remain secret that way.
    <sila> “Yeah, that’s true.”
    <rkcgm> ((Well, shall we time-skip to arriving at HQ?))
    <havrasti> ((sure))
    <ellie> ((Works for me))
    <sila> ((OK))
    <rkcgm> You arrive at DEAR headquarters via portal shortly after a filling (and bacony) breakfast; you find the place more crowded than usual, perhaps since everyone’s actually there at the same time.
    <rkcgm> There’s all six members of the Seal Team; Colin and April Lamb, Betsy and Theodore, Carnildo (sigh), almost everyone…
    <havrasti> ((“almost”? who’s missing? :P ))
    <rkcgm> The moment you arrive, Douglas gives you a telepathic greeting: <can>
    <rkcgm> Douglas: <grab>
    <sila> *Sam came through with us of course
  • Ellie replies with a <yes,> and keeps a lookout for Charlotte on the way.
    <sila> “Go on in Sam, we’ll catch up with you after the boss catches up to us.”
  • Havrasti heads on up with the others
    <llewelyn>: “Anyone seen Charlotte?”
    <rkcgm> Carnildo: “Probably sleeping in or calling in sick again…”
    <sila> “Again? Is Charlotte sick a lot?”
    <rkcgm> Carnildo shrugs. “Twice last week.”
    <sila> “Huh. I hope she’s OK.”
    <havrasti> “Huh, wonder with what.”
    <ellie> “Let’s see if she checked in for work.”
    <sila> “Don’t you think we’d better see Douglass first?”
    <sila> “Besides, he probably knows.”
    <llewelyn>: “If her badge cleared the door? Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”
    <ellie> “If we check, we can at least report to Douglas that she’s not here, if that’s the case.”
  • Ellie goes to the front desk to as Mrs. Lamb to check.
    <rkcgm> April: “Charlotte? No, she hasn’t badged in yet today. Or called, for that matter.”
    <ellie> “Hmm. Okay, well… thanks anyway.”
  • Ellie returns to the others to report this. “Let’s go on to Douglas. If he wants to have us check up on her later, we can do that.”
  • Havrasti nods
    <sila> “Yeah. Maybe she’s just running a few minutes late.”
    <sila> “…wait, we’re 2 hours early. Maybe she’s not /even/ running late.”
  • Sila heads up to Douglas’s office
    <ellie> “Well, Douglas thought she might be in. We’ll see.”
  • Havrasti knocks on Douglas’ door
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Yup, come in…”
    <havrasti> “Hello, sir.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: "Morning, folks. How’s my A Team?
    <rkcgm> "
    <ellie> “Doing well enough. Charlotte’s not in yet, so we couldn’t bring her along.”
    <sila> “We found something interesting in the slayers’ lair, finally. We’ll need help translating.”
    <havrasti> “Overall, in high spirits.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas sighs and his tail doesn’t wag. “That’s unfortunate.”
    <ellie> “What’s wrong?”
    <rkcgm> ((Response to Charlotte’s lack of presence.))
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “I’d hoped to discuss this with all of you here. But maybe this is better to talk to you four first.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “I’d like to assign Charlotte to your team for… the foreseeable future. She’s not working out well with the ‘B’ Team.”
    <sila> “…does that mean, she’s not interacting well with Carne?”
    <sila> “Or something else?”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “I can neither… okay, yes, she’s not working very well with Carnildo.”
  • Ellie nods and says nothing.
    <llewelyn>: “Who does?”
    <sila> “Color me shocked.”
    <ellie> That’s what Ellie’s nod amounted to, though she didn’t want to badmouth Carnildo. ;-)
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Theo and Betsy tolerate him, but they’re both older and more grounded than Charlotte.”
    <havrasti> “So being on our team, what will her duties be? In the field with us or more of a back home support role?”
    <rkcgm> Hickory interrupts: “And Carnildo isn’t hitting on either of them, either.”
    <sila> “Did she hit him back?”
  • Sila sounds curious and possibly a smidge hopeful
  • Ellie snerks
    <rkcgm> Douglas sounds exasperated: “Thank you for saying that out loud, Hickory. That shouldn’t leave this room; and no, Charlotte didn’t hit back. She started calling in sick instead.”
    <ellie> “I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t think any of us are surprised. It kind of fits with Carnildo’s general pattern of behavior. We won’t mention it, though.”
    <sila> " Sounds like a less efficient preventative to me, but then, she’s probably thinking avoidance rather than prevention."
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “I know, Ellie – it hasn’t escaped my notice, and Carnildo’s not going without ahem corrective measures.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “But for now, I’d like you to take Charlotte with you into the field.”
    <sila> “Out of sight out of mind?”
    <ellie> “I don’t think any of us have a problem with the idea of working with Charlotte.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “And give her a greater degree of experience working with the magical realm. She’s a neophyte, even more so…” Douglas glances to Ellie, “…than any of you on your first day here.”
  • Ellie grins a little. “Well, I know how that goes.”
    <sila> “For that matter, having her on our team will give me a better excuse to sit between them even when we’re here. For /some/ reason he doesn’t really hit on me. I’m not sure if it’s having my tall, steer-wrangling husband in the room, or if it’s just that he knows I’m actually big enough to take the meat jokes more seriously than a human.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas glances at Llewelyn: “Stop thinking that, by the way.”
    <llewelyn>: “Well, why not?”
    <llewelyn>: “It’d solve the problem.”
    <sila> “What’d sold which problem?”
    <ellie> “…And what is it he’s not supposed to think that would solve the problem? I mean…. if you really didn’t want us to know, you didn’t have to say it out loud, Douglas.”
    <sila> ((er, sold = solve ))
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “He wants to glue Carnildo to the back of a train headed for-”
    <llewelyn>: “Toledo.”
  • Ellie snerks. “Now, now…”
    <havrasti> “Problem with that plan, the train would eventually come back.”
    <sila> “Poor solution. He’d eventually get to Toledo, and they’d want to unglue him and send him home.”
    <ellie> “We’re going to Esserea. I don’t think he’ll be able to bother us there.”
    <sila> “That’s not work it’s vacation. Although I guess Charlotte can still come if Llewelyn says its ok.”
    <llewelyn>: “I can dream, can’t I?”
    <llewelyn>: “And yes, that’s fine.”
    <ellie> “…I guess it’s just reflex to expect that vacation will inevitably turn into work…”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Good. Now… call her cell phone and get her in here. Her sick day is declined.”
  • Havrasti chuckles at Ellie
    <sila> “I’ll do it!”
  • Sila magics at her cellphone. “Hi Charolotte! Good news, you’ve been added to our field team just in time to take an ever-so-slightly-working vacation to Esserea!”
    <rkcgm> ((Text message?))
    <sila> ((Assuming she answers, it’s a barely-letting-her-get-a-word-out greeting. As in, ’I’m telling you the good news before you start trying to lie to me." If she doesn’t pick up, then a text message.))
    <rkcgm> ((She doesn’t pick up.))
  • Sila adds a second line: “Douglass says, no sick day for you, bring your tissues or whatever and get in here before the meeting so we can get you up to speed.”
    <ellie> ((Can Sila figure out whether the receiving phone is on?))
    <rkcgm> ((Sure. Roll versus easy…))
    <rkcgm> !2d6: versus easy
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “versus easy”: (2+4). Total: 6.
    <sila> !6d6: you are /getting/ this message, right?
    <painbot> [Sila] rolled “you are /getting/ this message, right?”: (3+1+5+1+5+3). Total: 18.
    <rkcgm> Sila: You are able to determine that the phone is on, and the alarm is going off, as it has been for the last hour.
    <sila> "Uh…
    <sila> “Boss? Are you sure she’s not /sick/ sick? Like, stuffed up ears and stuff?”
    <ellie> “What’s up?”
    <sila> “Her phone tells me it’s ringing her alarm…based on the /sixth/ 10-minute auto-snooze. That means it’s been ringing for 30 or the last 60 minutes with no response. Most people get fed up way before then if they can actually hear it, you know?”
    <sila> ((30 OF the last 60 minutes))
    <sila> “And /auto/ snooze means she’s not turning it off herself.”
  • Ellie frowns…
    <ellie> “Maybe we should go by her home and check on her.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Maybe you should head over there and investigate.”
    <sila> “…could be silenced. On the charger in another room. Or like I said before, if her head is stuffed…”
    <havrasti> “Alright.”
    <sila> “Most employers would consider that overkill. Just saying…”
    <havrasti> “Our line of business is a bit different than most companies.”
    <ellie> “Most employers don’t have a means of discovering that a phone alarm has been suspiciously neglected.”
    <sila> “Do we need a portal for this mission of tough mercy?”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Most employers aren’t in the national security business with magic.”
  • Sila nods at Douglas, acknowledging a salient point
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “She lives five minutes away. You can take a car or portal if you want.”
    <sila> “For local commuting, we can stick with physical transportation. Llewelyn needs an excuse to drive his Cuban purchase anyway, right?”
    <sila> “Do we have plates on that yet?”
    <llewelyn>: “No. And it broke down.”
    <sila> “Aw. Next week then.” ;)
    <llewelyn>: “I needed more bailing wire and duct tape.”
    <havrasti> “So some other car then. Let’s hit the garage.”
    <llewelyn>: “But let’s go.”
    <ellie> “You should bring it by my dad’s house.”
    <ellie> “He could help you out with it.”
    <sila> “I hear myself being volunteered for portals again…”
    <sila> “Let’s see, there’s four of us, and we might want to bring Charlotte back…one of the vans?”
    <llewelyn> heads out and gets his work car in the parking lot.
  • Ellie bids Douglas farewell, then goes on out with the others.
  • Havrasti let’s Sila in fist
  • Sila gets in
    <llewelyn> opens the door for Ellie, and has the car remote-started before he gets around to the driver’s side.
  • Ellie gets in
    <rkcgm> ((brb))
    <rkcgm> ((Back))
    <havrasti> ((wb))
    <rkcgm> Charlotte lives quite close to DEAR’s office in a nice but hardly luxurious apartment complex.
  • Sila heads up to the appropriate unit, and pauses at the door to listen for electronics etc.
    <sila> (and ordinary noises for that matter.)
  • Ellie follows Sila, and listens at the door with telepathy.
    <rkcgm> Sila: the phone has just finished sounding the alarm again, still unsilenced. There’s a laptop on sleep mode. Nothing else.
    <sila> “Hm. Phone’s still at it. Just auto-snoozed again.”
    <sila> “You getting anything, Ellie?”
    <rkcgm> ((Roll versus standard, Ellie.))
    <rkcgm> !3d6: standard
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “standard”: (6+6+1). Total: 13.
    <rkcgm> !3d6: vs standard
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “vs standard”: (1+4+4). Total: 9.
    <ellie> !6d6: telepathy check
    <painbot> [Ellie] rolled “telepathy check”: (2+3+5+1+4+1). Total: 16.
    <rkcgm> ((I’m sticking with the second roll.))
    <rkcgm> Ellie: there are two cats and Charlotte, who is… terrified. Nothing else.
    <havrasti> “…Terrified??”
    <havrasti> “Are they normal cats?”
  • Ellie will have told the others.
  • Ellie telepathies to Charlotte, /Charlotte, it’s Ellie. From DEAR. What’s wrong?/
  • Sila carefully tests the door. Is it locked?
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: <ellie,>
    <rkcgm> ((It is locked, yes.))
  • Ellie replies, /We’ll be in as soon as we can, but the door’s locked…/
  • Ellie quickly tells the others what Charlotte answered.
    <ellie> She then tries to telepathy-check the cats….
    <sila> “Havrasti, do you hear any magic?”
  • Havrasti checks for magic
    <rkcgm> Havrasti: none, really.
    <havrasti> “Nope.”
    <rkcgm> Ellie: one of the cats is sitting on top of a bookshelf thinking: “This is a FANTASTIC game!” The other one is wishing there was more food in her bowl.
    <llewelyn> waves at the door.
    <rkcgm> !7d6: sorcery versus standard
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “sorcery versus standard”: (1+4+4+4+1+5+6). Total: 25.
    <rkcgm> !3d6: versus
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “versus”: (3+1+1). Total: 5.
    <llewelyn>: “Door’s open now.”
  • Ellie telepathies to Charlotte, /We’re on our way in. Don’t worry./
    <sila> “Tell her we’re coming in, Ellie? Don’t want to scare her any worse.”
    <llewelyn> steps inside. “So, uh… where?”
  • Sila looks around for cats
  • Havrasti looks
  • Ellie follows Llewelyn inside, and starts heading (cautiously) toward where she’d heard Charlotte.
  • Ellie telepathies to the others, /Cats don’t seem to be an actual threat, from telepathy./
    <rkcgm> One of the cats, a fluffy Maine coon, is sitting on the couch in the living room licking her paw. She looks up when Llewelyn enters, and then runs for the back bedroom.
    <rkcgm> Cat (in catthink): <unfamiliar>
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: <the>
    <sila> “Charlotte? Can you hear me yet?”
    <rkcgm> A very quiet voice from the back bedroom answers: “Heeelp meeeee!”
  • Ellie heads toward the back bedroom, calmly but quickly.
  • Sila follows the cat
  • Ellie was following the voice.
    <sila> ((that too :P ))
    <rkcgm> The Maine Coon scampers under the bed; you now see there’s a large Savannah cat sitting on top of the bookshelf at the foot of the bed, staring down at the bed with a fascinated expression and the air of something that wants to pounce.
    <rkcgm> The second cat is… slightly smaller than the Maine Coon. Both big cats, but…
  • Havrasti looks for Charlotte…. gets an idea and looks for a /tiny/ Charlotte
  • Sila picks up the Savannah cat
    <sila> (trying anyway :P )
  • Ellie is also looking for Charlotte.
    <havrasti> “The cats seem normal, is something wrong with you?”
    <rkcgm> The covers on the bed are very messed up, but it’s obvious that no human could fit under them. But something moves under the covers anyway.
    <rkcgm> Savannah Cat: <no>
  • Havrasti lifts the covers after the cat is secured
  • Sila scritches the cat under the chin
    <ellie> “Sila, could you take the cat out of the room and close the door?”
    <ellie> “Or set the cat out of the room and close the door?”
    <rkcgm> Tiny Charlotte: “Eeek!”
    <sila> “The other one’s under the bed, but I can take this one.”
    <ellie> “Charlotte, what /happened/?”
    <ellie> “I think the other one’s fine; it’s that one that thinks this is a game. It doesn’t recognize her.”
  • Sila puts the cat in the bathroom
    <rkcgm> Charlotte is… twelve inches tall, glowing kinda yellow, and has very fancy pretty butterfly wings.
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “THE COOKIES WERE A DISASTER.”
    <ellie> “Oh. Oh dear…”
    <sila> “This you call a disaster? Can you fly??”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte answers in a shrill helium voice: “I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO TRY YET! MY CATS HAVE BEEN STALKING ME FOR… ahem! They’ve been stalking me for nearly two hours!”
    <sila> “Not the best start then, I admit.”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “Austria sat on me and nearly suffocated me!”
    <ellie> “They didn’t know they were going to hurt you, for the record. But we’ll get them out of the room so you’re safe, okay?”
  • Ellie telepathies to the cat under the bed, /Hurry! Hurry! You want to run out of this room where all the strange people are! Run to the door…/
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “Then find me some pants!”
  • Sila snerks
    <sila> “Maybe a nice dish-towel wrap skirt?”
    <ellie> “Aaah, hm. At your size, pants might be more difficult, but we can make the guys leave while we work something up.”
  • Ellie looks to Llewelyn and Havrasti. “Maybe let the cat out on your way? And make sure the other doesn’t come in?”
    <sila> “I’ll go look for something pretty in the kitchen.”
    <llewelyn> takes the Savannah cat. “Here, kitty kitty. I have a laser pointer…”
  • Havrasti goes for the ‘coon cat
    <sila> ((Savannah cat is already in the bathroom, remember?))
    <llewelyn> has his sidearm with the laser designator out. “Shiny laser!”
    <rkcgm> Savannah Cat (named… Pancake…): “Ooh, toy!”
    <sila> “Vine print tea towel – that should do for now. Hey Charlotte, you keep safety pins around here?”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “Um. Maybe. Probably in one of my boxes?”
    <rkcgm> ((Now that you have time to notice, you can observe that Charlotte has obviously just moved in, and hasn’t unpacked all her boxes yet.))
    <sila> “…we’ll make do without for now.”
    <ellie> !5d6: How prepared is Ellie? Does she have a mini repair sewing kit in her purse?
    <painbot> [Ellie] rolled “How prepared is Ellie? Does she have a mini repair sewing kit in her purse?”: (6+4+5+5+3). Total: 23.
    <rkcgm> !3d6: luck versus standard for Ellie…
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “luck versus standard for Ellie…”: (3+3+2). Total: 8.
    <rkcgm> ((Very prepared, it appears!))
  • Sila brings the tea-towel back to the bedroom
    <sila> ((and that’s a costumer’s daughter for you ;) ))
    <ellie> ((Indeed. ;-) ))
    <rkcgm> The phone starts going off again.
  • Ellie rummages in her purse. “Aaah, perfect, I thought I had that in here.” She pulls out the kit.
    <havrasti> “Oh, perhaps we should call Douglas.”
    <sila> “Here you go Charlotte – is this new, as in, easy to replace?”
    <ellie> “Hm. Mind if I turn that off?” she asks Charlotte.
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “It’ll do.”
  • Ellie turns the phone off, then takes the dish towel Sila found. She fits it to Charlotte appropriately, then adds stitches where appropriate to make it work as a skirt/dress/ whatever’s needed.
    <rkcgm> Charlotte pouts as Ellie finishes her dress: “I am never baking cookies again… this was not supposed to happen. I was SURE I had the recipe right…”
    <sila> “I gotta tell you, Charlotte, cat problem aside this looks like a really neat transformation. Do you know when it will wear off, or how to exit?”
    <sila> “It might be worth recording /this/ recipe for later use.”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “No…”
    <sila> “Hm. We’ll take notes for next time then.”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “And you’re friends, so you really should call me Carley. Only telemarketers, bosses, and students call me Miss Charlotte.”
    <sila> “Heh, ok, Carley then. And maybe I’ll see about getting Sam to teach me how to make a jewel that would get you back to your normal form when you have expiremental surprises like this – that seems like it’d reduce the research trauma quite a bit.”
    <sila> “I’ve been thinking about learning the jewel enchantment anyway, now that I’m married.”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte (Carley) waits until her dress is complete, and then flutters her butterfly wings. “I wonder if I can AAIE I CAN WATCH OUT I CAN’T STEER AAAH-” (She flies haphazardly around the room before crashing into a pillow.)
    <sila> “I’ve seen worse maiden flights! Don’t tell my brother I said so, though.”
    <ellie> “Nice! Well done, for a first flight.”
    <havrasti> “Are things arlight in there? Is she clothed yet?”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte: “…I’m okay!”
    <sila> “Tell you what – you can ride on my shoulder, and if there’s room at the staff meeting, I’ll shift and you can sit on my back. Then you won’t be the only non-human-looking one in the room.”
    <sila> “And we can teach you to fly properly afterwards!”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Okay!”
    <rkcgm> Carley tries to fly again. Hits the blinds, clings on for dear life.
  • Ellie goes over and holds a hand out for her under her feet.
    <ellie> “Actually, maybe I can make some appropriately-sized clothes, and I can shift down to the same size.”
    <sila> “Do you think it’s close enough to a standard 12” doll that we could outfit the pair of you from a toy store?"
    <sila> “Because if you’re going to be flying, you probably do want pants, or at least under-bloomers for your dress.”
    <ellie> “Actually, that’s probably a good idea.”
    <rkcgm> Carley consents to be retrieved from the blinds: “Well, this was definitely NOT what I had in mind. And yes, it’s probably going to be awesome once I figure it out… but I was trying to get superhuman strength.”
    <sila> “Heh, do you have massive /proportional/ strength now?”
    <sila> “Like the might ant, hehe!”
    <rkcgm> Carley manages to fly over to her dresser, and manages to lift her hairbrush, which is now half her height. “Uh… no. This is kinda heavy.”
    <sila> “Ah. Definitely needs more work then.”
    <sila> “Still, the guy who invented galvanized rubber wasn’t trying either.”
    <ellie> “Well. I mean, at some point we probably want to figure out how to return you to your proper size. But for now, we can get you some things to make this size livable, and you can figure out some of the fun of it.”
    <sila> “Not to mention, we still have to get to the meeting. So if we’re gonna hit a toy store, let’s move.”
    <rkcgm> Charlotte sneezes. Glowing pink dust erupts from her vicinity like a geyser.
    <sila> “HAHAhahaha you’ve got pixie dust!”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “What? I can’t go out in public like this!”
    <ellie> “I can make you invisible if you want…”
    <sila> “DEAR isn’t public.”
    <sila> “And if you don’t feel like being invisible, we can stay in the car while Ellie runs into the toy store.”
  • Sila gets a ziplock and collects a sample of the pink dust
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…well.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Okay. Invisible, then.”
    <rkcgm> Carley turns invisible.
  • Sila blinks
    <ellie> “…I didn’t do that. Hm. That form has more interesting abilities than you knew, I think.”
    <sila> “Shoulder-ride offer is still open, anyway.”
    <havrasti> “What’s going on in there?”
    <sila> “We’re compromising on semi-public appearances, and plotting a clothes shopping trip.”
  • Sila googles nearby toy stores
    <sila> …on Llewelyn’s phone :P
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Didn’t do what?”
    <sila> “Turn you invisible. Did you know you were invisible?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “No.”
    <sila> “Ooh, let’s try International Doll Boutique! I bet they’ll have all kinds of great outfits. Maybe even something that won’t take too much alteration for the wings!”
    <ellie> “I suspect you willed yourself invisible and it happened. Try willing yourself visible again.”
  • Sila tells Llewelyn’s phone to send the address to it’s driving-directions app
    <llewelyn> is sitting on the couch, pointing his gun (and its associated laser) at the floor. Pancake is chasing the laser.
    <rkcgm> Pancake: <sila> “You can stay on Havra if you want, but you should probably sit up, instead of hanging over just like you hit.”
    <rkcgm> Carley transfers shoulders. “Ready to go.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…if only the recipe worked as intended, I could’ve been… I don’t know, Supergirl or Wonder Woman.”
    <sila> “Except then you wouldn’t be flying.”
  • Sila heads for the car
    <ellie> “And you wouldn’t be able to go invisible at will.”
    <rkcgm> Carley sighs. “…this is probably going to be a problem when I need to use the restroom.”
    <havrasti> “I wonder if the pixie dust actually does anything.”
    <sila> “I grabbed a sample so we can find out. Not that she doesn’t seem to be producing plenty.”
    <ellie> “I think you landed on something pretty cool. We’ll work out the issues as we go. Once we get decent clothes, I’m going to try and shift to a similar form, and we can work things out from there.”
    <havrasti> “She got plenty on me… hmm, moment.” * thinks of happy thoughts (aka, Sila) *
    <llewelyn> puts away his gun (and laser). The cats decide food is super-important.
  • Ellie makes sure the food and water bowls are full before we leave.
    <rkcgm> Carley (in tiny pipsqueak voice): “Mommy’s going to work now, girls! Behave! KEEP OFF THE COUCH!”
    <sila> (I’m sure the cats pay as much attention as they usually do :P )
  • Sila grabs Carley’s purse for her
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Thanks!”
    <havrasti> “Off to the toy store, then.”
    <rkcgm> Once you’re all in the car and bound for the shop, Llewelyn quickly explains in a mostly-officialish tone how Carley’s transferred to Team Elves & Dragons.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…so I’m on a new team, then?”
    <ellie> “Yep, in short.”
    <havrasti> “Stuck with us now, yep.”
    <sila> “We’re going to Esserea soon, too. Family visits and maybe library research.”
    <rkcgm> Carley in pipsqueak voice: “Thank God! I mean… yes, of course. I’m sure we can make it work.”
    <ellie> “Hehehehe”
    <ellie> “So, welcome to the team.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yay. So… a great introduction to the powerful abilities I can bring to the team! +5 bonus to ‘hide from cats’!”
    <ellie> “hehehe. Bravo. Though I’ll bet if you’d known you were able to make yourself invisible, you’d have had an even better edge on them.”
    <sila> “Heh, fortunately, we’re familiar with the whole Doing Science to Magic thing. We’ll have all kinds of fun and learning, baking between assignments.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…maybe. But after Austria nearly suffocated me and Pancake started stalking, I couldn’t even reach my phone to call for help.”
    <sila> “Yeah, new recipe testing might be the kind of thing you should do with a spotter at hand.”
    <sila> “Live and learn, right?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Eyup.”
    <rkcgm> ((Let’s time-skip: clothing acquired, and back for the meeting?))
    <ellie> ((Works for me))
    <sila> ((Sounds good))
    <rkcgm> ((Unless you want to shop. In which case, we’re there.))
    <ellie> ((Ellie acquired clothing, too. All I wanted to do.))
    <havrasti> ((skip is fine))
    <rkcgm> You arrive back at DEAR just in time for the start of the meeting, which is being held in the large conference room, now filled with perhaps forty people.
    <ellie> ((Assuming Carley got dressed at the shop?))
    <rkcgm> ((I guess?))
    <ellie> ((Probably for the best.))
    <sila> ((maybe we got a paper shopping bag and she used it for a tent :P ))
    <ellie> ((Heee! Also works.))
    <sila> ((doll shops doen’t really have dressing rooms, but there are ways of working it out))
  • Sila keeps her promise and tries to find room to shift, so the faux faries can sit on her back.
    <ellie> ((Shall we say Ellie’s already shifted and changed, as well?))
    <rkcgm> One of the Seals: “Oi, hey, what’s the deal? That’s your wing in my face! Watch it!”
    <sila> “Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Excuse me.”
    <rkcgm> Another Seal commando just shrugs, folds up his chair, leans against Sila.
    <rkcgm> Leaning Seal puts on dark shades.
  • Sila settles down and lets people use her as a bench as necessary
    <havrasti> (there probably isn’t enough room for two dragons, so Havrasti is just sitting against/on Sila as well)
  • Ellie had already shifted and changed. She sits down alongside Carley on Sila’s back.
    <rkcgm> Hickory comes out to the front of the conference room. “All right, folks; let’s get started.”
  • Sila has her “everything is normal” face on
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of these meetings, and we’ve grown a lot since the last one… so let’s introduce some of the new folks, and some of the not-so-new folks…”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “…we’ve got two teams of mages, now; one under Llewelyn…” (He names all of you, including Charlotte.) “…wait, Is that you, Charlotte?”
    <rkcgm> Carley (helium fairy voice): “Hiiii boss!”
  • Havrasti chuckles at “Grown”, he and Sila probably increased their mass by an order of magnitude all by themselves
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Cooking accident?”
    <havrasti> “And cats being cats.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yeah, I made cookies.”
    <havrasti> ((can I roll luck to see if other cookies were being served here and if Carnildo was eating one? :P :) ))
    <rkcgm> Carnildo mutters from across the room: “Note to self – don’t eat Charlotte’s cooking.”
  • Ellie thinks to herself that he /really/ doesn’t have much tact… :-p
    <rkcgm> Carley: grumble grumble
  • Ellie whispers to Carley, “He doesn’t have to worry much about that, now does he? You’re on /our/ team now.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “…and our second team, lead by Theo Fisher, and composed of Betsy Mercer – when her other duties allow – and Mark Mahan, better known to you as Carnildo Mahani.”
    <rkcgm> Carnildo stands up and bows several times in all directions. “Thank you, thank you; I’m glad to be here.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “That makes one of us.”
  • Ellie makes a face akin to .
    <rkcgm> Carnildo misses the comment. The Seals chuckle.
  • Sila rolls her eyes are Carne and flicks her tail in disdain
    <rkcgm> Douglas introduces a few other people who are new, and then moves on.
    <rkcgm> Douglas talks a bit about a few of the things that have been accomplished by DEAR over the last year (although no secrets are outed).
    <rkcgm> For instance, did you know that Theo Fisher and Betsy Mercer went with Vincent to defeat an evil sorcerer at the North Pole?
    <sila> (Did they save Christmas? :) ))
    <rkcgm> Why, yes, they did! :P
    <rkcgm> And… sigh, Carnildo, in his one overseas trip, managed to singlehandedly prevent a suicide bombing in the Middle East.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I’m sure we’re never going to hear the end of that.”
  • Ellie reeeeaaaaaaally wishes she had magic control over sound, right about now. So she could silence him….
    <sila> “Hey, give credit where credit is due. It /was/ well done.”
    <llewelyn>: “Only one suicide bomber? My team stopped Islamic terrorists from taking the Bowl of Plagues.”
  • Ellie chuckles. Very, very quietly.
    <rkcgm> Douglas also touches on some of your accomplishments, too.
    <havrasti> (only some, because otherwise it’d be a long list and we’d be here all day :P ;) )
    <ellie> ((And some are secret, still. ;-) ))
  • Sila whispers to Carley “…we also talked down the angry bereaved dragon left over after the bowl’s carrier was assassinated. That was a challenge all on its own.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I saw that on YouTube!”
    <sila> “Yeah, that was the downside of the mission, unfortunately.”
    <sila> “I just hope he’s stable enough not to end up on YouTube again.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I thought the footage was SOO faked… I was sure it was a filming stunt for one of the Marvel movies.”
    <ellie> “Some of that was Llewelyn’s work, I think. He made the dragon look pixellated, if I recall correctly.” Ellie is whispering.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Or maybe Transformers, because the Marvel movies are actually GOOD…”
  • Sila snerks, and returns her attention to what Douglas is saying
    <rkcgm> Douglas turns the topic to narrating a few various projects that are in process around DEAR; most of them are nothing all that special. There’s Valgrim’s work on creating some magic armour-exoskeleton that will work for the Seal Team…
    <sila> Sam: “Oooooh…”
    <rkcgm> One of the Seals: “It’s not going to punch me in the face again, is it?”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim: “I FIXED THAT PROBLEM!”
  • Havrasti laughs
    <rkcgm> Seal: “I had to have my nose ‘fixed’!”
    <sila> “You taking up nose jobs, Ellie?” :P
    <rkcgm> Valgrim: “At least it got you a short vacation, even if it didn’t help your appearance.”
  • Ellie snickers. “They didn’t come to me with that one.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “And Llewelyn’s up to some sort of secret project with that marble duck. Llewelyn, care to share?”
    <llewelyn>: “Neeeope.”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Uh… not even a little?”
    <llewelyn>: “Nope.”
    <sila> “He won’t even tell us. I don’t know how Ellie stands the temptation.”
    <rkcgm> Carnildo: “My money’s on a magic cruise missile.”
    <rkcgm> Colin Lamb: “Prank for Vincent.”
    <rkcgm> Theo Fisher: “Word.”
    <rkcgm> Betsy: “Easy money.”
    <ellie> “…I think they got it.”
    <llewelyn> grins, but says nothing.
    <llewelyn> is smug.
    <sila> “It made a good doorstop when we needed one, anyway.”
    <llewelyn>: “Eyup.”
    <havrasti> “Then put me down for magically self-replicating doorstops for everyone.”
    <sila> “You…think he should /breed/ giant stone ducks?? They wouldn’t even be edible!”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Well then. Time for open discussion, and then questions. Anyone care to talk?”
  • Havrasti doesn’t have anything at the moment
    <rkcgm> Betsy gets up and talks for a bit about her experience working with the White Council. She also delivers a very succinct (and extremely interesting) five minute history of magic in the US, as told by someone who was alive for most of it.
    <rkcgm> ((Remember that Betsy was born in the early 1840s – and was an original, pre-Civil War genuine certified Southern Belle.))
    <havrasti> ((ahhh))
    <rkcgm> After Betsy finishes, Carnildo stands up. Douglas looks at him. Carnildo stops. “Er, need to use the restroom… be right back.”
  • Sila tells the true story of Sir George and the Dragon, thought she leaves out the details of how The Dragon’s Daughter rediscovered the time portal. She does emphasize the unfortunate lack of utility of said time portal.
    <rkcgm> Theo: “I bet you could actually do something useful with it, but I can’t think of anything yet. And the power requirements…”
    <sila> “Yeah, I wouldn’t care to burn myself out that way.”
    <sila> “I use regular interspacial portals too much to give them up. Of course, The Dragon in the story was taking a last-ditch survival chance, so you can see where the cost/benefit ratio hit an unusual extreme there.”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim: “Too bad you can’t go back, either. If it was easy on power, you could use it to really increase computing power or something.”
    <sila> “We’re working on another solution to that with the folks from the California mission.”
    <sila> “Magically increased computing power, I mean.”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim grins. “Finally. I will be able to play Skyrim on top graphics!”
    <sila> “Yeeeeeeah…good luck with that.”
    <havrasti> “…..”
  • Sila isn’t fond of that particular game.
    <havrasti> “You are familiar with the phase ‘Poking the dragon’, right?”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim: "Actually, it’s “tickling the dragon’s tail”, which was created by the physicists who worked on the first atomic bomb and the ‘Demon Core’…"
    <rkcgm> Valgrim rattles on for a few minutes.
  • Sila lets him, then puts in, “I think Havrasti was thinking of the Esserean figure of speech, which actually does rely on the analogy of prodding an unfriendly dragon. Nobody likes being poked with a stick, you know?”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim: “…and as to irritating the more literal dragons in the room, I say that you can kiss my flabby white-”
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “NEXT!”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim mutters: “Fus-ro-dah, baby.”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim turns around and winks at Havrasti and Sila.
    <llewelyn>: “Troll, troll, troll your boat…”
  • Sila misses a few minutes of whatever comes next because she’s busy deleting a few key graphics files out of Valgrim’s skyrim installation. His character will lack lower-body armor next time he plays.
    <rkcgm> ((Distressingly… this is not going to change much for Valgrim’s character.))
    <rkcgm> ((And now it’s the GM trolling. :P ))
    <ellie> ((…facepalm… :-p ))
    <sila> (( :P ))
    <ellie> ((Well, Sila could always change it so that the leg graphics themselves don’t show up…))
    <ellie> ((He’s an upper half floating in midair…))
    <sila> ((I don’t know Skyrim all that well, but rest assured Sila will find something sufficiently obvious to troll Valgrim back :P ))
    <rkcgm> The leader of the Seal Team talks very briefly about some training he’s putting his team through. Not really useful to you.
    <rkcgm> Carnildo returns from the bathroom.
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “Very well then. Any final questions?”
    <rkcgm> Carnildo: “Just one.”
  • Ellie suppresses an eye-roll.
    <rkcgm> Carnildo: “If you’re a were-dog… why are you ALWAYS a dog?”
  • Ellie refrains from suppressing. :-p
    <rkcgm> Douglas stares at Carnildo.
    <rkcgm> Everyone else stares at Carnildo.
    <rkcgm> Douglas stares at Carnildo.
  • Ellie is beginning to feel ALL the awkwardness he should be feeling and probably isn’t. :-p
    <rkcgm> Douglas stares at Carnildo.
  • Sila wonders how much telepathy is happening right now…
  • Ellie doesn’t check, because she’s not sure she wants to know…
    <rkcgm> Carnildo discovers that he didn’t entirely finish going to the bathroom.
    <rkcgm> Douglas: “…you are dismissed.”
  • Ellie kinda shudders and wonders what is Carnildo’s problem. :-p
    <sila> “Sheesh, Carne, did you have to train for that level of anti-diplomacy, or is it a natural handicap?”
    <rkcgm> Carnildo leaves the room so fast he might perhaps have flown (or teleported).
    <rkcgm> Valgrim: “Someday that boy’s going to push the wrong button. And trust me, I know about pushing the wrong buttons.”
  • Sila snorts.
    <sila> “Your saving grace is that you don’t usually /seek people out/ and push their buttons.”
    <sila> “I hope whatever Douglas is doing for discipline makes enough of an impression to inspire actual change before he meets an /unfriendly/ dragon, you know?”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim: “And I also don’t push buttons belonging to people who can glue me to the back of a train bound for Toledo.”
    <ellie> “…And how did you hear about /that/ particular idea?”
  • Sila eyes Llewelyn
    <sila> “Popular route, is it?”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim grins. “At least, I don’t do it more than once!”
    <rkcgm> Valgrim heads for the door.
    <llewelyn> looks innocent.
  • Sila wonders how Valgrim feels about people who can bug his video game installation. Also, how he will feel about same tomorrow.
    <sila> “Well. That’s the meeting over with. Next up: Science!”
    <rkcgm> Thirty minutes later, Sila gets a text from Valgrim saying “ZOMGROFLMAO uploaded to the mod website thx have nice day.”
    <sila> “Hm. My approach needs some work, perhaps, but at least it got his attention.”
    <sila> “…I suppose it would be petty to point out the timestamp to Douglass? Valgrim doesn’t exactly work 9-5 anyway…”
    <rkcgm> Carley spends much of that thirty minutes learning to fly without running into anything. After about thirty minutes, she’s buzzing around the office pretty proficiently.
  • Ellie has been flying about with her, learning some of the finer points of this small form, and also giving Carley pointers sometimes.
  • Sila finally shrugs and goes back to setting out the fairy-effect cookies where they will be only moderately tempting to the unwary.
  • Sila adds a “Do Not Filch” sign, just to be sure nobody get a surprise they don’t deserve
  • Ellie sees this and suggests that even this might be considered irresponsible… :-p
    <llewelyn>: “…I’m running down to the gas station for some cookies I can actually EAT.”
    <sila> “So how did they fix the super-strong preschoolers?”
    <ellie> “We don’t actually have a way to undo this yet, after all.”
    <ellie> “…Hm. I do not know, actually. Carley? How did that get fixed?”
    <havrasti> “Hence why we need more test subjects, Ellie.”
    <ellie> “We probably ought to have a way to fix it for the subject that we /have/, first, Havrasti.”
    <sila> “You could always eat one, Havrasti. Then see if it interferes with your natural shifting.”
    <sila> “After all, we’re not on assignment anytime soon, we’re getting ready for vacation. And we already know how to fly.”
    <ellie> “…Actually, that might be a /worthy/ test, if we’re going to look for more test subjects.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “It wore off after about three hours. Which was good, since that was just about the point the parents started arriving to pick up their darling little monsters.”
    <sila> “How long has it been so far, this time?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I don’t know, but longer. I ate the cookies last night, and nothing had happened when I went to bed.”
    <sila> “Strange. Oh! I know what we should try first. Here.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I tried to fly, tried to pick up my couch… no superhero flight, and no super-strength…”
  • Sila arranges herself carefully in the office, then takes off her pendant again.
    <sila> “See if this turns you into a normal-sized red-head.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “You sure?”
    <ellie> “…Well, you ended up with flight in the end…”
    <ellie> “At least that part came out right.”
    <havrasti> “Sort of.”
    <ellie> “Pfft. Flight is flight.” Ellie winks at Carley.
    <rkcgm> Carley tries on Sila’s pendant, and…
    <rkcgm> Carley opens one eye. “…it… didn’t work?”
    <sila> ((what do we see? :P ))
    <llewelyn>: “Your hair turned red and your wings turned orange. Other than that, nothing.”
    <havrasti> “So we now know the order of precedence.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Oh. Yeah, but at least I’m a redhead now. That’s cool.”
    <ellie> “Hmmm, interesting.”
    <sila> “Hm. Guess that backup plan won’t work.”
  • Sila takes the pendant back
    <sila> “I suppose the pendant ‘knows’ you’re already human or something.”
    <rkcgm> Carley’s hair stays red and her wings remain orange.
    <ellie> “…Hm. That’s… unusual.”
    <ellie> “Carley, do you /want/ to be normal-sized again?”
    <ellie> It’s not an accusing tone, but more a suggestive one…
  • Sila places a mental bet
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…well. Yes. I want to pet my kitties and not be eaten. And I don’t want to explain this to my parents, either…”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “And how would I ever get a good boyfriend?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “So… yeah.”
    <sila> “Would a magic feather help?”
    <ellie> “You remember when you wished yourself invisible? Try… wishing yourself normal again.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Tried it already, but… urrrrgh…. ggrrrrr… eeaaaghhh… nope.”
    <ellie> “hmm. Well… we’ll figure it out…”
    <ellie> “…There’s not any reason you /wouldn’t/ want to return to normal, is there?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Can’t think of anything.”
    <sila> “I’m surprised by how much logic you put into your answer before, though. What are the upsides of staying like this, do you think?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I can do funky magic.”
  • Ellie thinks to herself, /And Carnildo will leave her alone…/ but says nothing.
    <sila> “Hmm. Technically, you already could…but OK, different magic.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yeah, different magic. You… remember we were in that doll store, and you walked past that mother and her three year old daughter at the register?”
    <sila> “Yeah?”
  • Sila starts rummaging in her desk while she talks
    <rkcgm> Carley looks reluctant: “I… don’t know how or why, but I gave her a fairy protection spell.”
    <sila> “Really? Uh, do you know what it will actually do for her?”
    <sila> “Aha, there they are!”
  • Sila fiddles in her drawer, and finally pulls out a very large dark grey feather, at least a full foot long from quill to tip
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yes. She’ll always find loyal friends.”
    <sila> “Wow, that’s nice!”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…and… I’m not sure how I know that, but I’m certain it’s true.”
    <ellie> “That’s… quite an interesting ability.”
    <sila> “OK, here, let’s try this: if it works the way it’s supposed to – and after the pendant I guarantee nothing of course – but if it behaves, what it will do is enlarge your existing form. You won’t lose the wings or anythign, but it will make you human-sized again, and then maybe we can try for making just the wings invisible or something. You use it by tucking it behind your ear -awkward at…
    <sila> …your size, but it’ll be smaller when you grow. See if it works.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “What’s it from?”
    <sila> “Giant duck.”
    <llewelyn>: “Not my duck.”
    <rkcgm> Carley tries the feather. It… doesn’t work.
    <sila> “Nertz.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Oh well. It was worth a try.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Maybe I just need more time…”
    <sila> “Yep. We try stuff until something works!”
    <havrasti> “Or it wears off.”
    <llewelyn>: “My grandfather might have something to suggest, too.”
    <ellie> “That’s a good idea.”
    <sila> “In the meantime though…I’m really, really disinclined to call these a failure. Powerful enough to require careful handling, yes, but not a failure.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I shouldn’t have eaten three of them.”
    <sila> “…”
    <havrasti> O.o
    <sila> “Carley my friend. We need to talk about your research techniques. OH yes.”
    <ellie> “Tasted good, did they?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Like duh, double chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven…”
    <ellie> “Heh. Maybe make a kind you don’t like quite as much next time.”
    <havrasti> “WEll, one other good thing. Just imagine what a cookie will be like at your current size.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…I need to go to the bathroom.”
    <ellie> “…Iiiiii’m not sure that would be a good idea.”
    <ellie> ((Tot he cookie))
    <ellie> ((Before she mentions the bathroom.))
    <llewelyn>: “…that’s my cue to go pick up something for lunch.”
    <sila> “You need a doll-house for this.”
    <ellie> ((Well, are we laying a large stick across a regular toilet, or getting her a cup? :-p ))
  • Sila and Sam put in lunch orders with Llewelyn and get on with the Science!
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Someone just raise the lid. I discovered I can hover. That rhymed!”
    == END LOG ==

<rkcgm> …I have no intro scroll today, sorry.
<rkcgm> I think we’re still at DEAR HQ; we’ve picked up a new NPC partner, and… I don’t know if we’d decided yet what we planned to do.
<sila> (When last we saw our heroes, Carne was running for the bathroom and the rest of us were just leaving the conference room, IIRC. Fast-forward to vacation time?)
<sila> (Or trying to big-ify our diminutive new teammate?)
<rkcgm> …after some attempts to fix Carley’s issue with getting turned into a 12" tall fairy, you have… had no success. She’s still short and winged.
<rkcgm> Carley has made use of the time by learning to fly, which occurred mostly without permanent disaster.

  • Ellie participated in the flying lessons as her faerie-shifted self. ;-)
    <ellie> …And helped heal things that would otherwise have been permanent disasters.
    <havrasti> ((only mostly? What small permanent disaster did occure? :P ))
    <rkcgm> Aside from nearly being squashed by her cats and having to wear “old lady doll clothes”, Carley seems to have had surprising success so far at fairyhood.
  • Sila makes sure the relevant cookie recipe gets written down. For Science!
    <ellie> Given time, Ellie might have made her some nicer faerie clothes.
    <ellie> ;-)
    <rkcgm> Carley had already written down her recipe in her (now too large for her to use) iPad, along with all her other experiments to date.
    <sila> Did we manage to learn anything about the dust, so far?
    <rkcgm> It seems to glow right up until the point that it settles on something.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make you fly, like in Peter Pan.”
    <sila> "Yeah, we’d have noticed by now if it did.
  • Havrasti already tried that specific experiment
    <sila> “That doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t do /anything/ though.”
    <rkcgm> Carley attempts to self-incite a sneeze to get more.
  • Sila snerks
  • Ellie sprinkles a little bit of pepper near her…
    <ellie> Very fine, powdered pepper.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Sns… sns… achoo!”
    <rkcgm> Pepper and fairy dust scatters everywhere.
  • Sila sweeps it off the countertop into her sample baggie
    <llewelyn>: “…My office is going to look like it was visited by a band of ten-year old glitter girls.”
    <llewelyn>: “Also, I think the amount of pepper multiplied from when Ellie used it.”
    <sila> “You’ll never get it all off the duck! At least we have plenty of samples though.”
    <ellie> “…Hm. Well that’s interesting.”
  • Sila looks dubiously at the pepper shaker
    <ellie> “A possible affect of the glitter?”
    <llewelyn>: “I don’t know. And yes, I can get it all off the duck.”
    <sila> “Or the sneeze. I mean, she can apparently make fairy blessings, remember? Maybe our pepper will never run out now or something.”
    <llewelyn>: “I’d rather my root beer never run out.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Not sure I can guarantee that.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…what ARE you going to use that duck for, by the way?”
    <llewelyn>: “Cover.”
    <sila> “What, it isn’t obvious? He’s already using it. For trolling the entire Department.”
  • Sila sticks a tongue out at Llewelyn
    <llewelyn>: “You’ll all eventually see.”
    <ellie> “Llewelyn does like to multi-purpose things…”
    <ellie> "So I’m certain he’s enjoying making it do both.:
    <ellie> "
    <ellie> Ellie winks. ;-)
    <llewelyn>: “So, is everyone ready to travel?”
    <havrasti> “Sila and I’ve got our bags, yep.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Wait! I need someone to watch my kitties!”
    <ellie> “I’m all packed. …Oh. Cat-sitter.”
    <ellie> "Hmmm…
    <ellie> “I have Seth watching Cinnamon Sugar…”
    <sila> “I’m glad we thought of that before portaling…even if it is awfully last minute.”
    <llewelyn>: “I have a plan.”
    <ellie> “Oh?”
    <sila> “Does it involve toasting things?”
    <llewelyn>: “No.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “TOAST? That should have NOTHING to do with my kitties!”
    <llewelyn> nabs a bit of remaining fairy dust on his finger, blows it into the air, and…
    <sila> “Hah, oh, but the last time he made magical toast, we got another kitty out of it!”
    <rkcgm> !7d6: animation magic versus intermediate
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “animation magic versus intermediate”: (3+1+5+2+2+3+4). Total: 20.
    <rkcgm> !4d6: versus
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “versus”: (3+2+1+4). Total: 10.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…waitaminute… you made a bigger version of ME?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…and I glitter.”
    <sila> “Pft haha, the cats will love it.”
    <llewelyn>: “Uh, problems with the working material.”
    <rkcgm> Carley’s doppleganger stares stupidly at the wall, and then waves slowly.
    <sila> "I can just picture them spending the week going ‘sparkly thing must pounce!’ "
    <ellie> “Hehehe. Well… there’s an interesting solution.”
    <sila> “They’ll get tons of exercise!”
    <ellie> “Just need to give her enough… programming, so to speak… to actually be able to care for the cats.”
    <llewelyn> addresses the doppleganger: “Go to Carley’s apartment. Feed and water the cats. Play with them. Do not answer the door.”
  • Sila stage whispers, “Empty the litterbox”
  • Sila stage whispers, “Empty And Refill the litterbox”
    <llewelyn>: “That too.”
    <ellie> “And by ‘water the cats,’ he means, ‘put water in the water dish.’”
    <ellie> “And by ‘feed the cats,’ he means, ‘put food in the food dish.’”
    <rkcgm> The doppleganger nods in a very stupidly comprehending way at Ellie, and then dissipates into a glowing cloud of dust, which migrates swiftly toward the door.
  • Sila bites her tongue until the glitterdust is all gone
    <sila> "Hahaha oh man, can you imagine if it actually did misunderstand the “Feed and water” insructions? I can just picture it with a watering can, hehehe. And then trying to spoon-feed the wet cats HAHAHA oh boy I’m glad we made sure."
    <llewelyn> leans over and pats the stone duck.
  • Ellie gives Llewelyn a raised eyebrow. “Plan on missing the thing? Or on it missing you?”
    <llewelyn>: “It has administrative duties now.”
    <llewelyn>: “So, are we ready to go?”
    <havrasti> O.o
    <sila> “Administrative duties? What’s it going to do, file our mail?”
    <ellie> “Aaah.” Ellie nods dubiously… but not too dubiously – she knows better.
    <havrasti> “…yes.”
    <ellie> “All ready here.”
    <sila> “Just gotta give one last instruction to my desk computer I think. I’ll be there in a sec.”
  • Sila tells her webcam to record, and retain all 5-minute recording blocks in which there is motion recorded. Then, if everyone has conveniently preceeded her out of the office, she slips an egg-shaped field stone under the duck for Llewelyn to find upon return. If it doesn’t move too much, anyway…
    <llewelyn> grabs his backpack, his rifle, and a walking staff.
  • Sila comes out and passes Havrasti his satchel
  • Havrasti slings it on
    <ellie> ((Note: strike from record mention of Ellie having Seth cat-sit…))
  • Ellie has her bags, upon which Cinnamon Sugar is sitting quite proudly.
    <sila> ((does that mean we can see a cat? ;) ))
    <ellie> ((That does mean you can see a cat. ;-) ))
  • Sila eyes Cinnamon Sugar and thinks thought Ellie would object to…
    <ellie> Cinnamon: /I am special! I get to go travelling with Mommy!"
    <rkcgm> Carley keeps in the air, making sure she isn’t within pouncing range.
    <ellie> “You don’t need to be too nervous, Carley – I already told him about you, and that you weren’t to be pounced.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Oh, okay. That’s cool, then.”
    <rkcgm> Carley hesitates a moment, and then dive-bombs into Cinnamon Sugar. “HE’S SO FLUFFY.”
  • Ellie shoots off a quick warning to CS – /Steady!/
    <ellie> “…I didn’t warn him you might dive into him, though…”
    <ellie> Cinnamon flinches a little, but stays admirably still.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Sorry. Moving right along, right?”
  • Ellie grins and pets him. “Good boy.” Cinnamon looks smug and prim and all kinds of pleased with himself. ;-)
    <sila> “Heh. Down to the garage then.”
    <rkcgm> The Seal team is working on one of their vehicles in the garage, but it is otherwise empty.
  • Havrasti chuckles
  • Sila waves at the seals.
    <rkcgm> One of them: “Need us to move?”
    <sila> “Nah, I’m just putting a portal in the corner bay. See you in a few days!”
    <rkcgm> “Okay, later then!”
    <llewelyn>: “Iverindor.”
    <sila> “That’s the target, yes. Uh…just a quick sanity check, but our target /is/ nearest the Circle base, compared to other places I’ve actually been in Esserea?”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes, and to the southwest a hundred and twenty leagues.”
    <sila> “Right, right…”
  • Sila commences casting. Crossing worlds to a place she’s never been…can’t be /that/ much harder than hitting Cuba, right?
    <sila> !6d6
    <painbot> [Sila] rolled “6d6”: (1+6+5+4+1+6). Total: 23.
    <rkcgm> !4d6: intermediate difficulty
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “intermediate difficulty”: (1+1+6+4). Total: 12.
    <rkcgm> Sila successfully makes a portal.
    <rkcgm> Five seconds after it stabilizes, it suddenly goes “TTHBBBBT.”
    <rkcgm> …and closes.
    <ellie> “…Hm.”
    <llewelyn>: “Odd… did you do that?”
    <sila> “Um…not…on purpose?”
    <ellie> “Could there have been a portal-blocking effect on the other end?”
    <sila> “And if so, would that be because I aimed it right, or because I aimed it wrong?”
    <llewelyn>: “I don’t know if there’d be a portal-blocking effect or not. If there is, then it’d probably be the Lady’s doing.”
    <ellie> “So… would next best thing be to aim for a bit outside Iverindor?”
    <llewelyn> thinks about it for a moment.
    <sila> “I can try that…It’d be a long flight though, no?”
    <llewelyn>: “So… the next closest place would put us in Starmarch.”
    <havrasti> “Erg.”
    <llewelyn>: “The only place I could assure is safe there would be Talyllyn.”
    <sila> “Where…I really, totally haven’t been. How will I know it?”
    <llewelyn>: “You’ve been to Talyllyn.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “That rhymed!”
    <llewelyn>: “…Talyllyn’s the secret rebel base.”
    <havrasti> ((she probably would have remembered that))
    <sila> “Oh! Right. Well I can get there easy, that’s where I /learned/ this stuff.”
  • Sila forgot the name of the secret rebel base
    <llewelyn>: “Unfortunately, if we have to start at Talyllyn, that’s going to be a bit of a longer trip than I expected.”
    <ellie> “Well, we can fly it, right? I mean… doesn’t make it completely short, but… helps?”
    <sila> “Especially if our passengers are going to be super small.”
    <sila> “…want a cookie, Llewelyn?”
    <llewelyn>: “No, I do not want a cookie. I want a car.”
    <havrasti> “I don’t think the roads are good enough there for a car.”
    <sila> “Got any nice statues you want to pack along? I’m not sure the duck is big enough.”
    <llewelyn> points to where the Seals are working. “Hey Sarge, mind if I borrow the smaller Oshkosh?”
    <rkcgm> Seal Sergeant: “Sure, just bring it back in one working piece.”
    <havrasti> “Guess that means we can lose the cigarette lighter.”
    <ellie> “…Man, he knows how to close loopholes in a deal…”
    <llewelyn>: “…yup. Don’t need roads, the way we’re going.”
    <llewelyn>: “You’ll need to make a bigger portal, Sila!”
  • Sila sighs
    <llewelyn>: “Hey, don’t knock it. It’s heated.”
    <llewelyn>: “You can still fly if you want.”
    <sila> “OK, one unexpected tank for a surprise visit to a paranoid rebel base…”
  • Sila starts casting for her new portal
    <sila> !6d6
    <painbot> [Sila] rolled “6d6”: (2+2+1+5+6+4). Total: 20.
    <ellie> “And… why are you bringing a jeep?”
    <llewelyn>: “Because it’s heated, and I’m not as hardcore as I once was.”
  • Sila mutters distractedly, “Probably turn the doors into wings and fly anyway…”
    <llewelyn> gets the keys to the Oshkosh. “This is going to look funny when we get to the Northern Marches.”
    <llewelyn>: “But whatever. Sila – portal. We’ll go through first, and then I can drive it over.”
  • Sila spins open a portal. The tunnel includes proper road markings and a sign reading “warning: rough road ahead” :P
    <llewelyn> walks through.
  • Havrasti follows
  • Ellie will ride through with Llewelyn.
  • Sila follows Llewelyn, makes sure there’s no surprised-and-hostile soldiers on the other end
    <llewelyn> waves to the first person that comes running up to investigate. “Decima! You’re looking as surly as ever!”
    <rkcgm> Decima: “Oh, it’s just YOU.”
    <rkcgm> ((Decima is a middle-aged elvish female, well dressed, with a staff and sword.))
  • Ellie kinda grins at that reception.
    <sila> “Should I anchor this for return use, or just hold it open until you drive in your … should I ask how you’re planning to gas that thing in Iverindor, Llewelyn?”
    <havrasti> “Hello, just passing through.”
    <llewelyn>: “Yup, just me. Steel Rose in?”
    <rkcgm> Decima: “If she was, I wouldn’t tell you, Harper.”
    <rkcgm> Another mage shows up. “Harper! It’s been too long!”
  • Ellie mutters to Llewelyn, “Would she tell /me/ if I said Steel Rose was my aunt…?”
    <llewelyn>: “Morning, Daybreaker.”
    <rkcgm> Decima: "I’d tell you that I have exquisite hearing. But if that’s the truth… ahem. No, she’s not in.
    <ellie> “It is true.” Ellie doesn’t show any bashfulness at having been overheard.
    <rkcgm> Decima: “She’s actually raiding across the river, one of the Red King’s strongholds. They think they might be able to catch the Tadhg there, even.”
    <ellie> “Aaah. …I’m sorry we missed her.”
    <sila> “Here’s hoping it goes well, and we go in the precise opposite direction.”
  • Havrasti attention grows, “Oh? The Tadhg?”
    <rkcgm> Daybreaker nods. “She’d be sorry she missed you guys, too.”
    <rkcgm> Decima: “If our intelligence is good.”
    <rkcgm> Carley flutters through the portal. “Oh wow, this place is awesome!”
    <sila> “It’s a nice spot, huh? It’s not bad for family visiting either, just a different family.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “If only I were big enough to fly around without it taking so much time!”
    <ellie> “Heh. We’ll figure out how to fix that eventually.”
    <sila> “We’ll be flying around anyway soon enough.”
    <sila> “Does this really look like a place you /drive/ away from?”
    <llewelyn> explains to Daybreaker (Decima has wandered off, citing that she is ‘very busy’) what you’re all doing.
    <rkcgm> They have a polite conversation, and Daybreaker eventually heads back to her post.
    <sila> “I mean, they get supplies up here somehow, but still…”
    <llewelyn>: “Right. Let’s retrieve the car, and get on the road.”
    <sila> “Bring it through.”
    <sila> “…Hey Havrasti, I’ll bet you the odd-numbered jerky strip that he ends up enchanting it to fly somehow.”
    <llewelyn> walks back across the portal and drives the Oshkosh through.
    <havrasti> “No bet.”
    <llewelyn> brings the car across and sticks his head out of the machine-gun port. “I suppose you want to fly, huh?”
    <havrasti> “It would be a nice change of pace.”
    <ellie> “It would be preferrable, though I’ll ride with you.”
    <llewelyn> glances at the sky. “Yup. I think I’ll, you know, turn the heater on to a nice 75 degrees…”
    <sila> “Just get it off the edge of the portal so I can close it please.”
    <llewelyn> pulls it forward a bit and waits for Ellie to get in.
  • Ellie gets inside and settles Cinnamon Sugar on her lap.
  • Sila closes the portal fully instead of leaving it anchored for later use, since this /is/ a sensitive location and there’s a chance we might not come back this way anyhow.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…I think I’m going to ride in the car, too.”
    <sila> "Yeah, all the benefits of elevation without someone else’s flight wind pulling on your delicate wings.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “That, and it’s probably fifty degrees, and it looks like it’s going to rain.”
    <sila> “So Llewelyn…just to be sure and all, before we head out…can people just fly into Iverindor? If I’m at risk for flying into an invisible barrier, I’d like to be warned.”
    <llewelyn>: “Oh, you definitely shouldn’t just fly over the border.”
    <llewelyn>: “When you get to Donal’s Dyke, land at the gate and let me talk to the guards.”
    <havrasti> “Ok.”
    <sila> “Right. Glad I asked.”
  • Havrasti stores their stuff in the oshkosh
    <ellie> “This is part of the advantage of riding along.”
    <llewelyn>: “You’ll definitely see the border, though.”
    <llewelyn>: “Can’t miss it.”
  • Sila shifts and puts her jewel and smartphone in a smaller carry-bag around her neck
    <sila> “Yeah, the no-green thing.”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes. The no-green thing…”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Wait, what no-green thing? I’m wearing green!”
    <llewelyn>: “And the Oshkosh is green. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when we get across the border.”
    <sila> “You’ll get amazing color-changing old lady doll clothes!”
  • Havrasti stretches his wings, “Aaaaah, that’s good.”
    <ellie> ((She’s probably wearing clothes Ellie made for her, rather than the knitted ones.))
    <llewelyn> starts driving once his other two passengers are aboard.
  • Sila takes off, does one acrobatic twirl before settling in for long distance flying
  • Sila expects to be Plenty warm in a few minutes, because Exercise ;)
    <rkcgm> The road he uses is rough – really more the equivalent to somebody’s muddy unpaved driveway – but it’s regular enough that Llewelyn can easily drive just as fast as the dragons want to cruise.
  • Sila roars at Havrasti, “They may have warmer air, but we’ve got a smoother ride!”
    <rkcgm> After half an hour, the road goes across a little isthmus between two lakes and a cold drizzle starts to fall; but ahead another fifteen flying minutes, Sila and Havrasti see that the land turns… white? Yes, definitely white.
    <havrasti> “Indeed!”
    <sila> “That’s gotta be it. …Was it always white?”
  • Havrasti swoops and dives with ease and grace
  • Sila reluctantly lands a the intersection of the white border and the road.
    <sila> “Somehow I thought the foliage would end up yellow or something. Just think what the autumn leaves must be like for people who live here!”
    <havrasti> “Snow, perhaps?”
  • Sila lands and looks closer
    <rkcgm> The border is defined by a deep (obviously intentionally-dug) ditch, with the dirt piled up on the reverse slope. The road comes up to what looks like some sort of large fortified house.
  • Havrasti lands next to the “car”
    <rkcgm> Across the border, Sila is able to see that – although the foliage on both sides hasn’t really started growing for spring – the little bit that has grown is currently white grasses.
    <sila> “The Oshkosh is going to be grey, huh?”
    <llewelyn> gets out in time to hear the comment. “…probably.”
    <sila> "You need us to shift?
    <llewelyn>: “Nope. The border guards have already seen you.”
    <sila> “Well I wasn’t planning on trying to sneak in undetected. Just didn’t know if they’d want to, you know, wave security wands at me or whatever.”
  • Sila is thinking Airport security metal detectors, though magical-type wands are doubtless more likely here :P
    <rkcgm> A troop of said border guards, armed with some seriously wicked-looking pikes, have formed up. They don’t look at all intimidated by two dragons and a big metal self-propelled cart.
    <llewelyn> raises his voice and shouts to the leader. “Go raibh an Tiarna libh!”
    <rkcgm> Commander: ""Agus leat féin…"
  • Sila mutters, “I’m just glad I don’t have green scales.”
  • Ellie is listening with telepathy translation – what are they saying?
    <rkcgm> The commander wanders over closer to the vehicle, eying you all cautiously. “…and who are ye lot? And company with dragons, as well?”
    <rkcgm> In the background, one of the soldiers makes a sign against evil.
  • Sila notices this, but keeps her response down to an ironic snort
    <rkcgm> Ellie: Llewelyn spoke to them with the Iverindorene greeting “The Lord be with you”, and the commander responded “And with yourself.”
    <sila> ((so they’re making the sign of the cross at us? Or some more literally magical warding gesture?))
  • Ellie nods to the guard politely and replies, “Ellie Ross.”
    <llewelyn>: “I am part of Clan Ó Cuinn, and returning to Iverindor with companions after travels. I am Íomhar Mac Giolla Rí.”
    <rkcgm> Commander: “Ah.”
    <rkcgm> ((Yes, making the sign of the cross, and using it as a literal warding gesture beside.))
  • Sila wonders how “Llewelyn” comes out of that, and whether it’s a true name thing
    <sila> “You can tell your men we’re not afraid of the symbol of our Lord and our God.”
    <rkcgm> The commander glances over to Sila. “As the book says, even demons know his name and fear; but if you make the claim to serve the Holy One, then I shall not find it amiss.”
    <havrasti> “We do.”
    <rkcgm> Commander: “Then we have nothing to fear from each other. You are of the Cenél Yephishnaigh?”
    <havrasti> ((translation?))
  • Sila eyes Ellie. “Translation?”
    <llewelyn>: “He’s asking if you’re of Yveshna’s Clan.”
    <llewelyn>: “Meaning, on her side of the war, rather than on Whiteteeth’s.”
    <havrasti> “Ahh, closer to yes. Certainly not with Whiteteeth.”
    <rkcgm> Commander: “…and your Chieftainess would vouch for your behavior within the Lady’s realm?”
    <sila> “Our…? Um. If you’re asking, willy Yveshna vouch for us? I think so. We’ve only met once, but it was a friendly meeting.”
    <sila> ((oops, extra Y there :P ))
    <rkcgm> The commander turns back to Llewelyn. “You say you come from Clan Ó Cuinn? What sept?”
    <llewelyn> sighs very quietly. “…finte Brán.”
    <rkcgm> Commander: “Oh! Why didn’t you say so at once. I shall not hinder your travels any further.”
  • Ellie gives Llewelyn a sidelong glance. Then telepathically pokes him, /Man, you get quite the reception in a lot of places…/ There’s a definite kidding tone to the thought.
    <sila> “Are we good to keep flying?”
    <llewelyn>: <yes,><havrasti> “Yeah, though I don’t know with what. But I guess it’ll let people know somehow.”
    <sila> “It’s OK to put it in my bag though, right? I don’t have to carry it in my hand for it to work?”
    <rkcgm> Commander: “It will be sufficient for you to keep it in close proximity.”
    <sila> “OK then. Thank you. It’s ever so much easier to make friends with people when they aren’t panicking.”
    <rkcgm> Commander: “The spell will wear after seven days. If you need to get another…” *another glance at Llewelyn. “..I’m sure you’ll know where to go!”
  • Sila tucks the rock into her jewel pouch
    <llewelyn> gets back in the vehicle.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…so that was weird.”
  • Sila shakes the water off her wings (away from the soldiers)
  • Ellie never left the vehicle. She nods in agreement with Carley.
    <sila> “Weirder than being a fairy driving across another world?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Well, I suppose that’s weird, too. But it’s so weird that my mind hasn’t bothered processing it at all.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Did they know you or something?”
    <llewelyn>: “Sorta.”
    <sila> “Do we have to call you Iv…Iam…do we have to learn a new given name for you while we’re hear?”
    <sila> ((here even))
    <llewelyn>: “You don’t, but I’m going to use it while we’re here.”
    <llewelyn>: “Since my mother’s family is from Iverindor, I have a translation of my name in this language.”
    <sila> “Should we use our nicknames for avoiding true-name problems, from before? I don’t know what kind of risk factor we’re expecting from local strangers.”
    <llewelyn>: “Íomhar Mac Giolla Rí Clan Ó Cuinn. Yew-warrior, the Son of the King’s Servant, of the Cuinn clan.”
    <llewelyn>: “Shouldn’t be a problem. The only people more dangerous than us that we have any potential of meeting are my grandfather and uncle.”
    <sila> “OK then.”
    <llewelyn>: “…the Ó Cuinns are a midsized clan that’s part of Clan Drugain. But finte Brán – the family of the raven – is kinda well-known.”
    <llewelyn> drives across the border and the Oshkosh turns dull cobalt blue.
  • Sila gets in the air
    <rkcgm> A few moments after Sila takes off, she notices that she seems to have attracted some sort of weird aura.
    <sila> “That’s kind of a pretty color, actually – not very camo friendly, but fortunately we’re not hiding, so…uh?”
  • Sila looks at Havrasti
    <rkcgm> The majority of it is white, but at the edge it darkens to… green.
    <rkcgm> Havrasti has it, too.
    <havrasti> “Huh, some green. My guess was right!”
    <sila> “I guess that’s a pretty good way of saying ‘friendly’ to Ivendorian eyes.”
  • Sila resists the urge to try to blow it away like a clinging cloud. It wouldn’t be effective /or/ wise, after all…it just feels a bit weird.
    <llewelyn>: “If you were friendly, it would all be green; the white means neutrality. The green at the edges, though, means you’re traveling at the Lady’s discretion.”
    <sila> “Good enough. Let’s get moving before my wings freeze up, or that storm really does catch us!”
    <havrasti> “Yes.”
  • Havrasti takes off
  • Sila circles higher and follows the road
    <rkcgm> The western horizon does look very dark. And the temperatures are dropping. And the wind is starting to rise…
    == END LOG ==

<rkcgm> Last time, you were traveling through Iverindor, following the road along the shores of Loch Thuaidh.
<llewelyn> is driving “the Oshkosh”, a military four-wheel drive vehicle; Ellie and Carley are riding in it with him.
<rkcgm> Havrasti and Sila, however, are flying… which means they are enjoying the lovely weather, which is 40 degrees, windy, and sleeting.

  • Sila is warm because she is /flying/
    <sila> …OK, and maybe just a little because she has a water-redirecting enchantment up at this point ;)
  • Havrasti is definitely getting his exercise this trip. You don’t often see a fat, sedentary dragon, not when there’s flying to do ;)
    <rkcgm> Carley tries looking out the window. “You think we should stop and ask them if they want to ride?”
    <llewelyn>: “I think they’d make it clear when they stop being comfortable.”
    <ellie> “They love any chance they get to fly.”
    <llewelyn> absent-mindedly turns on the radio.
    <ellie> “And back home, they have to worry about being seen.”
    <ellie> “So a chance to fly openly? They’d have to be having a really TERRIBLE time not to take advantage of it.”
    <llewelyn> frowns at the radio. “Pity. No harp music.”
  • Sila notes the new active circuit in the Oshkosh and starts sending a rousing draconic flying song
    <havrasti> (still no harps, though :P )
  • Ellie notices the comment. “…Do they even have radio here?”
    <llewelyn>: “Only so long as Sila is here.”
    <sila> *Radio roars in 4-part harmony
  • Ellie winces a bit at the roaring.
  • Havrasti just has fun swooping and diving, and keeps an eye out for our destination
    <llewelyn> turns down the music. “Could use a little less bass and a little more harmony. At least it’s better than what I heard from the ricer hot-rods coming in to work this morning.”
    <ellie> “Heh. Well. I mean, how hard is that?”
    <ellie> “By the way, how far are we going?”
    <rkcgm> “Well, another hundred and fifty miles, I think…”
    <ellie> “Aah, okay.”
    <ellie> “Just occurred to me – do you have any way of sending ahead to let your family know you’re coming, or are we just surprising them?”
    <llewelyn>: “The border station probably reported in. If they didn’t, we’ll surprise them.”
    <llewelyn>: “My grandfather likes surprises.”
  • Sila has time to reproduce the entire “Rurrin’s Longflight in Major Key” on the way! She even sings some of it aloud up above while she’s at it. :D
  • Havrasti roars to Sila, “We could really use a couple of headsets to talk to them.”
    <rkcgm> In the car, Carley starts talking about some of the movies and books she enjoys.
    <sila> “…and we fly in sun and we fly in rain and if wind force us down, we’ll soon be up again – Oh, don’t worry, they can hear me! And if they need to tell us anything, well, the radio /does/ have a transmitter as well as a receiver. This is an security vehicle after all.”
    <sila> “…where was I? Oh yeah.”
  • Ellie joins the discussion of books and movies, bringing up some to see if Carley has read/seen them.
  • Havrasti flies along until something interesting catches his eye
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Oh, I’ve read that one McDonald book with the princess.”
    <ellie> “Oh, really? The Princess and the Goblins, or the Princess and Curdie? Or have you read both?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Um… I’ve… forgotten. I read it in middleschool at my grandma’s house.”
    <ellie> “Aaah, okay. Well, do you remember…” Ellie goes into a summary of the two storylines…
    <ellie> ( ;-) )
    <sila> hehe
    <sila> ((I read it in college to maintain sanity between engineering classes :P ))
    <havrasti> ((I saw a cartoon :P ))
    <ellie> ((Hehehe. Yes, George MacDonald would make an EXCELLENT antidote to engineering classes. ;-) As to the cartoon… well… I’ve never seen it, so I don’t know exactly how pained to be. ;) )
    <rkcgm> Carley then starts talking about the movies she’s looking forward to (the next Hunger Games, Guardians of the Galaxy, and especially Captain America).
  • Ellie answers as best she can – mostly about how she was amused by Guardians of the Galaxy, since she’s not seen either of the other two…
  • Ellie answers as best she can, though she’s only seen trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy. ((There, corrected :-p ;-) )
    <rkcgm> Havrasti: some interesting things actually do catch your eye. Specifically, at various places around the landscape, there are things that look like mounds surrounded by standing stones.
    <rkcgm> ((They do not appear to be menhirs, but they do have some sort of magic about them.))
  • Havrasti drifts over towards one of them that’s reasonably close to our path to get a good look at it
    <rkcgm> Havrasti determines that the closer he gets, the more he is urged to be someplace else.
    <havrasti> (but the interesting thing is there!!! :P )
  • Havrasti drifts away, then. He’ll ask Llewelyn about it. He dives down to fly just above the Oshkosh. “Llewelyn, what are those mounds and stones?”
    <llewelyn> stops the car. “The barrows?”
  • Sila lands, since the car is stopped
    <havrasti> “Those over there, there, there, and there.”
    <llewelyn>: “Two purposes. First, they’re safe havens for travelers. That’s pretty much all that anyone living in Iverindor could tell you.”
    <llewelyn>: “But they’re also burial mounds.”
    <havrasti> “They gave me the feeling of wanting to be away from them. I guess they don’t count dragons as travellers.”
    <llewelyn>: “Probably because most of the things buried beneath them are dragons.”
    <llewelyn>: “Whiteteeth’s minions.”
    <sila> “…oh. How on Ear- I mean, how on Esserea does that make them safe havens for travellers?”
    <llewelyn>: “Irony.”
    <havrasti> O.o
    <havrasti> “Yeah, staying away. That’s creepy.”
    <ellie> “Why would they make safe havens of dragon burial mounds? I mean… with a more serious answer than ‘irony’?”
    <llewelyn>: “If you see one covered with green flowers, then it’s one of the burial mounds for one of The Lady’s children.”
    <sila> “Are we allowed to visit /those/ or will they try to repel us too?”
    <llewelyn>: “They’ll definitely repel you. Pretty much everyone will be… discouraged from visiting. I’ve only been to one, myself.”
    <llewelyn>: “The legend – which is entirely unsupported by historical evidence – was that The Lady ordered the barrows to be turned into safe havens as a way of… pardon the expression – flipping the bird to Whiteteeth.”
    <sila> “heh, that would sorta make sense at least.”
    <llewelyn>: “Actually – that barrow over there – come on, let’s head in there.”
    <havrasti> “What?”
    <llewelyn> parks the Oshkosh and starts walking toward one.
    <sila> “In spite of repulsion then…?”
  • Sila follows (?)
  • Ellie gets out and follows.
  • Havrasti follows Llewelyn
    <rkcgm> Carley, afraid of being blown away in the wind, sits on Ellie’s shoulder.
  • Ellie is completely fine with this, and tries to angle herself so Carley is more sheltered.
    <llewelyn>: “Just because it doesn’t want you there doesn’t mean you can’t go in.”
  • Sila looks for green flowers, or lack thereof
    <rkcgm> ((No green flowers here.))
    <havrasti> “So why are we coming here?”
    <llewelyn> walks right past the standing stones and into a doorway in the side of the barrow. “Human interest story.”
    <llewelyn> turns around. “I guess that was suitably cryptic. I actually camped in this one for a few weeks, once.”
  • Sila considers the door. Will she have to shift for this one?
    <sila> “So it’s an elven interest story then?”
    <rkcgm> ((Yup. It is pretty much one human wide.))
    <llewelyn>: “You might say so. However, the human part of that story was the interesting person I met, who also camped here during that time.”
  • Havrasti will just stick his head in
  • Sila shifts so she can go in properly
  • Ellie heads in, of course.
    <llewelyn> walks into the tunnel a little bit, and brushes one of the walls with his hand. Glowing white runes light up the passage, which comes to a T, turning left of right.
    <llewelyn> walks into the tunnel a little bit, and brushes one of the walls with his hand. Glowing white runes light up the passage, which comes to a T, turning left of right. The two tunnels open up into a single chamber, about the size of a large living room.
  • Havrasti perhaps ran back to the oshkosh for a change of clothes, as this doesn’t seem to be a thing where he can just stick his head in :P
    <llewelyn> gestures. “The firepit there will burn without fuel on cold days, enough to cook food and heat travelers caught out in a storm.”
    <sila> “Did we bring anything to cook?”
    <llewelyn> chuckles. “This isn’t much of a storm for Iverindor.”
    <ellie> “Heh, so the firepit doesn’t consider today cold, is what you’re saying?”
    <llewelyn>: “I mean that we don’t need to stay.”
    <llewelyn>: “If you want to actually have good food, then we should still try to make Linn Mhuir before evening.”
    <ellie> “Aah. Then are we sitting in to hear your story, or just popping in to have a look around?”
    <sila> “Well of course we’re not staying the night, I’m just saying it’s no like we can stop at a McDonalds for lunch.”
    <llewelyn>: “Just popping in.”
    <sila> “Aw. Oh well, I guess we can eat birds instead.”
    <llewelyn>: “And anyway, now that you’ve been inside one, you know what they’re for – and they likely won’t keep trying to reject your presence.”
    <sila> “Ah – that’s good. Thanks!”
    <llewelyn> heads back for the vehicle.
  • Sila follows, shifting as soon as she has space
    <sila> “I hope this better food also comes with better heat. My clothes are going to be damp as soon as I shift back.”
    <havrasti> “Ok, onward then! Ooh, a flock of geese.”
    <sila> “Ooh! Come back here, lunch!”
  • Sila eats half a flock of geese for lunch. Flying takes a lot of energy, after all :P
    <llewelyn> shakes his head and gets back on the road.
  • Ellie giggles as she also gets back in the car.
    <havrasti> (fast travel now?)
    <rkcgm> With the headwind slowing Havrasti and Sila down, it takes nearly three more hours before you arrive at the outskirts of something resembling civilization – although you’ve passed through plenty of small villages and farmsteads.
    <rkcgm> Linn Mhuir, however, is a much larger city – with city walls, towers that probably were imported from the Renaissance, and some obviously cathedral-like churches.
    <havrasti> “Impressive.”
    <llewelyn> stops at the city gate and talks briefly with the guards.
    <llewelyn>’s chat with the guards becomes substantially more animated when the guard realizes Llewelyn wants him to let a pair of dragons into the city, rather than just being fought off.
    <llewelyn>: “Look, yes, I know this isn’t in your training handbook…”
    <llewelyn>: “Look, they…”
  • Ellie telepathies to the dragons, “Maybe hold up the stones you were given?”
  • Havrasti chuckles and does so
    <rkcgm> The guard appears unconvinced.
    <llewelyn> rolls his eyes. “Okay, you know what… obfuscating stupidity and bureaucratese…”
  • Sila holds up her stone and waves it
    <havrasti> (is that a spell he’s saying? :P )
    <rkcgm> The guard looks back at Sila, holds up his middle finger, and waves it.
    <sila> “Oh, that /that/ was uncalled for.”
    <llewelyn> pulls a cloak out of the back of the Oshkosh, puts it on, waits a few moments as it turns green, and then walks back over to the guard. “Open. The. Gate.”
    <havrasti> ((is that a similarly rude gesture here? :P ))
    <rkcgm> Guard: “Eep! Have a nice day, sir!”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes, yes. By the way, are you all out of vacation leave?”
    <rkcgm> Guard: “Er… no?”
  • Ellie telepathies to Sila, /Sorry. I guess the suggestion wasn’t such a good one. But… I suppose that works…/ added as Llewelyn shows his cloak.
    <llewelyn>: “You are now, kid.”
    <rkcgm> Guard: “Thank you, sir. Have a nice day, sir.”
    <llewelyn> heads back to the vehicle. “Kids these days have no sense of respect.”
    <havrasti> “Seems Llewelyn has some clout here.”
  • Sila stomps proudly through the gates. "Maybe your superiors will have pity and send you on a nice weekend trip to learn all about the concept of “professionalism.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Um… isn’t green not a color here?”
    <havrasti> “It must be the color of Special people.”
    <llewelyn> takes off the cloak, and it turns dark blue (like it used to be before Llewelyn put it on). “It’s… complicated.”
  • Sila puts her head down to the Oshkosh windows. “We should probably shift though. Cities are crowded and all. Do you think there’s a convenient place for Havrasti to dress?”
    <llewelyn>: “Guard – please make your guard shack available for two minutes for my associate to change.”
    <rkcgm> Guard: “Sir, yes sir.”
  • Havrasti changes
    <sila> “Hehe. You may have lost your low profile, but it certainly had a salutary effect on the locals.”
    <rkcgm> The guard watches a dragon go in and a human come out. He immediately starts gesticulating wildly to his fellows, complaining about how it’s all terribly unfair.
  • Sila waits for Havrasti to come out, then shifts.
    <havrasti> 9.9 @ the guard
    <rkcgm> The guards all stare at Sila. (One mutters ‘Wow, with that red hair she’s actually kinda-" and is then wapped upside the head by another guard.)
    <sila> (at the guard) “This way you can’t accuse us of sneaking in. All open and honest here, right? Bye now.”
  • Havrasti grins and says a bit louder, “She is very, yes.”
    <rkcgm> Other guard: “Shut up, you buffoon! You want to lose your vacation time, too?”
  • Sila snerks and gets in the car
    <ellie> ((Translation of Havrasti: And VERY MINE ;-) ))
    <sila> ((Yep yep))
    <havrasti> ((heh))
    <llewelyn> mutters as he gets back behind the wheel. “Somebody forgot the first lessons in Iverindorene hospitality.”
    <sila> “No rude gestures at unknown visitors?”
  • Ellie snerks.
    <llewelyn>: “The first rule is ‘The traveller is your brother’ and the second is that ‘Your hospitality will be repaid in kind.’”
    <sila> "Ah. So if he ever comes to Earth, I should make a rude gesture at him then? :P "
    <ellie> “Well, /we/ live under other rules, I think…”
    <sila> “Yeah, the actual golden rule, not the ‘gold-plated’ rule.”
    <llewelyn>: “That would be fair turnabout, but I wouldn’t advise it even so.”
  • Ellie chuckles a bit.
    <sila> “I know, I know, I kid.”
    <ellie> “Of course. Fully acknowledged.”
    <sila> “So how much further is it, as the horseless-carraige drives?”
    <llewelyn>: “Two or three minutes.”
    <sila> “Ah, good, not enough time to get properly cold then.”
  • Sila spends the time drying out her sleeted-upon clothing, making a challenge of using minimal magical energy to achieve the effect
    <havrasti> “That’s one benefit of keeping the clothes in the car.”
    <sila> "Yeah, but on the other hand, I had the option to make a quick shift even if the car wasn’t available.
    <sila> “How are you doing, Carley? Staying warm enough?”
    <sila> “I know Llewelyn’s been running the heater, but with such low body-mass…”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yup. These doll clothes are actually pretty hefty, so I’m pretty warm.”
    <sila> “Good.”
    <sila> (benefit of going the knitted-specialty clothing route ;) )
    <rkcgm> There are a lot of very interesting buildings – all made of stone – and Llewelyn parks in front of one that has a very antiquated look.
    <sila> “The local quarries must be amazing.”
    <llewelyn>: “And welcome to the Oseolteigh. Don’t worry, it’s bigger on the inside.”
    <sila> “…literally?”
  • Sila listens for dimensional magics
    <havrasti> (does it look pretty big from the outside? :P )
    <rkcgm> Sila doesn’t hear anything immediately, but she does eventually pick up something that sounds like the wind sitting still and a stream running backwards.
    <sila> “Hmmm…not a pocket dimension, but /something/ interesting.”
  • Ellie will follow Llewelyn inside whenever he heads in.
  • Havrasti also follows
    <llewelyn> heads up to the front door, where there is another guard. “Five to see the Brendan Bran at his earliest convenience.”
    <rkcgm> Guard: “The Archmage does not take visitors after the seventh hour, sir. Can you return tomorrow?”
    <llewelyn>: “Tell him Íomhar Mac Giolla Rí Clan Ó Cuinn is here. I think he’ll make an exception, even if all he does is lecture me.”
    <llewelyn> winks at Ellie.
    <havrasti> ((hehe))
  • Ellie grins
    <rkcgm> The guard nods politely, lets you into the foyer, and then disappears.
    <sila> “So does he now know your name, or is he just that good at keeping a poker face?”
    <llewelyn>: “I think that’s his poker face.”
    <sila> “Heh.”
  • Sila waits politely
    <rkcgm> The guard returns a few moments later with someone dressed more like a butler or a herald. “The Brendan will see you and your companions, Prócadóir.”
    <llewelyn>: “Ha! Total poker face.”
    <rkcgm> Guard: “If you say so, sir.”
    <sila> “Good job. Much better than the city gate bufoons.”
  • Ellie snerks
    <rkcgm> Guard: “There is a reason we banish them out there, ma’am.”
  • Ellie upgrades the snerk to a giggle, albeit a very slight one.
  • Havrasti mutters to Sila, “Probably not the best place to banish them, makes bad first impressions.”
  • Sila murmurs back “Ah, but on the city, not the household, heh.”
    <rkcgm> Guard: “Fortunately, sir, we have few visitors who have not already had an impression of some sort.”
    <rkcgm> Herald: “Quite true. No one wants to go to Iverindor. It’s cold and it rains all the time.”
    <llewelyn>: “But secretly, all the other lands are green with envy.”
  • Sila laughs
    <rkcgm> Herald: “Quite so, sir. If you would follow me, please?”
  • Havrasti chuckles and follows
  • Ellie grins, and also follows.
    <rkcgm> The herald escorts you through three left turns, up a staircase, two more left turns, and then opens a fairly fancy double wooden door.
    <rkcgm> He raises his voice formally.
    <rkcgm> Herald: “A Shoilse, de réir an grásta ar Dé – an Brendán Brán, Chéad Draoi na Iverindor, bail ar fónamh orthu an Mhuire agus duine féin dá glas, tús na naoi rúin-”
    <rkcgm> Herald (translated): “His Excellency, by the grace of God – the Brendan Bran, Archmage of Iverindor, favored of the Lady and wearer of her green, initiate of the nine secrets-”
    <rkcgm> From the far end of the room, an older man calls back: “Herald, just get to the part where you say ‘Feidhlim Mac Alaois Bran’ so I can greet my grandson!”
    <rkcgm> Herald: “…Feidhlim Mac Alaois Bran!”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Finally! Íomhar, my boy, it’s been eleven years and I’M STILL FEEDING YOUR DAMNED UNGRATEFUL HORSE!”
  • Ellie giggles.
    <llewelyn>: “Your memory’s going, Grandfather. First, it’s been TEN years. Second, the horse has always officially been yours. Third, even if it wasn’t you’d still dote on him. Fourth, the horse is ungrateful because… who raised it to be feisty, again? Wasn’t it you…?”
    <ellie> ((Before the last line))
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Youngsters these days never respect their elders! When I was a youth, I NEVER corrected adults with facts!”
    <llewelyn>: “There’s also a toll bridge to Scamall Naoi that you’re selling.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Of course. An old man has to make a living, tá mé deas?”
    <llewelyn> laughs: “Ar ndóigh, tá ceart agat – of course you’re right again, Grandfather.”
  • Ellie is grinning through this whole exchange.
  • Havrasti can’t help but grin either.
    <sila> “Oh, so cars you make me open a portal for, but the horse you leave with someone else eh?”
    <llewelyn>: “But it’s not my horse!”
  • Sila chuckles
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “So get in here. We’re just about to have dinner. Should I tell Garvan that we’ll actually eat everything he puts in front of us?”
    <sila> “Yes!”
    <ellie> “In fairness, you were opening the portal anyway. He just made you make it a little bigger.”
    <havrasti> “Of course! As long as it’s all meat.”
    <sila> “Don’t be picky dear, we’re guests.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Sorry. We don’t eat meat in Iverindor. It’s against our religion. We only eat boiled cabbage.”
    <havrasti> “True, let me rephrase that to ‘especially all the meat.’ then.”
  • Havrasti is pretty sure he’s joking.
    <havrasti> “I can definitely see where Llewelyn gets it from, sir.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim looks at Havrasti. “Don’t you know it’s always cold and rainy here in Iverindor? All we can grow is cabbage. All of the cows rotted due to the rain at least a millennium ago.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim delivers this with a straight face.
    <sila> “We live in Michigan sir. If cows could rot from rain, our herd would be in very difficult straits.”
  • Ellie is still grinning.
    <sila> "Anyway, this “rainy all the time” myth is clearly false. We’ve been here a whole day, and not seen a drop of rain – only sleet!"
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Yes; there was a bit of a battle in the west last night, and that’s the result.”
    <sila> “A battle made the weather freeze over?”
    <llewelyn> quickly interrupts to introduce all of you.
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Yes; it happens a few times every year.”
  • Sila takes the introductions as a moment to try and figure out if that’s plausible or more joking
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The Lady’s boys have to go take it to a few dragons who try to push the border – not dragons like yourselves, mind; I’m talking about Whiteteeth’s rats.”
    <sila> “Obviously. Got an ice-maker with them, do they?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim waves you over to a very large wooden table, and waits a few moments while a butler and a maid bring out a Whoa That There Is Some Meat.
    <sila> “…if that’s cabbage, I’m gonna start growing a garden, uh-huh.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “That cabbage gave us one grand old fight on our last hunting expedition.”
    <sila> (roast boar?)
    <rkcgm> …It might be a boar. You can’t tell anymore, because it’s been covered in bacon, brown sugar, and baked braided dough which is covered in drizzled honey. You think it’s honey. Might be cabbage.
    <sila> “Congratulations on your successful hunt then. Mm, bacon-crusted…”
    <havrasti> “Yum.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “But you’ll excuse me – I brushed completely over the introductions.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim puts on a pair of glasses, stares for a moment at Carley, and then looks at Ellie. “So, you’re the one who’s having to put up with this vagabond of a grandson, hm?”
    <ellie> “Aaah, heh.” Ellie laughs a tad nervously. “I wouldn’t say the ‘putting up with’ goes one way…”
    <ellie> “But yes. We are courting.” Ellie smiles at Llewelyn.
  • Sila leans on Havrasti and grins at them
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim looks over to Llewelyn and gives a look: “Well, very good. Very excellent.”
    <llewelyn>: “Stop giving me that look, Grandfather. I AM old enough to pick out a fine young lady without being scandalously young.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “True, you did just turn sixty-five. Not that you ever believed in convention before.”
    <llewelyn>: “I wonder who I got THAT trait from.”
    <sila> “Living in another entire world, not to mention society, doubtless has nothing to do with it either.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Your MATERNAL line, boy.”
    <ellie> At the ribbing of Llewelyn about his age, Ellie bites her tongue. Hopefully the question of her age doesn’t come into things. It’s still awkward enough for her to think about Llewelyn’s actual age…
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim turns and looks at Carley again, taking off his glasses and then putting them back on. “Magical accident?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…yes? I made brownies…”
    <sila> “I still say it’d be a great spell if it was repeatable and dismissable.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Hm.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Not easily dismissible, you say?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “We haven’t figured out how, yet…”
    <sila> “So, unproven.”
    <sila> “It might be very easy if we knew what we were doing.”
  • Sila eyes the bacon-crusted pig
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Tsk. All you need is hair of cat, bark of dog, wisp of cloud, and – most critically – the shadow of a beam of light.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Or, barring that -”
    <sila> “I bet Ellie can provide the last one.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim calls a staff to his hand from one corner of the room, and suddenly Carley is standing there life sized and non-faerie-fied.
    <rkcgm> ((Note: she is actually wearing what appears to be local garb, very fancy sort of gown with some plaids.))
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “…you could also have waited until the morning. That spell seems to have been designed to last only from a midnight to midnight.”
    <ellie> “Aaah. Well, that’s good to know.”
    <sila> “It would be great to talk over the dismissal recipe anyway. We’d probably learn a lot. Maybe after we eat?”"
    <rkcgm> Havrasti notes that, when Feidhlim does the spell, it’s… like minor magic.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Ohhh… so I messed up the time component and didn’t get the dismissal component I wanted.”
    <havrasti> “Seems it certainly was an easy thing to fix, just a hard thing to find.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Indeed. Now, your dragon friends are salivating on my area rug, and I’d prefer to save my staff the cleaning time.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Shall we?”
  • Ellie snerks at the commentary.
    <sila> “Hah. That’s not saliva, it’s tears of appreciation for this incredible work of culinary art.”
    <sila> “So who called ahead, the gate-keepers? Or is it in your glasses or soemthing?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim grins. “Old men don’t reveal their secrets.”
    <sila> “Heh, if you insist.”
    <llewelyn>: “He’s hearing the echo of your current jewel and shapeshifting spells.”
  • Sila sits
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim looks irritated. “Old men don’t reveal their secrets because YOUNG MEN BLAB THEM OUT ALL THE TIME.”
    <havrasti> “I wouldn’t expect to be able to hide something like that from an archmage.”
    <sila> “Ah, that makes sense. I can only do that well for the one dicsipline.”
    <llewelyn> grins.
  • Ellie giggled at Feidhlim’s irritated declaration.
    <rkcgm> ((I think we’ll pick up next week after dinner.))
    <sila> “Although I suppose by the time I’m as old as an Archmage I’ll have had time to learn.”
    == END LOG ==

<rkcgm> You are dining with Llewelyn’s grandfather, Feidhlim Mac Alaois Bran, also known as the Brendan Bran.
<rkcgm> There is meat on the table.

  • Sila aims to re-position said meat in the direction of her stomach. …ok, she’ll let the rest of you help :P
  • Havrasti politely digs in
  • Ellie also eats.
    <sila> “Mmm, now this is a pig roast. You chef is a genius. …I wonder if I could re-create it back home?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I wouldn’t know, honestly; cooking is hardly an interest to me. The students and the other instructors like to eat well, though.”
    <llewelyn>: “It’s a substantial improvement from when I was here last.”
    <sila> “What, did you get yourself put on bread and water? Or was this particular cook just not hired yet?”
    <llewelyn>: “Hardly bread and water, but there was definitely an overabundance of boxty, colcannon, and stew.”
    <ellie> “And what are the first two?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim looks at Llewelyn archly: “She can’t cook boxty?”
    <llewelyn>: “Why would I WANT her to?”
  • Sila mutters, “Unproven…”
    <llewelyn> looks back to Ellie: “Like potato pancakes.”
    <ellie> “It’s hard to cook something you’ve never heard of.”
    <sila> “Potato pancakes aren’t so bad.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The saying among the women goes ‘Boxty on the griddle, boxty in a pan – if you can’t cook boxty, you’ll never get a man.’”
    <havrasti> “Besides there’s lots of other things to cook.”
    <sila> “Yeah – like toast, heheh.”
  • Ellie snickers a little at Sila’s comment.
    <llewelyn>: “And colcannon is like a… mush made of kale and potatoes and milk.”
    <sila> “…speaking of toast, where is the little guy? You didn’t leave him in the car did you?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Mashed potatoes with kale mixed in, yes.”
  • Sila tries not to make a face at the description of colcannon
    <ellie> Cinnamon mews from under Ellie’s feet.
  • Havrasti eats meat
    <sila> “Ah, there you are!”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “And colcannon is hardly bad.”
  • Ellie coaxes Cinnamon onto her lap with a tidbit of meat."
  • Sila treats Cinnamon to a little pork
    <havrasti> “I don’t mind that you don’t know how to make boxty or colcannon, Sila.” ;)
  • Sila laughs
    <sila> “I’ll stick to pulled pork, yes.”
    <sila> “…though potato pancakes really aren’t bad, for a side dish. I do know how to make those.”
    <ellie> “I’ve made hash browns with my dad, at any rate. They’re probably… at least a little similar.”
    <llewelyn>: “Well, Grandfather – you DO remember the person who insisted on cooking the colcannon when I was here, right?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Um… wasn’t it Granya?”
    <llewelyn>: “No – it was Gornflaith.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Oh. Oh dear.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Poor Gornflaith. I miss her.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Not her cooking, mind you.”
    <llewelyn>: “Or her singing.”
    <havrasti> “Who was she and why is she gone?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “…right.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Gornflaith the Righteous. A very… religious girl, very spirited.”
    <sila> “Not so great at boxty, though?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “She moved on and became an Inquisitor when she graduated.”
    <havrasti> “Ah.” (how are Inquisitors in this world?)
  • Ellie is similarly uncertain whether to take this as a good thing or a bad thing.
    <rkcgm> ((Mixed bag in Iverindor. More generally positive than negative, given their roles, but they’re still The Dreaded to your normal person on the street.))
    <sila> “Um, how…nice?”
    <sila> “I’m sorry, the more I think about it the less sure I am of what that actually means.”
    <llewelyn>: “Anyway, Ellie doesn’t need to make either boxty or colcannon, since we don’t live here. How many Iverindor women can play the cello or send text messages?”
    <havrasti> “Or seat passengers on planes?”
    <havrasti> ((iirc, her old job before all this))
    <ellie> “Heh. It would be hard for them to send text messages without a cell phone network. …Or to seat passengers on airplanes that don’t exist over here.”
    <ellie> ((Yep.))
    <sila> “Or fail alchemy-aided hijacking plots on planes, for that matter.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Quite true, boy – your situations are quite distinctly different.”
    <sila> “Or even do the light-shaping thing, though I grant there may be more of those in Iverindor than the US.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim looks over to Ellie: “It’s just my job to give him a hard time, you see.”
  • Ellie laughs a bit at this. “It’s in every family contract, yes. My dad gave him the hardest time about learning to change the oil in a car.”
    <sila> “You’ve been pretty lucky that way, I guess, eh Havrasti? Though it’ll be interesting to see what my dad gives you a hard time about now.”
    <llewelyn> sulks. “It ought to change itself.”
  • Ellie laughs more. “How do you figure?”
  • Havrasti chuckles at Sila, then turns to Llewelyn, “And just how many mechanical things do take care of themselves such that you’d expect a car to do so, too?”
    <llewelyn>: “If I’d had my way, my car would drive itself down to the mechanic and get its OWN oil changed, thank you very much.”
    <sila> “You know, I never thought about it, but if you were used to all horse-driven transportation, Earth immigration must have been quite a shock.”
  • Ellie chuckles at Llewelyn’s answer, but lets the matter drop.
  • Sila feeds Cinnamon another strand of pork
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim finally leans forward. “So, while it’s nice to have you here, Íomhar, I know you didn’t come just to talk about boxty.”
    <llewelyn>: “Oh, I didn’t fool you at all?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I’ve got a hundred years practice at being more clever than thou.”
    <llewelyn>: “Ah, well then…”
    <llewelyn>: “I’m actually looking for a few things. The first thing is a book named ‘An Ionchoisne ar Cód Ceathrú na Scoile Iolairean’ – I’m pretty sure it’s in your library.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The Inquisition’s Fourth Codex of the Iolairean School? That sounds familiar, but if it’s an Inquisition writing, then you should remember that’s in a restricted section.”
    <llewelyn>: “Good thing I know who to ask for permission, then.”
    <sila> “Why are inquisition writings restricted?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim looks wary. “You can’t take it with you until you return all your OTHER overdue books.”
    <llewelyn>: “…what.”
  • Ellie looks at Llewelyn with an arched eyebrow.
    <havrasti> “How many does he have?”
    <sila> “Pft hahaha, this is Llewelyn, probably hundreds, hehehe!”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim grins at Sila’s answer. “Getting warmer.”
    <llewelyn>: “There were extenuating circumstances.”
    <sila> “Are we going to have to go home and scour your appartment for books behind the couch, Llewelyn?”
    <ellie> “Llewelyn… how many overdue books do you have?”
    <havrasti> “‘extenuating circumstances’, eh? Are they recoverable?”
    <llewelyn>: “Not really…”
  • Ellie raises her eyebrow further.
    <llewelyn> glares at his grandfather. “And you’re just giving me a hard time now.”
    <ellie> “Okay, I think it sounds like storytime…”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim grins.
    <sila> “Um. Are we talking, lost in time of war unrecoverable? Or lost in old Cuba unrecoverable? Or lost at sea unrecoverable?”
    <llewelyn>: “Well, time-of-war is… yeah, I’ll go with that.”
    <sila> “Also, can we scan this book, or is it going to be written in that obnoxious moving script the the dragon-slayer diaries?”
  • Ellie narrows her eyes. “THAT is not a story.”
    <ellie> ((To Llewelyn ;-) ))
    <sila> “…ooh, can we rent the setup we used for the Library of Dragons again, and do the whole collection?? At least the unrestricted parts and whatever’s needed for our current investigation?”
    <llewelyn>: “I had them legitimately checked out when the Red King… kinda squashed our uprising, see. And the fortress got nuked from orbit, to use the best analogy.”
    <havrasti> “Ouch.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Yes, which results in the books being quite thoroughly scattered.”
    <sila> “…is there a radioactive crater?”
    <ellie> “Hmm. And is this the book we need to try and interpret the journal? Maybe you should show it to your grandfather, at any rate. He might be interested in seeing it…”
    <llewelyn>: “No, it’s for my own purposes. But he can interpret the script anyway.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “What is this? What script?”
    <llewelyn>: “Pungho Script.”
    <sila> “It’s the dragonslayer diary I mentioned a moment ago.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim’s eyes light up. “You found something written in Pungho Script? Recently?”
    <havrasti> “Yep.”
    <sila> “The monster who wrote it took an involuntary time-jump to the near-past from the much more distant past.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim nods. “Show me.”
    <havrasti> (who has the book?)
    <sila> (I thought Llewelyn did)
    <rkcgm> ((I thought Sila or Havrasti did.))
    <rkcgm> ((Going to fiat that Sila has it.))
  • Sila produces the book
    <sila> “We’re understandably concerned about what it says.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim rings a little handbell and instructs his butler to fetch the Oseolteigh’s librarian.
    <rkcgm> While he’s waiting, Feidhlim leafs through it. “Hm.”
  • Sila distracts herself from pestering him with more bacon-crusted wild pig
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Fantastic penmanship – and definitely written by someone who learned prior to the Third Remove. This has archaeological value…”
    <sila> “I’ll trade you the original for a full translation.”
    <sila> “Earth archeologists probably aren’t equipped to properly appreciate it. And my family is probably more inclined to burn it.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Done.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The number of Pungho documents we have prior to the Third Remove can be counted on one hand. Most people DID prefer to burn them, see.”
    <sila> “There might be reasons for that, but I’ll trust your judgement on keeping this one.”
    <sila> “So, um… /would/ you let me digitize your non-restricted collection? I’d have to come back with some bigger equipment, but it wouldn’t take /that/ long.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I’d have to think about it.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “There are reasons we do not publish it widely.”
    <havrasti> “What was the Third Remove, though?”
  • Sila sighs – apparently it’s not so much “non-restricted” as “less-restricted”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Oh.. sorry. The Removes were a series of purges by the Reino-Liege – the elvish empire at the time – and Iverindorene mages of a series of demon-consorting cults that were amassing power and influence.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The Third Remove took place sixteen hundred years or so ago; one of the most thorough, I must say. Pungho Script was widely used prior to that time to write down the Thousand Mysteries.”
    <havrasti> “I see.”
    <havrasti> ((iirc, 1700 years ago was when Sila’s father and the slayer came from, right?))
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Afterwards, there were a lot fewer people versed in the script, and so it began a series of four morphological changes… aha! Angus Mac Cahil!”
    <rkcgm> ((Yes.))
    <sila> “Yikes. I hope he didn’t spread that demon-consorting part around too much when he got thrown forward.”
    <rkcgm> A middle-aged man – unclear if he’s human or elvish – has entered the room. He’s probably the librarian, from the way he took a look at the book and is gesticulating wildly (and completely silently).
    <llewelyn>: “He’s totally geeking out about it.”
    <sila> “Is he deaf?”
    <havrasti> “Librarians are quiet.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Calm yourself, Angus. You’ll give yourself a heart-attack.”
    <sila> “Most of them aren’t so quiet they resort to sign language.”
    <rkcgm> Angus sputters: “Mrrghlmlblgwheredidyoufindthisit’ssobeautifulIwantohwowit’sprethirdremovelookatitpleasecanhas.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Breathe.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Gasp, yessir.”
    <sila> “So was Lockwood a poet or what?”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “A journal written in pre-Third Remove script? I will hug it and keep it and call it ‘Colum’…”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “No, no. The texts themselves are usually quite vile.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “But history!”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “I have never seen such a well-preserved example! All of the letters still live!”
    <sila> “Well I’m still not letting it go without the translation. Some of it is /recent/ history, and we need to make sure there’s no continuing danger to dragon citizens.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Er… explain?”
    <sila> “Time trave.”
    <sila> (travel)
    <sila> “The author got an involuntary trip to 1700-ish years in future, as measure from the time of casting.”
    <sila> “When he arrived, he continued to behave in vile and murderous manner, and collect accomplices.”
    <ellie> “He was… shunted forward about fifty years ago. As in, that’s when he arrived in our time.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Uh. Is the author still ALIVE?”
    <ellie> “He died by his own hand trying to kill us along with him when we defeated him.”
    <sila> “Monster tried to nuke a major city.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Whew! For a minute there I was worried he might still be alive.”
    <ellie> “Not any more, no.”
    <sila> “Well if he was, that would be even more reason to read the book, wouldn’t it?”
    <sila> “Not that I’m not glad he’s out of the way, mind you. He came real close to killing my father, and framing an innocent man for the murder.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Normal.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Did less damage than most, really.”
    <sila> “Should I understand that to mean that most of them were mass-murderers?”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Oh yes. The rivers ran red. Babies were eaten and puppies were kicked.”
    <sila> “…I believe that.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Fortunately, there were never more than a dozen of them at any given time.”
    <sila> “I would think the part where they ate hatchlings would tend to lead to a frequent thinning of the ranks, yes.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “That sounds more like the Fourth Remove. In the immortal words of the great historian Diarmaid Mac Piaras, ‘the Great Munching.’”
    <sila> “Heh. That’s one way to put it I guess.”
    <havrasti> “How many Removes have there been?”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “You know that somebody’s really evil when elvish empires and the dragon clans unite to turn them into fertilizer.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Seven – three major, four minor.”
    <sila> “Was the seventh one major enough that no more are expected?”
    <sila> “Or is that the sort of thing the Inquisition deals with?”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “This book is definitely written in pre-Third Remove script. Look here, at this esrau-fil! This letter is totally not found after Third Remove.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Well. Yes, that’s one of the Inquisition’s things, so to speak. Any time anyone does something bad with magic, or contacts something from the Outside, that’s Inquisition business.”
    <sila> “The Outside of what?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Outside the nine spheres of the mortal universe, of course.”
    <rkcgm> ((Sorry, that was Angus.))
    <llewelyn>: “In other words, we’re talking about the differences between the physical and the spiritual realms.”
    <havrasti> “That’s what I thought.”
    <sila> “Huh. So is this nine spheres business religion or advanced physics?”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Er…”
    <llewelyn>: “Supposition and religion.”
    <rkcgm> Angus looks up, sees Llewelyn, jumps about half a foot in the air.
    <sila> “Ah. Too bad, for a moment I was hoping there might actually be study materials on this whole multiple-worlds and inter-world travel thing.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Er, didn’t see you there! Uh. We have some on that. What exactly are you looking for, hm?”
    <sila> “…anything that isn’t just suppositional? I suppose I’ll have to impose upon Llewelyn for translation.”
    <sila> “Though there was some material in the Dragon library too. I really need to read more of that.”
  • Havrasti wonders what those two think about “The Dragon Library”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Oh, you’re interested in practicum. Well, the best option for that is Ríodhgach Ronan Ruadh. That covers both the techniques of the Dirakassene dragons going back to Leto and Artuis, and the elvish channel-spinner and the Merlunian scholars.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Very good book, highly recommended if you ever think you have the talent for portal magic.”
    <sila> “…um, I made the portal that brought us here from Earth. So yeah. I think I have some talent.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Ah, a practitioner, then. Excellent! Far too many theorists about portals and world-crossing…”
    <sila> “Hmm.”
  • Sila thinks it will be interesting to see what the elvish author had to say about Leto and Artoriun anyway
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim explains to the librarian that you want the journal translated in exchange for keeping it.
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Oh! Oh, yes, that will be most excellent. Are you in a terrible hurry? This is probably two or three weeks of work, you see…”
  • Sila eyes Llewelyn. Were we planning on a three week vacation here?
    <llewelyn> shakes his head.
    <sila> “I think we will have to come back for it then.”
    <sila> “I ah…don’t suppose you happen to know why we can’t form a portal locally? Is there someone I have to meet to gain permission or a password, or is it just plain sealed, or…?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “You can’t form a portal in Iverindor without The Lady’s permission. She doesn’t like them. It seems someone misused them in the past.”
    <sila> “I can’t pretend to be to surprised. It is an awfully exploitable skill.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “She automatically rejects any first attempts, and then redirects the second to the ocean.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “That’s actually quite hilarious to watch.”
  • Sila looks thoughtful “Is it terribly difficult to get an audience to ask permission?”
    <rkcgm> Angus chokes on his own tongue.
    <sila> “I’ll take that as a yes then.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Usually. But Llewelyn can get you in.”
    <llewelyn>: “Er…”
    <llewelyn>: “Is this punishment for the library books?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Obviously.”
    <sila> “I don’t want to overdo it too badly Llewelyn, but I’d rather not be coming in to the resistance camp every time we want to visit your relatives, or magic experts. It might draw attention to them.”
    <llewelyn> sighs. “Fine.”
    <sila> “What makes it such a punishment, do you have to wear /real/ dress clothes or something?”
  • Wayfarer snickers
  • Ellie snickers
    <havrasti> “Hehe.”
    <llewelyn>: “You have no idea.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “She’s not that bad.”
    <llewelyn>: “Well, you’d certainly think so.”
    <sila> “Am I going to need five hours of etiquette lessons for a five minute interview?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Hardly. She’s just a bit…”
    <llewelyn>: “Unstable?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Not entirely incorrect, I suppose.”
    <havrasti> “Eccentric?”
    <sila> “I think we figured out the /eccentric/ part when we learned about her reserving a /color/ from usage.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I’m eccentric. The Lady invented eccentric.”
    <sila> “Look at it this way Llewelyn. If we all go to the interview, then you’ll have an excuse to give Ellie an fancy Iverindorean dress and see her wear it.”
  • Ellie snerks a little, and also blushes a little. “I think the more compelling argument would be that it really /would/ be worth it if we /could/ get permission for you to portal here.”
    <llewelyn>: “Hey, I said I’d take you, right?”
    <ellie> “Yes. Just trying to make it not seem so bad,” Ellie grins.
    <sila> “Heh, OK, I’ll stop bugging you about it. Just be sure you /do/ give me /enough/ etiquette lessons. We don’t want her to think American dragons are rude.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Rudeness is not going to be your concern – but oh, I see you’ve got pass-stones, so you should be safe enough on that count, then.”
    <sila> “They’ll expire after a while, though…”
    <sila> “Which might be another issue we should bring up.”
    <sila> “…not that I’m planning to make a habit of coming through the portal in my natural form, if we can portal into the local area.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Yes. If you manage to be fully-recognized as part of the Cenél Yephishnaigh, then it would be of benefit to you should you ever end up here again.”
    <sila> “Hm. Yeah, that’d be good, but…wouldn’t we have to track down Yyvshinah herself to accomplish that?”
    <sila> “Last time we met it was by chance. Sort of.”
    <sila> “I have no idea how I’d go about locating her again. Do you, Havrasti?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Very few people meet her except by chance.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “And most of those who don’t meet her by chance… don’t profit from the experience.”
    <havrasti> “I do not, no.”
    <sila> “Right well…I’m just saying, it could make it hard to request her endorsement, even if she remembers us, which I don’t think is particularly guaranteed.”
    <ellie> “Well, it might be enough to start by talking to the Lady, and going from there.”
    <sila> “True. You never finish any task you don’t start.”
  • Sila tries to feed another pork bit to Cinnamon, but the kitten has fallen asleep.
    <rkcgm> ((How about we end here.))
    <sila> ((OK.))
    <havrasti> ((fine with me))
    <ellie> ((Yeah, seems about a good spot))
    <sila> “Heh, the kitten’s all done in. So, Llewelyn: we’ve got Carley fixed, talked about boxty, got the book translation in progress, and showed off the girlfriend to the relatives. Did you have any other goals this trip, before we started talking about audience with the Lady?”
    <llewelyn>: “Well – I need that book; and a command stone, and the box that I left with you, Grandfather. Also… a glass of water from Seachnall’s Well.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “What, are you on a scavenger hunt or something?”
    <llewelyn>: “What – it’s healthy for you…”
    == END LOG ==

<rkcgm> Last week, we finished dinner with Llewelyn’s grandfather, Feidhlim Mac Alaois Bran.
<rkcgm> You decided to go visit the Lady, and Llewelyn is apparently on a scavenger hunt.
<rkcgm><rkcgm> Carley: “What, are you on a treasure hunt or something?”
<rkcgm>Llewelyn: “What – it’s healthy for you…”

  • Sila wants to know more about this “command stone” and why Llewelyn needs one…
    <ellie> "You really do like to evade explaining your plans, don’t you, Llewelyn?
    <havrasti> “He thinks he’s a Gandalf.”
    <llewelyn> “I’m prettier than Gandalf.”
  • Ellie snerks
    <ellie> “We don’t want you to be Gandalf. But we would like to know if you have plans you’re not telling us.”
    <llewelyn> “I have plans I’m not telling you.”
    <havrasti> “And now we’d like you to tell us those plans if they don’t endanger national security.”
    <ellie> “Excellent! A good first step! Now, what are they? Or for what reason do you not want to tell?”
    <ellie> (We’ll pretend Ellie and Havrasti spoke at the same time. :-p ;-) )
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I know his plans.”
    Llewelyn looks at his grandfather.
    <ellie> “…So were we supposed to be able to guess?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I think I do, anyway.”
    <sila> “You probably know what a command stone /is/ and why that specific well is considered extra-healthy.”
    <sila> “We require more data.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim winks at Llewelyn: “Nope, I’m on his side.”
  • Ellie gives Llewelyn A Look. “Okay, fine. Not telling us the plans. Option B was telling us why you didn’t want to tell us.”
    Llewelyn considers.
    <llewelyn> “Grandfather, help?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Nope.”
    <llewelyn> “Hm. Well then.”
  • Ellie snerks again. “I thought you were on his side?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I changed my mind. I’m old and wise, and I have the right to do that whenever the occasion suits me.”
  • Ellie chuckles. “Fair enough. I’ll bear that in mind as a reason for changing my own mind, even if can’t claim the ‘old’ part.”
    <havrasti> “So, either tell us more, or perhaps we should get on with business?”
    <llewelyn> “I’m collecting stuff from a project I’m working on. It’s called Operation Darkwing. I’d tell you more, but if I talked about it, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”
    <ellie> “…Does it have to do with that giant duck you’re keeping in your office?”
    <llewelyn> “…Maaaaybe definitely?”
  • Ellie chuckles. “Aah, well, if you want so badly to be mysterious, I’ll let you have your fun.”
    <ellie> “What’s next on the agenda, then?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Are you staying the night?”
  • Ellie looks to Llewelyn for that one.
    <sila> “Unless the Lady keeps very odd hours and grants interviews on very short notice…”
    <llewelyn>: “It’s a long trip to the Great Barrow anyway.”
    <ellie> “So I take it the answer to my question is, ‘Next on the agenda is rest for the evening, so we can get a good start tomorrow’?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Would you like to play a game?”
    <havrasti> “Sure. What do you have in mind?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “A little Iverindor mage’s game.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “It’s called Dara Caisleán.”
    <ellie> “Okay. What are the goals and the rules?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Well, we’ll need to go get the necessary items to play it.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim stands up and heads into his study, where there’s a sort of deep table set up along one of the sides of the room.
    <ellie> On our way in, Ellie glances to Llewelyn. “Next time I’m wondering why you can’t give a straight answer, I’ll know where you get it from…”
  • Sila follows them in, chuckling at Ellie
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Being closed-mouthed about things is an Iverindor national trait.”
    <havrasti> “One wonders why.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim shows you something that looks like a large chess-board, with a set of white pieces in the middle of the board, and four sets of black pieces arranged around each edge.
    <havrasti> “Do they move on their own?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “If they need to.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “As you can see, the black pieces surround the white pieces; and the white pieces have a warlord that they must protect.”
    <havrasti> “Ok.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The white team must get the warlord to the edge of the board, while the black team must capture him or her.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The white pieces have certain advantages, of course, to make up for their positioning and lesser numbers.”
    <sila> “Wouldn’t be that much of a game otherwise.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The warlord is very powerful. There’s also this piece – the enchantress, which can restrict the movement of black pieces.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “And the dragon, which can attack a random black piece.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “If you’d like, we could play against the board.”
    <ellie> “That might be a good place to start.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim nods.
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim explains the rest of the rules: white can move two pieces, black moves one. A piece can move to melee or attack at range. There’s the warlord, the enchantress, the dragon, the gallowglass, and the spearmen. Black has four gallowglass and twenty spearmen.
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Now – since you’re new to the game – you should have a seat and close your eyes. Sometimes new players have a moment or two of nausea.”
    <havrasti> O.o
  • Havrasti takes a seat
  • Ellie does as she’s told…
    <rkcgm> You all experience a momentary sensation of dizziness before you appear on the board in random roles (on the white team).
    <rkcgm> Sila becomes the Warlord; Carley becomes the Enchantress; Ellie becomes… the dragon; and Feidhlim, Llewelyn, and Havrasti becomes the Gallowglass.
  • Ellie looks over her dragonified game-piece self. “…I’m not sure this was /at all/ appropriate…”
    <sila> “Rawr, I are the leader and stuff!”
    <ellie> “…And I kinda prefer my /own/ dragon form.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Woohoo, I have an awesome staff, and I’m not even dressed like a tramp!”
    <havrasti> “You look like a decent dragon, Ellie.”
    <sila> “Too many real sorceresses in this world for them to get away with that, Carley.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “This game gets really fun when you have a full dinner party of thirty-six.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Remember, Mistress Sila – it takes two enemies to capture you, and you have to get to the board before that happens.”
    <sila> “Right.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim suggests a strategy, and then the explains winning and losing – technically, the two player teams bid on who can win the fastest, and the lowest bidder plays white. But if they don’t win in the time they bid… they lose.
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “…but against the board, we have fifteen moves.”
    <havrasti> “Not too many.”
  • Sila looks around. “So do they have to hit me twice, or do two of them have to be able to move onto my square at once?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Two of them have to be in a square to any side of you.”
    <havrasti> “So who decides on the moves?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Once you get the hang of the basic game, there’s the two-stage version, which is why the game is named ‘Second Castle’.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The Warlord has a move, and one of the subordinates has a move – decided upon by the group as a whole. If the warlord wishes, her move can be given to another player.”
    <rkcgm> ((I’m going to roll a 1d20 to see how many moves before we win. And then I’ll see if any of us get knocked out by the black pieces.))
    <havrasti> ((fair enough)
    <rkcgm> !1d20: the number of moves before we win with >15 being a defeat
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “the number of moves before we win with >15 being a defeat”: (17). Total: 17.
    <havrasti> ((alas))
    <rkcgm> It turns out we were a bit too cautious. None of us were actually taken out by the black pieces, but Sila nearly got surrounded three times.
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Learning experience. Would you like to play again?”
    <havrasti> “Sure.”
    <rkcgm> !1d20
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “1d20”: (4). Total: 4.
    <rkcgm> It turns out that Carley has powers as the Enchantress to make the Warlord move faster aka cheat capture. So you win in four moves, this time.
    <rkcgm> The black soldiers scuttle back to their places with unaired declarations of hax.
    <sila> “Muhahaha!”
    <sila> “That was a lot more fun!”
    <havrasti> “Indeed.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Very well done.”
  • Ellie didn’t move. That didn’t make it more fun, but it was probably more comfortable. ;-)
    <havrasti> ((so what is next?))
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Do you want to play one more round, and reset the pieces?”
    <ellie> “Yeah, I’d be up for ‘playing’ a different role…”
    <havrasti> “Maybe one of the dragons can be the dragon.”
    <llewelyn>: “Grandfather, you should break out the mounted pieces, too.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Well, if you’d like. Give me a moment…”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim disappears from the board, and a few moments later, some of the spearmen disappear, and one horse archer and something like a war-elephant get plunked down in the playing area.
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim’s disembodied voice sounds through the gaming arena: “Now we’re going to mix it up again…”
    <rkcgm> (randomizes.)
    <rkcgm> (Randomizes again.)
    <rkcgm> This time, Llewelyn’s the warlord, Sila’s the dragon, Ellie’s the enchantress, Feidhlim’s still the gallowglass, Carley is a horse archer, and Havrasti is the war elephant rider.
    <sila> “RRAWR!”
    <rkcgm> To counteract the addition of more powerful pieces, the Black side gets a few more weightier pieces.
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Care to bid on how many rounds it takes us to win?”
    <ellie> “I still don’t think I’ve got the feel of the game quite enough to do that yet.”
    <havrasti> “How about 13 moves?”
    <sila> “That first game would’ve taken us, what, two or three more moves? And the second one went like lightning. It seems pretty widely variable.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “How about we stick with thirteen, then.”
    <rkcgm> ((I’m going to switch the roll to 3d5+5 to ensure there’s a minimum of eight moves, then – so we don’t just win in a single move. We’ll say that the 4-move game was eight moves, instead.))
    <sila> “Sure, why not.”
    <rkcgm> !3d5+5: moves to win
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “moves to win”: (4+3+2)+5. Total: 14.
    <havrasti> ((argh :P ))
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “So close!”
    <havrasti> “ARGH! One off!”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Aaaugh!”
    <ellie> “…So when we bid on how many moves it’ll take us, what’s our incentive to choose a lower rather than a higher number, again?”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “The team that bids lowest plays white.”
    <ellie> “Aah, okay.”
    <ellie> “Well… we did have one really good game. I’d say, for beginners, we did decently enough.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “Indeed, very well.”
    <rkcgm> Feidhlim: “I’m afraid, though, that this game will be my last for the evening. An old man needs his sleep.”
    <havrasti> “Yes, getting a bit tired as well, a good few hours flight will do that.”
    <ellie> “We probably all ought to rest up, just in case Llewelyn’s secret plots for tomorrow prove to be extra energy-intensive.”
    <llewelyn> snorts. “Unlikely.”
    <ellie> (So, time-skip to tomorrow? Or was this all you had planned for today?)
    <rkcgm> ((I’d actually be fine with this for the evening – there’s one thing for ‘tomorrow’ that I want to plan just a bit more.))
    <havrasti> ((ok))
    <sila> ((all right))
    <rkcgm> ((Shall we end here, then? Short night, but…))
    <sila> ((yeah, quite short, but if you’re not ready for the next bit… and besides, that, there’s us having the sick :P ))
    <rkcgm> ((True.))
    == END LOG ==

<rkcgm> Last week, you continued visiting with Llewelyn’s grandfather. After a lovely meal and a few games, you headed to bed.
<rkcgm> You wake up to sunlight peeking through the cracks of the shutters, and smell the scent of fresh baked goods.

  • Sila dresses and goes to see who is baking, and whether Llewelyn will give her an excuse to tease him about Cinnamon Toast :P
  • Havrasti comes down for food (easily manipulated dragon :P )
    <llewelyn> isn’t to be seen, but one of the servants is setting out a big pan of… hrm, it looks like… some kind of fritters?
  • Sila sniffs to identify filling?
    <rkcgm> Some cream cheese filled, some berry filled.
  • Ellie awakens to Cinnamon Sugar pouncing her and mewing hungrily. Alarm Clock Cat for the win!
  • Ellie pats his head sleepily, but eventually drags herself out of bed, dresses, and tromps downstairs to join the other. Cinnamon follows at her feet, alternately head-nuzzling her legs and mewing.
    <rkcgm> Carley walks out, tugging uncomfortably at the collar of her locally-provided dress. “Aargh, I can’t figure out how to do this help.”
  • Sila snags a cream cheese if the cook is ready to let her
  • Ellie looks up somewhat sluggishly. With her mom’s background in fashion, though, she sees how the dress is supposed to be arranged and goes over to help Carley with it.
  • Havrasti does not offer any help what-so-ever
  • Sila shakes her head. “If I had to be hatched in a humanoid culture, I’m glad it was modern America, where a woman can put on a simple shirt and pants and be done with it if she wants to.”
  • Ellie grins. “Awww. The dress may be fiddly, but I do think it has an elegance about it…”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Oh, it’s actually really comfortable to wear, but I just couldn’t tighten that… what did you call the vest again?”
    <sila> ((bolero?))
    <ellie> “It’s a [insert proper technical term ;-)]. And there, looks just right now.”
    <rkcgm> Two of the servants, seeing that most of you are up now, start bringing out more breakfast foods, which include hashed potatoes, eggs, fruit, more baked goods, and a plate of cheeses.
    <havrasti> “Yum! So, after breakfast what is the plan for the day? I don’t suppose the Lady will be seeing us this soon?”
  • Sila is mildly disappointed that they seem to have used up the bacon on last night’s dinner, but makes do with eggs instead ;0
    <sila> (( er, emoticon typo. ;) ))
    <rkcgm> The servants also bring out… um, is that some kind of…
    <rkcgm> Carley drinks some of it.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…is this punch with… rum?”
  • Ellie takes some of each food item, sharing some of the eggs with Cinnamon.
  • Sila sniffs the beverage. Alcoholic?
    <rkcgm> ((Mildly.))
    <sila> “Huh. Seems early in the day for it. Is this one of those places you need it for food safety, do you think?”
    <rkcgm> Carley drinks some more. “I’m not driving, right?”
    <llewelyn> is still nowhere to be seen.
    <sila> “Well I’m quite possibly flying and/or casting, so none for me.”
  • Ellie sends out a telepathy query for Llewelyn: /So, where are you? No breakfast?/
    <rkcgm> ((Roll versus very difficult.))
    <rkcgm> !6d6: versus
    <rkcgm> ((Oh hi dice. :P ))
    <havrasti> ((well, we had a bot earlier :P ))
    <havrasti> ((and it’s still offline))
    <rkcgm> ((Hm, well then.))
    <rkcgm> ((Looks for physical dice.))
    <sila> I happen to have 6 d6s here
    <sila> 654432
    <rkcgm> 543311
    <ellie> 6,5,3,2,1,1
    <sila> (have them still sitting here at the desk in a nice roll-catcher from the last time we had this problem ;) ))
    <rkcgm> Ellie picks up Llewelyn very distantly, and there seems to be a weird echo going on in the telepathic communication, but… “Hm? Oh, morning, my sweet.”
  • Ellie replies, /Morning. Where are you?/
    <llewelyn>: “Library. Restricted section. Are you up?”
  • Ellie anwers, /Yep. In the kitchen getting food. Am I correct in assuming we wouldn’t be allowed to join you in the restricted section?/
    <llewelyn>: “Yes, that’s right. Um… I’m nearly done with my research, so… maybe another thirty minutes or so? If you finish breakfast and want to wait in the regular part of the library…”
    <llewelyn>: “Oh, and my grandfather had to leave; some urgent business out east. I said goodbye already; we can leave for the Barrow after I’m done.”
  • Ellie answers, /Okay. I’ll let the others know./
  • Ellie speaks up. “So, when we’re done eating, we can go wait for Llewelyn in the library. He’s in the restricted section, and we won’t be able to go there, but he’ll meet us out in the regular section. We’ll be heading out once he’s done; apparently his grandfather had to leave, so nothing more to do here once Llewelyn is finished with his research.”
    <sila> “Huh, so we really are going off to see the Lady first? Or are we doing prank-generation scavenger hunt first?”
    <havrasti> “Waiting in the library for a bit is fine with me.”
    <ellie> “Going to see the Lady, from the sound of it. If Llewelyn planned a stop on the way, he didn’t mention it.”
    <sila> “OK, last fritter then…”
  • Ellie also finishes up munching a few more things…
    <ellie> As does Cinnamon Sugar, who makes very sure he’s not forgotten. ;-
    <ellie> ;-)
    <sila> “Speaking of fashion. Can you imagine my poor dorm-mates in college, having to share a cafeteria with me? I told them my figure was magic, but they didn’t believe me, heheh.”
    <ellie> “Heeee! Oh dear.”
    <ellie> “Were they all jealous?”
    <sila> “They were So jealous.”
  • Ellie chuckles
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yup, I agree.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: "I put on fifteen pounds my first semester of college because of that STUPID free ice cream service.
  • Ellie chuckles. “‘Free’ can have a dark side. Who knew?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Well, I sure didn’t. But boy, did I learn.”
    <sila> “Hee. Yeah, a lot of people had that problem, freshmen year especially. So of course they kept trying to tell me I was going to turn into a blimp, eating so much when I’m so small. I couldn’t exactly tell them I flew it all off and then some on weekends when I went hunting.”
    <ellie> “You probably also couldn’t tell them what your dragon form weighed,” Ellie smirks.
    <havrasti> “And no doubt ate a lot more than they saw you eat in a single sitting.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yeah, okay… I just joined the college rowing team.”
    <sila> “Hahaha! Oh man. That would’ve been good for a few priceless faces.”
    <sila> “…come to that, I’m not sure I know. I don’t exactly fit on a bathroom scale in full form.”
    <ellie> “I… somehow escaped paying any attention at all to my weight going through college…”
    <sila> “Healthier than trying to live on all-you-can-eat salad bar and wondering why lettuce doesn’t keep you from gaining weight when you cover it in ranch dressing…”
    <ellie> “Heh. There is that. Any case… we all ready to head to the library? …If so, all we need to do is ask for directions…”
    <rkcgm> A servant comes into the room to pick up empty plates.
  • Havrasti hails one of the servents for that question
    <rkcgm> The servant stares at Havrasti and responds in Iverindorene.
  • Ellie ‘listens’ for telepathy translation.
    <rkcgm> Servant: “I don’t speak your language, sir.”
  • Ellie steps in, re-asking the question, providing telepathy support.
    <sila> “…nuts. We’re not going to be able to read much in there, are we?”
    <havrasti> “Maybe they have picture books?”
    <rkcgm> Servant: “Oh! The library? Let me show you there, miss.”
    <sila> “Hm. Maybe something in the way of a bird-watching book or something, I guess…”
  • Ellie stands, adding, “C’mon, she’ll show us the way.”
    <sila> “I’d rather read about dad’s world-walking theories, as recalled by 2000-years-later elves.”
  • Sila follows
    <rkcgm> The servant shows you to a pair of very thick wooden double doors, which are guarded by a pair of men armed with menacing-looking pikes. They don’t appear to object to your presence.
    <sila> “Huh. Don’t see that at libraries much.”
  • Ellie addresses one of the guards. /Our friend is in the library. He told us to come wait for him in there./
    <ellie> She does speak aloud as well…
    <ellie> (ie. she’s just doing telepathy translation, and I mis-punctuated it)
    <rkcgm> The guard just nods at Ellie.
  • Ellie goes to open the door, then…
  • Havrasti goes in
    <rkcgm> The guards don’t seem to object in the slightest to Havrasti and Ellie going in.
    <rkcgm> Beyond the doors, the library… is awesome.
  • Sila follows of course
    <rkcgm> The main hall of the library appears to be five stories tall, with terraced shelves going up towards the roof. But beyond the main aisle, there are dozens of apparent reading nooks and little passageways, some of which have iron gates.
    <sila> “Whoo. Wait half an hour he says. Good luck finding me in half an hour! I’m going to go look for …picture books, I guess.”
  • Sila wanders around looking for English titles or failing that a section with lots of nature-themed covers where she might find the afore-posited birding book or something like that.
  • Havrasti goes along with her. Hey, maybe they’ll find a nature book on dragons and similar creatures here.
    <rkcgm> Sila has a difficult search for those, which ends when she finds a shelf full of books written in English.
    <sila> “Ooh, readables!”
    <rkcgm> Unfortunately, they’re all by Samuel Johnson.
    <sila> “…huh. The title is The Plays of William Shakespeare, but the author isn’t… oh, I see, it’s an editor.”
    <rkcgm> A voice comes out from between the books Sila is looking at. “Do you need recommendations?”
    <sila> “…”
    <sila> “Um, I really need a translator actually. Who is asking?”
    <rkcgm> The librarian appears from the next aisle over. “Angus Mac Cahil, at your service, madam! We met last evening when you brought me that lovely journal.”
    <sila> “Ah yes, another case of needing a translator, heh.”
    <sila> “Pleasure to see you again.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Likewise!”
    <rkcgm> Angus is loud for a librarian.
  • Sila holds up the collected Shakespeare. “I was looking for anything in my primary language, but it seems this is the only author available, and I own a rather newer edition of Shakespeare’s works myself.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Ah. Regrettably, our source of English-language texts is largely constrained to a large quantity of…” disgusted face “…financial journals from Alindon, which is the only thing they write that has even a modicum of quality and content.”
  • Sila snerks
    <sila> “You should make Llewelyn send you some. He has access to a massive body of English-language literature /from another world/ after all.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Now, I will show you – all my visitors do LOVE this book.”
    <sila> “It might not be quite a fair replacement for the lost books, but it would be something.”
  • Sila lets Angus lead her to the book in question
  • Ellie follows along. She was hanging about, holding and petting Cinnamon.
    <rkcgm> Angus heads over, unlocks one of the iron gates, and retrieves a thick leather-bound book that has funky words on the front. The letters momentarily re-sort themselves into English to say: “Biography of the Reader.”
    <sila> (Aside to Ellie) “I wonder what the folks here would make of Harry Potter? hehe.”
    <ellie> “Heh. That’s… an intriguing question, really…”
  • Ellie sees the cover. “Huh… Well now… that looks interesting. Does it… read the reader’s mind or something?”
    <sila> “At least it gets the reader’s language right. That’s pretty impressive right there, actually.”
    <havrasti> “How about Narnia or Lord of the Rings?”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Indeed! It also tells you ways your life might have taken a turn for the… different, I suppose.”
    <rkcgm> Angus waves it at Sila. “Go on!”
    <sila> “…OK, this I’ve got to see.”
  • Sila opens the book
    <ellie> “…Hm. Sounds like it could be interesting. …Or troubling.”
  • Ellie asides to Havrasti, “Well, those would be worthy additions to any library, regardless, so…”
    <sila> “I bet I give it tons of scope. Just think of all the different time periods my mother could have chosen to hatch me!”
  • Sila starts reading, aloud so everyone doesn’t have to crowd over her shoulder
    <havrasti> “Wow, yeah, lots of potential. Though perhaps it’s based more on your own choices, rather than your mother’s.”
    <rkcgm> The first half of the book is, as it turns out, a very detailed biography of Sila’s life.
  • Sila flips forward several times, as she is familiar with this material ;)
    <havrasti> (plus skipping the embarassing parts? :P ;) )
    <sila> “…Hmph, opinionated artifact. Who told you dumping him was an overreaction?”
    <sila> ((that too :P ))
    <rkcgm> ((Havrasti is correct – sometimes the book narrates the uncomfortable truths.))
  • Sila does not read aloud the part about her breakup with the British elf
    <rkcgm> ((Tsk. :P ))
    <sila> ((for some reason can’t imagine why <.>< >.> ))
  • Ellie is confirmed in all her opinions on whether it would be such a brilliant idea for her to read this book. :-p
    <rkcgm> Sila reaches the present day and finds the last chapter, which starts with a single line saying “Are you sure you want to read this part?”
    <sila> “That’s why I skipped forward, book.”
  • Sila turns the page.
    <havrasti> “A touch ominous.”
    <sila> “Well, like you said, it could be disturbing.”
    <rkcgm> Sila starts reading about how, even though she totally freaked out when she learned Luke Hanley was actually an elf… she stuck around and married him anyway. This means that she was living in Britain when she was found and killed by Lockwood and his team of dragonslayers. Luke, in turn, teamed up with brother Sam and killed Lockwood… and both died doing so.
    <sila> “Ugh. I’m grateful to God that THAT didn’t happen.”
    <havrasti> “Indeed.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “…that’s actually one of the most depressing alternatives I’ve heard so far.”
    <rkcgm> Angus eyes the rest of you. “It’s not always that gloomy.”
    <ellie> “But which do people regret reading more – the gloomy ones, or the really, really bright ones?”
    <havrasti> “Eh, as long as it’s just in the book, and not real life. What would actually be worse would be to read an alternative that was better than what actually happened.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “The bright ones, every time.”
    <sila> “Yeah, being jealous of your hypothetical different self would kind of stink.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Usually, it’s just… different. Like my alternative tells about what would have happened if I’d gone with the Tributary Levy to the Barrow, rather than becoming a librarian. Not really better or worse, just… different.”
    <sila> “I can see why you show visitors, though. It’s a book where you need someone else to read it to learn anything new.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Can I look for myself? I mean, I guess it’d tell me how my life would be different if I didn’t turn a bunch of kindergarteners into Hulks.”
    <havrasti> “Less interesting, no doubt.” ;
    <havrasti> ;)
    <sila> “Sure. Though it might go back further you know. What if you’d never become a teacher in the first place?”
  • Sila makes room for Carley
    <rkcgm> Carley has a quick browse through her biography section, blushes and quickly skips the high school part, and heads straight for the last chapter.
    <sila> “Hehe, I bet if the book biographied itself, it’d have a paragraph about how most readers skipped to the end.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “…uh. You’re right. This actually talks about how I chose to take a nursing major in college, met a guy sophomore year, dropped out of nursing, and currently work as a…”
    <rkcgm> Carley gulps. “Manager of a Taco Bell.”
    <sila> “Eugh.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “But it says I’m mostly happy.”
    <sila> “…hahaha. Now I’m imagining if you accidentally turned a bunch of 11:30 Taco Bell patrons into hulks, instead of kindergarteners!”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yeah, this last paragraph seems to hint that’s what would eventually happen.”
    <sila> “Hehehe, or a shift-full of high school employees!”
    <ellie> “Make your choice, adventurous stranger./ Ring the bell and bide the danger,/ Or wonder, til it drives you mad/ what would have followed if you had,” Ellie mutters to herself as the discussion of Carley’s reading wraps up. She’s a tiny bit curious, but mostly telling herself to make a wiser choice than Digory. :-p
    <sila> “Manager Carley, what happened to your store? Well, I think the breakroom snacks, um, went bad…”
    <havrasti> “Either way, interesting disaster.”
    <sila> ((I thought of that reference too))
    <ellie> ((Hehe! We really DO think too much alike :-p ;-) ))
    <rkcgm> Carley shoves the book at Ellie.
    <sila> ((I actually looked up Jadis’s name to mention it, but by the time I found it conversation had moved on))
  • Ellie conveniently has an armful of cat. :-p
    <ellie> “Haven’t decided if I want to read it.”
    <sila> “Do you know what Llewelyn’s alternate is about?”
    <rkcgm> Carley shrugs and hands the book Havrasti’s direction.
  • Havrasti will take a read, sure.
    <sila> (asking Angus)
    <rkcgm> Angus: “I don’t recall. It was twenty years or so ago that he last read it.”
  • Havrasti reads to himself at first, getting an idea of what’s in there.
    <rkcgm> Havrasti finds in his alternative-biography about how, after he was rescued from Starmarch by Steel Rose, he remained in Esserea rather than taking the option to go to Earth. After some (abbreviated) hardships, he ended up with a mate (not Sila) and several offspring, and lives in Alamanche, trying to help his parents search for the lost dragon library.
    <havrasti> “Hmm, yeah, different.”
  • Sila tries to read over his shoulder
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Well, that’s about what most people seem to get.”
    <sila> "This Delturr…I dislike her. :P "
  • Ellie chuckles.
    <ellie> “Now, now, Sila – you ended up marrying someone else in yours, too.”
    <havrasti> “Very possessive, dragonesses.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “But it said that she’s nice and they’re in wuuuv.”
  • Sila laughs
    <sila> “Well I bet if we go back a few pages it will say something similar there, so that’s OK really.”
  • Ellie shrugs. “Okay, fine, I’ll read it. Probably not out loud at first, though…”
    <rkcgm> Ellie’s alternative story is how, somewhat at the last moment, she decided against going back to work as an airline stewardess. The plane she was supposed to take disappeared, sparking one of the greatest aviation mysteries of the modern age… but Ellie didn’t care, because about three months later, her mom “returned from the dead”.
    <sila> (while Ellie is reading to herself) “Besides, we got to actually Find the dragon library. …I’m an idiot, why was I looking for English texts when I should have been looking for the draconic section here?”
    <ellie> “Hmm. …Interesting.” Ellie shrugs, and shares the summary with the others.
    <havrasti> “That would be nice, yes.”
    <havrasti> @Sila and draconic books
    <havrasti> “Well…. I glad you decided to stick with the airlines.”
    <sila> “Heh, yeah, Cinnamon is happy too. He never would have been your toast if you’d missed that plane.”
    <llewelyn> pops out of one of the side-passages, letting himself out through one of the creaky iron gates. “What’s this?”
  • Sila scritches Cinnamon behind the ears
    <ellie> “I’m kinda happy that I ended up with my mom back either way, at least.”
    <sila> “We’re reading ‘Biography of the Reader,’ Llewelyn.”
    <ellie> “Aah, hi Llewelyn.” She holds up the book. “I hear you’ve seen this before.”
    <llewelyn>: “Oh, that one? Yes, it’s interesting.”
    <ellie> “So, what was your alternate future? …Though I’ll bet it’s changed since you’ve last read it.”
    <llewelyn>: “It almost certainly has not.”
  • Ellie raises an eyebrow. “Oh?”
    <llewelyn> smiles. “Well, the alternative it proposed for me when I read it… oh, probably fifteen years or so ago? That alternative was pretty distinctly different.”
    <sila> “Where did it branch for you?”
    <llewelyn>: “The alternative it proposed was would have occurred if I hadn’t become a Christian when I did. The narrative still had that happen… just at the very end.”
    <ellie> “Aaah, hm.”
    <sila> “Sounds scary.”
    <sila> “Something to thank God it didn’t happen, like mine.”
    <llewelyn>: “Oh? What was yours?”
    <sila> “Oh, I freak out less about Luke’s scary elf boogeyman-ness and end up staying in England, but then Lockewood finds us, and ends up killing Me, Sam, and Luke before he’s taken out. And I guess dad never gets to the present, so actually him too.”
    <llewelyn>: “Ah, yeah… I can understand that.”
    <llewelyn>: “So… are you guys ready to leave? Or are you still discovering the wonders of the library?”
    <ellie> “I’m ready whenever you are.”
    <sila> Actually, speaking of dad – it just now belatedly occurred to me that maybe I should have been searching the draconic section for that treatise on Leto’s world-walking magic…"
    <sila> “But if our next errand prospers, I can come search for it another time I guess?”
    <havrasti> “If it’s not in the restricted section.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Oh, if you’ll be back in a few weeks, I’ll reserve it for you!”
    <sila> “That works! We have to collect Llewelyn’s apology donation anyway.”
    <rkcgm> Angus: “Yes… Ríodhgach Ronan Ruadh, I’ll need to find it again… and I’ll have to reserve it… yes, yes…”
    <rkcgm> Angus gets on a rolling ladder, mumbling to himself, and starts scooting it back into one of the more cluttered sections. He disappears, although you hear him talking to himself for several more minutes.
    <ellie> “Well, sounds like we really are good to go now.”
    <havrasti> “Yep.”
    <sila> “We can plot our addition to Esserea’s body of English literature while we…walk? Fly? Drive?”
    <llewelyn>: “Well then. My grandfather had to leave early to deal with an issue in Tun Maór, so we can show ourselves out.”
    <havrasti> “Lead the way, sir.”
  • Sila follows Llewelyn, since he knows which way is “out” from here
    <llewelyn>: “And yes, we ought to drive. It’s probably a hundred twenty miles to the Great Barrow; although the road is excellent.”
    <llewelyn> heads outside. Carley gasps. “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SKY?!”
    <llewelyn>: “Huh? What about the… oh, yes.”
    <sila> "Too thickly inhabited for dragons, do you – " *looks at the sky
  • Ellie looks up, as well.
    <rkcgm> Iverindor’s sky – clear, unlike yesterday – looks like a multifaceted pale blue diamond from horizon to horizon. Cue dragon hoarding instinct.
    <sila> “…is that a /thing/ up there? Can we fly up to it??”
  • Ellie tilts her head to the side. “Hmm, it’s pretty. What causes that affect? I mean, I presume it’s something the Lady does, but…”
    <havrasti> “Shiiiiiny.”
    <llewelyn>: “…yeah. The Lady does that.”
    <ellie> “How? And why?”
    <llewelyn>: “Because she can, I think. I don’t know how… maybe some kind of crazy lightbending thing, but who knows?”
  • Ellie shrugs. “Well, it’s pretty, at any rate.”
    <sila> “I really, really want to see if it’s something you can fly up and touch. But that might not be wise, I suppose. Maybe we can ask her.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Well, I’m definitely impressed.”
  • Ellie gets in the car once Llewelyn’s opened the door for her.
  • Sila contemplates the car door with disfavor
    <llewelyn> gives Ellie a pleasant smile as he opens and then closes the door for her.
    <sila> “Would it be bad to fly again? I mean I don’t want to scare the whole city but…”
    <llewelyn>: “Just wait until we get outside the city, if you please.”
    <sila> “All right.”
  • Havrasti helps Sila in
  • Havrasti also puts his arm around her when they’re in, something much harder to do while flying ;)
    <rkcgm> ((It’s easy to do, it just has unpleasant consequences. :P ))
    <havrasti> (( :P ))
    <sila> ((It’s easier to get the person to stop trying to evade when on the ground :P :) ))
    <ellie> ((Also, you don’t plummet straight to the earth directly afterward. ;-) ))
    <rkcgm> ((Indeed.))
    <rkcgm> ((So, let’s go ahead and end here.))
  • Sila spends the part of the drive where they’re in the car expanding on the list of books that “Llewelyn” should donate
    <ellie> ((Hehehe))\
    == END LOG ==

<llewelyn> “So I took my friends to Iverindor to meet my grandfather while I picked up a few items, and found a translator for Lockwood’s journal.”
<llewelyn> “Unfortunately, one of the things I wanted to get was a command stone… which I can only get from the Lady, who I didn’t really want to go visit.”
<llewelyn> “…and Sila needs to ask the Lady’s permission to make portals in her territory.”
<llewelyn> “So we’ve driven four hours from Linn Mhuire to the more remote northwest of end of Iverindor, where the Lady lives in the Great Barrow, on a peninsula that juts into the Western Ocean.”
<llewelyn> “Yay. What… fun we are going to have.”
<havrasti> (( hehehehe ))
<sila> “I’ve been trying to find a chance to ask this all day – What is a command stone?”
<llewelyn>: “It’s a sort of small gemstone that can be used as the focus for a spell.”
<llewelyn>: “Most Esserean mages end up setting something similar in… eh, a staff, or a wand, or a necklace.”

  • Sila reflects that if Llewelyn wants to get a laugh out of Mr. TV Tropes, playing “narrator” like that every time they arrive at a destination next visit will work too.
    <sila> "What, and your staff doesn’t already have one?
    <llewelyn>: “No, I’ve never had need of it before. I tend to cast more off-the-cuff.”
    <sila> “Is there any chance you’re going to /put/ it in your staff, as opposed to in an oversized bath toy?”
    <llewelyn>: “I was thinking of mounting it in the handle of a snowshovel, actually.”
    <llewelyn> might grin mischievously at that.
    <ellie> “You really, really like sounding off-the-wall, don’t you?” Ellie jibes with a wink at Llewelyn.
    <sila> “So if every Esserean mage and his apprentice uses these, how come you can ‘only’ get one from the lady?”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes, and I’m afraid I have no good excuse.”
  • Ellie grins and shakes her head, leaving him time to answer Sila’s question.
    <havrasti> “Maybe he wants a specific kind or quality that he can only get from The Lady.”
    <llewelyn>: “Not everyone uses them. Think about it this way – you can be a musician without owning sheet music, but some times you need to get sheet music to play something particular.”
    <sila> “Sure, it just doesn’t sound like something that should be all that rare. Sheet music is a specialty item, but there are still multiple producers.”
    <llewelyn>: “And I’m sure that the next time I visit Ruadhri, he’ll be happy to grant me a command stone.”
    <sila> “…so, what, they’re usually government controlled?”
    <ellie> “So in short, this is something you have to be exceptionally powerful to make…”
    <ellie> Ellie’s guess followed close on Sila’s.
    <sila> “If that was the whole deal, we could ask your mother, heheh.”
    <llewelyn>: “Tried that.”
    <ellie> “What, she wanted to know what you were going to do with it?” Ellie jokes with a grin.
  • Sila snerks
    <llewelyn>: “She can’t make one on Earth. Lack of materials.”
    <ellie> “Aaaah.”
    <sila> “Oh. …we should bring back some raw materials too, then.”
    <ellie> “And in the meantime, we should maybe head inside?” (We have arrived, correct?)
    <sila> “What, you don’t want to just sit in the Oshkosh talking?” :P
    <rkcgm> ((Uh, almost?))
    <sila> ((and here I thought Llewelyn was So excited about going in, he was just…not…moving. Yet.))
    <ellie> “Well, y’know…” Ellie answers Sila. ( ;-) )
    <rkcgm> The road you’re driving on comes over the crest of a hill and looks across a small valley, which is noteworthy for several reasons.
  • Havrasti makes mental notes
    <rkcgm> In the center of the valley is a giant hill or mound, shaped like a dome, and surrounded by hundreds of standing stones. Six much smaller barrows are arranged around it like a perimeter.
    <rkcgm> Inside the ring of the smaller barrows, the grass is green and warm; outside the ring, the grass is blue and white, and craggy trees crowd in.
    <sila> “Sometime you’ll have to explain what it is with Iverindor and putting things inside of /tombs/ Llewelyn. Creepy.”
    <rkcgm> On the green lawn, lines of glittering white stone – or possibly deep runs of chalk – form something that looks like a Celtic knot.
    <rkcgm> There are a bunch of horses grazing on this lawn.
    <llewelyn>: “I don’t know that answer myself.”
    <sila> “Hmm.”
    <llewelyn> stops outside the outer ring.
  • Sila takes a deep breath and wills herself not to start sweating out a ton of ‘nervous-dragon’ scent right before approaching the horse area.
    <havrasti> “Well, in we go.”
    <llewelyn>: “Don’t get near the horses. Not all of them are friendly, and they don’t fear you.”
    <ellie> “Hmm. Okay, then.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “They look pretty, though – and they’re big!”
    <sila> “…are you sure about that? Because in my experience, horses don’t like my scent. It takes a long time to get a herd critter used to a dragon.”
    <llewelyn>: “I’m pretty sure of that. Barrow Horses fear nothing.”
    <sila> “Not that I want to approach a scared horse in this form either, mind. Just saying.”
  • Sila looks for the entrance
    <havrasti> “They’re not usual horses. They’re raised by The Lady.”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes. Mm… the belief in Iverindor is that she’s breeding the horses for the saints to ride to Armageddon.”
    <llewelyn>: “Or maybe the Lady just likes nice horses.”
    <havrasti> “Heh, that might be a tad presumptuous.”
    <llewelyn>: “Iveridor has plenty of errant superstitions.”
    <sila> “Um. I guess both can be true, all the same. I mean, God may not need the help, but if she wants to breed fearless horses as an act of worship, who’s going to stop her?”
    <llewelyn>: “Another one, for instance, is that the Lady is also the Virgin Mary. Which is definitely wrong.”
    <sila> “…they don’t worhip her like the catholics, do they?”
    <llewelyn>: “They’d prefer to use the word ‘reverence’ rather than ‘worship’.”
    <sila> “Uh. Does she /encourage/ this?”
    <llewelyn>: “No, and the Inquisitors don’t like it either.”
    <sila> “Well that’s a relief.”
    <llewelyn> goes to the back of the vehicle and gets his cloak out of his travel bag, and reluctantly puts it on.
  • Sila is reminded that she is doing something important and ought to pray about it, so she pauses to say a short prayer.
    <llewelyn>: “We’ll need to walk from here.”
    <sila> “Obviously. So which way around the horses, then?”
  • Ellie prepares to follow Llewelyn in.
    <llewelyn> points. “We can stay on the road.”
  • Sila links arms with Havrasti and walks up the road
  • Havrasti happily takes Sila’s arm
    <havrasti> “Onwards, then.”
    <rkcgm> Several of the horses take notice of you all, and one of them spends several minutes staring at Havrasti (and Sila) with a look that says “What, you want to come fight me, bro? Come on, I dare ya…”
    <rkcgm> Otherwise, the half-mile walk is made without event.
    <rkcgm> At the base of the Great Barrow, between two tall standing stones, the road abruptly turns to go down into a tunnel that leads under the mound.
    <llewelyn> stops between the stones.
  • Havrasti deosn’t go where Llewelyn doesn’t
  • Sila rolls her eyes at the horse and gets out her enchanted rock
  • Ellie follows, particularly fascinated by the shift from no-green to green. She also enjoys watching the horses, though she’s careful not to show too particular an interest.
    <rkcgm> Carley is just watching the horses.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I keep expecting to see that one of them’s a unicorn or something.”
  • Sila keeps Carley from accidentally wandering off the road ;P
    <llewelyn> waits between the stones for a few moments, and then Havrasti gets the feeling that… something magical in the area has changed. Precisely what, he can’t really tell.
    <llewelyn>: “Ah… there. We can go in.”
    <sila> “My mom claims unicorns are less like horses than Earth mythology makes them sounds, so- oh, good. How do you know?”
    <llewelyn> points at the tunnel: “Because it doesn’t lead to a trap-filled death maze anymore.”
    <sila> “…yeah, that’s a good clue.”
    <ellie> “Yes, comforting to know.”
  • Sila resists the urge to repeat her question :P
    <llewelyn> starts walking down into the tunnel.
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Wait… trap-filled death maze…?”
  • Ellie follows Llewelyn. “He wouldn’t be heading in if it weren’t safe now.”
    <havrasti> “The Lady likes her privacy, I guess.”
    <llewelyn>: “The doors only open at sunrise and sunset. Any other time, the tunnels lead to a trap-filled death maze. I had to ask permission.”
    <sila> “Sounds very old-story-ish.”
    <sila> “Considering who she calls enemies, though, I’d be surprised if she didn’t have some hefty security.”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes. If you didn’t have those handy stones, you wouldn’t have gotten this far, even with me nearby.”
    <rkcgm> The tunnel leads downward into an open chamber which seems utterly empty of everything, including other exits.
    <havrasti> “Rather barren.”
    <sila> “So we’re not going to need to physically show them to anybody, then?”
    <rkcgm> There’s a few shafts of light coming down from somewhere, but otherwise, it’s a bit dim.
  • Ellie decides she’d like things a little less dim, and lightbends to enhance the light.
    <rkcgm> Ellie’s lightbending serves for a few moments, and then it just… kinda fades back to its original dimness.
    <sila> “Heh, no messing with the stage effects, Ellie.”
    <ellie> “…Well, then. Okay.”
    <llewelyn>: “Look up.”
  • Ellie does so.
  • Sila looks
    <rkcgm> Floating over your head, you see what looks like a night sky – a million millions of stars, whispy clouds, and a blue-green auroral glow flickering around you.
    <ellie> “Okay. Well, I suppose I can appreciate that.”
    <sila> “Are we actually experience non-standard timeflow? Speaking of old stories.”
    <rkcgm> When you all look back to the ground, you’re in a garden of glowing white and pale-yellow night flowers.
    <rkcgm> There’s a tree to Havrasti’s right that looks like it’s made of turquoise and growing emeralds as fruit.
  • Havrasti resists the urge to go touch it
  • Ellie takes in the lovely scenery with wonder and a smile.
  • Sila finds the tree moderately distracting
    <rkcgm> Carley reaches up for a star. “It looks so tiny and… ouch, hot!”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Okay, not a projection… that’s a real star, but super-tiny.”
    <sila> “Wow…”
  • Sila cups her hand around a star to feel
    <rkcgm> Sila’s hands are warmed.
    <sila> “SO Cool!”
    <rkcgm> A few more looks around, and you finally notice that the Lady is floating in the center of the garden in the middle of the starfield, muttering something. “You like it? That one exploded three millennia ago.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “It’s a cloud now, but you can’t see it from here yet.”
    <sila> “I like the representation, anyway. Supernovae I can take or leave – that’s kind of up to God anyway, you know? They’re neat to observe at a sufficient distance.”
  • Havrasti examines The Lady
    <rkcgm> The Lady is tall – a head taller than Llewelyn, and looks somewhat unusual, at least in comparison to most of the “elves” you’ve ever seen before. She has dark hair – almost black – and she’s darker-skinned, more like an Arab.
    <rkcgm> She’s wearing green – what else? – but is otherwise unadorned with anything so gaudy as coronets or jewelry. And while she looks young and beautiful, it’s not overwhelmingly obvious.
    <rkcgm> But the Lady is most definitely not a delicate wallflower, either – she looks like she could take down an ogre in one punch.
    <sila> “God and NASA do some pretty awesome nature-art with the resulting nebulae.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady doesn’t respond immediately; she’s apparently looking at a star-cluster nearer to where she’s floating.
  • Sila examines the lady while she waits
    <rkcgm> ((See previous description. :P ))
    <sila> ((yes, naturally))
  • Ellie decides it’s time to be… as polite as she knows how. She curtsies and says, “Greetings, Lady. Thank you for allowing us to come.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Hm? Oh, yes. Of course. Merry met.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Aren’t you going to say hello, Llewelyn?”
    <llewelyn> not-quite-sighs: “Of course. How are you doing, Grandmother?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Lolwut.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady giggles.
    <havrasti> “You didn’t mention that.”
  • Ellie looks over at Llewelyn with raised eyebrows.
  • Sila kind of chokes. By her face, you’d guess she’s trying to figure out if we have sufficient information to place the Lady in Llewelyn’s family tree (relative to the known Grandfather especially)
    <llewelyn>: “I didn’t? Hum. Must have slipped my mind.”
    <sila> “Yeah, um, /nobody/ mentioned that. Guess we know where you got your sense of humor.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady abruptly looks at Sila. “EEEK! DRAGONS! …wait, dragons? Yes… are you Yveshna’s minions?”
    <sila> “Technically, I’m an Earthling, but in the choice between Yveshna and the evil, evil enemy? We choose Yveshna.”
    <havrasti> “Mmm, not minions, but inclined towards her view of things rather than Whiteteeth’s.”
  • Sila snorts and adds, “Inclined is not a strong enough word.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady smiles. “Excellent. Excellent. Now I just need one more of you, and we can have an execution!”
    <havrasti> “…”
    <llewelyn> rolls his eyes.
    <sila> “…what??”
    <rkcgm> The Lady waves the stars off to hide in a vault of the ceiling, and you notice – they were probably there the whole time – that there is a ring of men in armour, carrying pikes, all around the perimeter of the garden.
    <ellie> “…I’m hoping, Llewelyn, that we’re now seeing where you get your penchant for making shock-statements from…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Ooh, this is so exciting! I haven’t had enough dragons for a trial in… what year is it? Two years!”
    <sila> “Argh. Your family, Llewelyn. Someone needs to find the ‘high drama’ dial and turn it down halfway for the lot of you.”
  • Havrasti is wondering how serious she actually is
    <rkcgm> The Lady suddenly teleports about a foot in front of Sila. “Do you have a favored method?”
    <sila> “Favored method of performing what task?”
    <llewelyn> mouths in the background “I DON’T COME HERE MUCH CAUSE SHE’S CRAAAAZY.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Executions, of course! Maybe an axeman? Hanging is very hard for something the size of a dragon, but I suppose it can be done…”
    <ellie> “We did come in peace… not to be executed…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “What? Why would you be executed?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “We’re still missing a third dragon, anyway, and we can’t have an execution until we have three. Treaty says.”
    <havrasti> “Why are you executing dragons at all?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady might be pouting. Or she might not be.
    <ellie> “These are my friends. If they are executed, it matters to me just as much as if I am.”
    <sila> “Personally, I’m in favor of avoiding executions whenever possible. I’ve never been asked about method before, so I haven’t really considered it.”
    <sila> “Are we being tried or is this the local idea of giving someone a jury of their peers?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Well, it ate half a village on the border. Chewed without remorse, and not even in self-defense!”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks at Sila: “Oh dear, you thought I was talking about YOU being executed? No wonder you looked so blue.”
    <sila> “What can I say? I lack context.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Hahaha, oops.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady teleports across the garden, and comes back five seconds later with a flower that looks like a dragon’s head. The flower’s petals snap at Sila.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Treaty says!”
    <sila> “…nice snap-dragon.”
    <havrasti> “So three dragons to judge another dragon?”
    <sila> “If I’m being asked to stand as juror, I may be able to resolve the number issue, pursuant to the question I originally came here to ask.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Yveshna says not all dragons are evil. But most of them serve Whiteteeth, who is evil. So Yveshna and I made a treaty.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Now, I don’t kill the good dragons, only the evil ones. And if I catch a good dragon, one of Yveshna’s, then I let them go!”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “But if I catch a bad dragon…”
    <sila> “He that sheds the blood of other people, by other people shall his blood be shed, eh?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Well then, I need three good dragons to agree before I will execute the bad dragon. Yveshna’s rule. She really insisted, and didn’t want to change her mind AT ALL.”
    <sila> “Can’t imagine why.”
    <ellie> “Well, I think I see the direction you’re thinking, Sila. You might as well explain.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I know, I couldn’t either! But she insisted anyway, and she fights Whiteteeth, too… so I will humour her.”
    <sila> “Right…so I’m, ah, descended from Leto the portal-maker, and have inherited his gift.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh!”
    <sila> “You may have noticed me trying to make a portal nearby yesterday. Sorry about that, I hadn’t been aware I needed permission.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I remember Leto. He was a funny little dragonet. Always up to mischief! I heard he died a few years ago.”
    <sila> “A few…? Um, sure. A lot of people heard that someone named George killed him. I think the rumors may be rather exaggerated, though, since I’m pretty sure a giant was involved.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh, that Portal! I thought it might have been that stupid southron countess again… I nearly connected you to the ocean. That whale would sure have been surprised!”
    <ellie> “…Um, hm. I think we know who you’re talking about… but it might be better to let Sila finish her point, first.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady tucks the snapping snapdragon into Sila’s hair, where it… seems to behave, for now.
    <sila> “Right – my point is this. I would like permission to make portals here. Besides allowing Llewelyn to visit home more often,it would allow me to bring another dragon here relatively quickly.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Hmm…”
    <sila> “…without scaring the daylights out of all your citizens.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “So… you want portal-permission… and you’d bring me another dragon?”
    <sila> “Temporarily of course. For jury duty.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “…is it a good dragon?”
    <ellie> “One of her family members, presumably. So yes.”
    <sila> “Of course it’s a good dragon. I wouldn’t have anything to do with an evil dragon!”
    <havrasti> “We don’t have any bad dragons in our home. We have a grouchy one, but that’s about it.”
  • Ellie telepathies, /If you wouldn’t be worried about it, you could offer to bring your dad, since she already knows him…/
  • Havrasti doesn’t mention the one we talked down who was involved with the bowl of plagues
    <sila> (T) “I dunno, dad’s still pretty sick. And…I’m not completely sure I trust her, she seems like she might be a few apples short of a barrel.”
  • Sila pictures a barrel with a few apples decorating the bottom
  • Ellie tries not to laugh. She answers, /Fair enough. Just figured it might help if she already trusted the dragon in question./
    <sila> “I’m actually thinking about Anna. Law enforcement experience, international experience, Christian. She should be an exemplary juror, if she can get the day off.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks skeptical, but then brightens. “Maybe. So if I give you permission to make portals in my Iverindor, then what will you give me in… oh, right. Another dragon. Ha ha.”
    <sila> “Even better, next time you need a jury, you can /ask/ me, instead of waiting two years for someone to coincidentally show up.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Hm… I suppose. But only because you asked nicely. It’s so rare that some people ask nicely.”
    <havrasti> “Well she is a nice dragon, after all.”
    <sila> “It works so much better, I almost always try it first. …unless someone is already shooting at me, but that’s a special case.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “The last one who asked thought I was being so terribly unfair to refuse him, as if it was his right to invade my country with his stupid portals and make crude holes all through everything!”
    <rkcgm> The Lady teleports somewhere out of sight, but her voice still comes from right in front of Sila. “I don’t /like/ holes in everything. It’s so nasty.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady appears again. “Food?”
    <sila> “Do you have a specific location I should land the portal then? Or may I choose a specific location or two based on discussion with Llewelyn and other family members?”
    <havrasti> “Um, I suppose. What sort of food?”
  • Sila glances at the emerald-tree, if it’s still there
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh, do whatever you like. I know you now, so I can tell when you are coming. But if you get denied… well, sometimes I’m fighting a war, and I’m not paying attention. Just try back later!”
    <sila> “Duly noted.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady follows Sila’s glance at the emerald-tree. “Ah. I see… you think that will taste good, hm? Maybe as good as it looks?”
    <sila> “Mostly, I’m incredibly curious.”
    <sila> "I have no idea if it’s even food, but I want to /find out/ "
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Very well. But I suggest eating one of those glowing pink flowers afterward, as a dessert.”
    <sila> “Really? Thank you.”
  • Havrasti wonders why
  • Sila picks an emerald and a glowing pink flower and tries them, in the recommended order, assuming nothing exceptional happens in the process
  • Ellie looks at the glowing pink flower. She lightbends a twin right next to it, just for amusement.
    <sila> (note, I intend to have the flower in hand when eating the “emerald,” just in case it turns out to be a poison dragon-trap :P )
    <rkcgm> Sila discovers that the emerald fruit has a taste that is… surprisingly kinda bland. But the sensation of biting into it is shockingly unique, and totally makes it worth finishing.
    <rkcgm> The glowing pink flower, on the other hand, is like eating a really soft piece of cabbage. But the taste is almost intoxicating. You want another.
    <havrasti> “So, how are they?”
    <sila> “Whoo! Amazing! The jewel-fruid is kind of bland, but had an incredible bite. The flower is incredibly tasty, for all it has a vegetative texture. Well, I mean, it is a plant. So are these purely magical constructs, or do they have seeds?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh, I’ve been working on them for… when did I start working on them? Hm… Probably a thousand years. Maybe fifteen hundred.”
    <sila> “Since Leto was a dragonet?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady glances over at the flower and Ellie’s light-flower next to it. She looks back to Sila, and then does a double-take on the light flower. “Ooh!”
  • Ellie looks up at the Lady. “They kinda resemble a flower we have back home… though it doesn’t glow. I used that as a basis for a bit of a symbol-signature, and… so I was kinda copying to compare/contrast.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks at Ellie, and then closes one eye and looks at Ellie.
  • Ellie looks back at the Lady kinda curiously.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Who’s your mother?”
    <sila> “Llewelyn, if I ever need to get off the Earthly map for a couple centuries, I’m gonna come and ask very very nicely for your grandmother to give me lessons in animal husbandry and horticulture.”
  • Sila imagines doing to a line of cows whatever sort of thing the lady did for those flowers, yum.
    <ellie> “Heh. You could tell it’s from my mother I get magic? I think she’s mostly known here as Golden Rose.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Mmm, not familiar… Who’s your grandmother?”
  • Ellie thinks hard for a moment, “I only met her recently, but… I believe Mom said her name was Ninyaheri Nele.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “More familiar, but I still can’t place her.”
    <havrasti> “Have you heard of Steel Rose?”
    <ellie> “Well… I’m told my great-great grandmother was Mossymoor.”
  • Sila listens to the world-song here while they discuss elven lineages. Is the barrow normally connected to Iverindor, or are we actually in a pocket dimension?
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Mossymoor? You mean Laicalinquënórë, the light-dancer of the Mossymoor?”
    <ellie> “Um. You seem to know more than I do there. I do know she was one of three sister Ilfirins.”
    <rkcgm> Sila: it’s like a pocket dimension, but it’s actually made out of the exact materials that this spot was originally made of, and so it’s a lot more of a ‘native’ to this place than any pocket world you’ve ever encountered before.
  • Sila is quietly fascinated by this eddy-dimension for a while ((BRB))
    <rkcgm> The Lady does a sudden cartwheel. “Oh, oh, haha. I remember her. She was my handmaiden for years, many years, she and her two sisters – before they fell… IN LOVE. Oh, how it made them swoon.”
    <ellie> “Heh. I’ve heard a very, very little of that.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh, it was so funny to watch! Until they started trying to kill each other off. That was not so funny… I didn’t permit it. It was very rude. But they got over it and became friends again.”
    <ellie> “Hmm. I had not heard about that part, though… I think I recall that they all fell in love with the same man, so…”
    <ellie> “It is interesting to know that my lightbending traces back to my great-grandmother, though.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Laicalinquënórë was a light-dancer, a sun-weaver – I liked her. Oh!”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “She died?!”
    <ellie> “Aaah… yes. Um… I never mentioned that, though. How did you know?”
  • Ellie telepathies, /I’m sure you’re powerful enough to have read my mind, but… I’d like to know if you did. …Also, you almost certainly know I have not tried to read yours./
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I feel an echo of it in the magic you carry with you.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “It means she died, not alone, because it was passed on… bits to you.”
    <ellie> “Aah, hm. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that was possible, though… it makes sense. Her power – the power from the Somerstone – passed to my mother. Hm, along with the gifts of breath she had given to one of her servants. And Mom has gifted a little of that to me.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Hm. That makes me very sad… she was only two centuries younger than me. My… we won’t speak of that.”
    <ellie> “I am sorry. I didn’t know her, but it sounds like she was a wonderful person who did a lot of good for those around her.”
    <llewelyn>, who’s inspecting a plant in the corner, raises an eyebrow.
  • Ellie sees, and telepathies to Llewelyn, /And what was that expression supposed to mean?/
    <llewelyn>: /She said your great-grandmother was two centuries younger than her. I’ve never heard of any other Ilfirin who were anywhere as close to the Lady’s age./
  • Ellie replies, /Aaah, hm. I guess I didn’t know enough to pick up on the significance of that as much./
    <llewelyn> shrugs.
    <rkcgm> The Lady abruptly teleports away.
  • Sila starts paying attention to her visible surroundings again
    <rkcgm> Carley, happily unnoticed until now, is munching on a fruit that looks like a large black pearl. It’s making her hair stand up on end.
  • Sila snerks at Carley
    <sila> “What do you think, Carley? Want to join me asking the lady for gardening lessons?”
    <rkcgm> ((Seriously, like when you touch one of those static balls and your hair goes everywhere.))
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Yes. This tastes like a steak that died and went to heaven.”
    <havrasti> “Are there more?”
    <sila> “Maybe learn how to grow Vandegraaff fruit?”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I was thinking about how to make it into a cobbler.”
  • Ellie is wondering where the Lady ported off to.
    <sila> “…Vandegraaff steak cobbler… I totally want to try that.”
    <sila> “And if it works, I want to try it on the rest of DEAR next April 1st.”
    <rkcgm> Carley nods enthusiastically. “It’s coming up, you know.”
    <rkcgm> Carley’s hair slowly starts going back down.
    <sila> “But can we get the fruit…”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “I suppose we can ask.”
    <havrasti> “So when are you going to ask her about your request, Llewelyn?”
    <llewelyn>: “When I get a word in edgewise.”
    <ellie> “Also, perhaps, when she comes back.”
    <rkcgm> …which happens at almost that exact moment.
    <havrasti> ((of course :P ;) ))
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Sorry. Distraction. Four dragons tried to fly towards my borders. The nerve of them! Flying around like birds on the wing… I had to send some of my soldiers to fight them, but they retreated. Village-eating cowards. I’ll kill them all for what they’ve done!”
    <sila> “…for…flying?”
    <sila> “No wonder you can’t get jurors.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks miffed. “No, for eating my people.”
    <havrasti> “Did these ones actually try to eat your people?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “No, but they would have! That’s why I’ve fought them. I will not let them eat anyone again. I won’t let it happen.”
    <sila> “If you’re in the habit of greeting potential visitors with soldiery, you probably don’t get many innocent visitors…scaring away all the good folk of a species does kind of guarantee that you’ll only meet the bad ones thereafter.”
    <sila> “But you know, making a few more friends with good dragons might help with dissuading the bad ones from coming around.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady suddenly looks very angry, and stomps her feet with such force that the garden disappears, turning to ash-blackened snow, with a burning village all around you.
  • Sila winces
    <rkcgm> You see the Lady standing in an empty, burning house that’s been torn apart by dragon claws, shaking her fist at the heavens, screaming in some ancient language.
    <sila> “Evil is evil, you don’t need to re-enact horror scenes to convince me of that. Murder is evil, and the blood of the slain cries out for justice.”
    <rkcgm> …and suddenly you’re back in the garden, and the Lady looks embarrassed.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “…my apologies. I didn’t mean for you to see that.”
    <sila> “Apology accepted.”
  • Sila sighs
    <ellie> “And apologies on our behalf; we didn’t know the details of what you defend against.”
    <sila> “My mother would have a fit if she could see me, standing in a barrow talking to an elf about making friends…”
    <ellie> ((Whether the dragons like it or not, Ellie feels that the attempts at reasoning were coming across more as criticism, and were not sufficiently informed."
    <ellie> ))
    <rkcgm> The Lady takes a deep breath. “They attack my land often, you know. In the summer, nearly every week. Less in the winter.”
    <sila> “That’s appalling.”
    <sila> “I suppose it’s just hard for me to forget that…well, before I met Llewelyn I was as terrified of elves as your people are terrified of dragons. And for very nearly the same reason.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “It is… a curse upon the whole world, you know.”
    <sila> “Yes. I suppose only the return of Jesus will stop it altogether, but we do what we can in the meantime.”
    <sila> “Or…did you mean something more specific than ‘hate, murder, and speciesm’ is a curse?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “It is more specific than that.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady peers at Sila. “And I will put emnity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “…as was said to Whiteteeth’s father and master.”
    <sila> “Madam, I am NOT a snake.”
    <ellie> “That was the curse spoken to the serpent, and father here could be figurative, Sila.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Hardly. Nor are you a follower of the serpent.”
    <ellie> ((Ellie is distinguishing between serpent and snake, which are, in my understanding, not necessarily the same.))
    <sila> “…Ah, yeah, that makes more sense. Sorry.”
    <sila> “There’s really no arguing the question of Whiteeth’s master.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady remains quiet a few moments. “I was unborn when that curse was pronounced, but I have seen it acted out.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady studies Sila closely: “Do you know where the dragons come from?”
    <sila> “My mother says God made us, much as he made mankind and presumably all other sapient races, but since the Bible focuses on humanity as the bearers of the truest image, we don’t know the details.”
    <sila> “…my mother says Whiteteeth is a liar, like his master.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “There is enough seed of truth… to deceive many.”
    <sila> “Do you know, well, more about where dragons come from?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “He was supposed to be the prince of your kind, but he was deceived, just as many others in heaven were deceived, by the prince of lies.”
    <sila> “Ah. Wait, are you saying Whiteteeth is a literal demon?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Yes.”
    <sila> “But he has children… does that make them the, the dragon-equivalent of the Nephilim??”
  • Sila has that brain-cramp look on her face again
    <havrasti> “Or… what?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady nods. “In the old years, things were not as divided as they seem now. It is true, and yet his offspring Yveshna has a soul and a conscience.”
    <sila> “Well if /he/ had enough soul and conscience and free will to /rebel/ then of course his offspring would have to have enough to choose as well. And God says in the new creation will be people from every tribe and tongue and nation, so of course there’s a faithful remnant everywhere at some point…”
  • Sila mutters “One understands why God solved it all with a flood on the Earthly plane, it’s so much /simpler/ there these days.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Whiteteeth, following his master, deceived your entire race to share in my father’s fall; and so as enemies we cling to each other, fallen fighting together the same curse of death that consumes all of creation.”
    <sila> “Right. That’s roughly what I was trying to get at before.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady nods.
    <sila> “Missionaries on Earth often have to do peacemaking between new believers in warring or formerly-warring tribes, but this takes it to whole other levels. But the closest we’ll ever get to a solution /is/ evangelism.”
    <sila> “That’s why I’m so concerned about founding a church among the refugee clan off Hawaii. Um, that’s dragon refugees.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady nods. “I hope that it might be successful.”
    <sila> “Thank you.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks lost in thought, floating about a foot in the air.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I’m too tired for an execution.”
    <sila> “That’s just as well; I’m sure you don’t want me making a portal /in here/ anyway.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I would have permitted it. You are of Yveshna’s Clan, and you’ve proven it enough for me.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks over to Llewelyn. “As silent as normal.”
    <llewelyn>: “I’m told I got it honestly.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Yes. From your /father’s/ side of the family.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “My dear Feidhlim loves talking…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Humph. So what did you come here for?”
    <llewelyn>: “Command stone.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks quizzical; she then looks at Ellie. “Oooh! You a cunning little rascal.”
    <ellie> “Um…” Ellie looks genuinely confused.
    <ellie> “I’m really not sure why I’m being accused…”
    <havrasti> “So you know what he wants to do with it?”
    <ellie> “No clue. Hence the confusion…”
    <ellie> “So far as I know, I was the one without a particular reason for coming here…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady pats Llewelyn on the head. “Him – not you, my dear! He’s such a mischievous, cunning boy.”
    <havrasti> (he was asking The Lady :P )
    <llewelyn> looks excessively put-upon by the pat on the head.
    <ellie> “I don’t suppose you want to ruin his surprise by telling us why he’s cunning, do you?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks at Llewelyn.
    <llewelyn>: “I wouldn’t…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady appears to think Llewelyn’s joking-warning tone over: “No, I think not.”
  • Ellie raises her eyebrows but doesn’t press the point.
    <havrasti> “Someday, Llewelyn, we’ll figure it out.”
    <ellie> “We won’t have to. Eventually he’ll execute this supposedly cunning plan, and we’ll get to see it firsthand.”
    <ellie> “Or we had Better be able to,” she adds in her own warning tone.
    <sila> “And then we’ll have to find a new door stop, because at least that ridiculous statue will be out of our office.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady closes her hand into a fist and then opens it, handing a small stone that looks like an opal to Llewelyn.
    <ellie> “You mean the tripping hazard that drove up DEAR’s insurance costs by at least 20%?”
  • Ellie would look surprised at the ease with which the Lady produced the stone, but… nope. Just nope. :-p ;-)
    <sila> “DEAR has to be self-insured. No earthly insurance company could possibly offer /hostile enchantment/ coverage.”
    <ellie> “Heh. Fair point.”
    <ellie> “Doesn’t mean that stupid duck didn’t drive up costs, though.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady glances around, and then waves a hand. The garden disappears, and you appear to be floating over a giant, painstakingly-replicated map of Esserea. ((Actually, it’s probably a globe, but you’re only seeing a tiny slice of it.))
    <rkcgm> Blue-white Iverindor is immediately obvious, since everything else is green.
    <havrasti> “Wow, nice view…why are we here?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Quiet, please. War’s on.”
  • Sila tries to be subtle about checking if the spearmen are still here
    <rkcgm> There are no spearmen left at all.
  • Ellie looks around for signs of the war she’s talking about.
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks at something up north, toward the Arctic, where there are a bunch of red glowing dots coming south."
  • Sila counts dots
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Children, this is not Santa Claus and his twelve reindeer.”
    <ellie> “Is there anything we can do, or are we just watching?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady starts giggling. “Sorry. I’ve waited three decades to use that line.”
  • Ellie snerks
    <sila> “Heh. Too bad, reindeer are probably tasty.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Just watch. This is a serious probe, but my men can handle it easily. I will not even have to get involved.”
    <rkcgm> ((Sorry – “a more serious probe”))
  • Ellie watches
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Doubtlessly testing the resolution of this year’s tribunes.”
    <sila> “Hm.”
    <rkcgm> There doesn’t seem to be much of a battle. The dragons reach the border of Iverindor, and then… four of the twelve dots disappear. The rest turn around.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Humph. No spine at all.”
    <sila> “Retreating with 30 percent losses is not spine?”
    <sila> (no spine I mean)
  • Havrasti grimaces
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh, his dragons have spine – to fly towards my borders with only twelve of their number, and not even one of the Silent Children in company? It is Whiteteeth that has no spine.”
    <sila> “Ah.”
    <rkcgm> ((I’m going to end us here.))
    == END LOG ==


  • Sila is debating whether this would be a reasonable time to go ask Anna if she would be willing to stand juror to a murder/war crimes trial
  • Ellie is, as uncannily usual, on the same wavelength as Sila. “Well… so, what more were we trying to do today? Did you want us to go to our home-world to see if we could recruit another dragon for your trial, Lady?”
    <ellie> After speaking, she wonders whether she used proper formailties… but decides it’s too late to wonder that now. :-p
    <havrasti> ((she did give Sila permission to open a portal, right?))
    <rkcgm> ((She did.))
    <ellie> ((Yes. Iirc, she already said yes. “Because you asked nicely.” ;-) )
    <sila> ((I think she even gave me general permission to put it wherever, as opposed to only one specific location in the country?))
    <rkcgm> ((Yes – she’s basically able to recognize your distinctive ‘tell’ behind it, and won’t redirect it to the middle of an ocean or volcano.))
    <rkcgm> The Lady doesn’t seem to hear Ellie’s question, instead looking down at the large-scale map.
  • Sila examines the map for more red marks
  • Ellie is not bold enough to push again. She looks at the map, too.
    <llewelyn> is completely not paying attention to the map. He’s looking at the opal-like rock the Lady gave him.
  • Havrasti observes Llewelyn. Is he doing anything magical?
    <rkcgm> Those of you who are also paying attention to the map hear – somewhat distantly – some voices speaking in Iverindorene.
    <ellie> ((Can Ellie understand them through telepathy translation?))
    <sila> ((Does it sound like they’re coming “from the map” ?))
    <rkcgm> ((No, because that works through actually having the proximity to use telepathy for the people who are talking. These people are out of range.))
    <rkcgm> ((Yes.))
    <sila> (softly) “Ah, after-action reports.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady speaks in the direction of the map: “But I don’t see why it was done at all.”
    <rkcgm> Sound of distant talking
  • Sila prods Llewelyn
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “No, there’s nothing else in the entire hemisphere.”
    <sila> “Hey, can you understand this?”
    <llewelyn>: “Hmm? Understand… oh, I can hear it now.”
    <sila> “I mean…stupid question…what I mean is, are you listening?”
    <llewelyn>: “I am now.”
    <rkcgm> Sounds of distant talking
  • Sila just realized she asked him if he could “understand” his native language. So now that pale irish complexion the gem gives her is turning rather red :P
  • Havrasti also switches attention to the map and the talking
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I suppose that’s a possibility.”
  • Ellie stands by to listen for any explanations Llewelyn might be able to give.
    <llewelyn> asides: “The centurion suggested that the dragons were disrupting the order of Whiteteeth’s legion, and they were ordered to make an attack to prove their loyalty.”
    <ellie> “Semi-death sentence. But hey, at least it would inconvenience his enemy,” Ellie observes wryly.
    <havrasti> “Mmhmm.”
    <sila> “Ugh. And then the ones that retreated will probably get reamed out for cowardice.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Likely, considering that their attack was repulsed without loss on my behalf.”
    <sila> “Does that sort of thing happen a lot?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Often, in the spring and summer months.”
    <sila> “Figures. Take a large group of dragons and convince them that evil, murderous, and backstabbing is how they were made, and then wonder why you have discipline problems…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I doubt Whiteteeth wonders at all about it; destruction of life suits him equally.”
    <ellie> “With a leader like him, you’d think the dragons wouldn’t need any more enemies…”
    <sila> “With a leader like him, it’s not surprise they have so many though.”
    <sila> “We need more missionaries.”
    <havrasti> “Yes.”
    <havrasti> “Heavily armored missionaries.”
    <ellie> “Heh. Isn’t that the truth…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady gestures, and the map scrolls slightly, up towards the Arctic regions. Across the sea to the northwest there’s a small-ish island that appears to be mostly ice-covered; except for a dozen canyons that are backlit with fire.
    <sila> “Missionaries mostly wear the breastplate of righteousness and the shield of salvation and trust God to deal with the violent types. For the record, though, I wasn’t proposing sending outsiders directly to Tooth’s warcamp, or whatever he has.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “THAT is what he has. It’s called… Gathilgabol, I believe is the name I’ve been told.”
    <havrasti> (is there a translation?)
    <ellie> ((Can Ellie tell what “Gathilgabol” means, if anything?))
    <sila> ((or if it’s draconic, what does it mean to me?))
    <rkcgm> ((There is no immediate translation you can think of. Perhaps the name is more ancient than the languages you know.))
    <ellie> “Hm.”
    <havrasti> “What does the name mean?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Perhaps Yveshna would know. If she does, she didn’t tell me.”
    <sila> "I guess for our purposes, it means “Bad People Live Here” – that’s enough to be going on with."
    <sila> ((Goliath of Gath, “Corruption” of Gathilgabol? :P ))
    <rkcgm> The Lady gestures again, giving you a closer look at the canyons, some of which appear to be bottomless and backlit with fire. “I don’t even know how far down they’ve gone.”
    <sila> “Someone forgot to tell Toothy that dragons are meant for the /sky/ it seems.”
    <rkcgm> ((And no, I re-spelled an orcish name of one of the dwarven kingdoms of Middle Earth.))
    <havrasti> ((he))
    <havrasti> ((heh))
    <ellie> “So, wait – are those natural fissures, or did they dig them…?”
    <sila> “Or maybe he thinks that’s funny too. Because evil, and stuff. If he’s so careless of his tools, though, then convincing people not to sign up might help empty out those crevices, over time.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Perhaps Whiteteeth did it himself, or through his slaves; it was like that when I claimed this land.”
    <ellie> “What do you mean?”
    <sila> “Looks like a festering rake-wound.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I mean that those canyons were there when I first came to Iverindor.”
    <ellie> “Aaah, I understand.”
    <sila> “Where did you live before here?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady remains quiet for a few moments, almost making you think she was ignoring the question, but eventually says “Before that, we were nomads.”
  • Ellie is hesitant to ask, but eventually prompts, “We?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady definitely ignores your question this time, and instead reaches out with a hand toward the fire-backlit canyons. “Does your legion grow so disordered that you must order them to die on my borders?”
    <rkcgm> A chorus of seven raspy draconic voices answers: “Just wanted to see if you were awake, witch-queen.”
  • Ellie mutters, “Well, that’s creepy.”
  • Sila makes a shushing gesture at Ellie, thinking “We don’t know what kind of pickup the map-spell-thing has…he might be able to hear us!”
  • Ellie didn’t hear Sila’s thought, but she still telepathies, /I don’t think I’m revealing any state secrets by making that observation, even if it can be heard through the map…/
    <sila> (T) “Not worried about state secrets. It’s just, do you really want /Whiteteeth/ of all beings wondering who you are?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady makes a sound that simultaneously mixes the idea of “Yeah, well, bleep you” and “You’re tiresome to talk to, now go away.” She then removes her extended hand and pulls back the view to see a large portion of the hemisphere.
  • Ellie replies, /Well… so long as he can’t figure it out… I don’t necessarily see the harm in him being annoyed by curiosity…/
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Not an execution, today – but perhaps a trial? Yes, do bring your third dragon here.”
    <sila> “I’ll go invite her. Hopefully she isn’t in the middle of a case. Do you want me to go outside to make the portal?”
    <sila> “Oh – and how long should I tell her (and her employer) we’ll be needing her?”
  • Ellie telepathies, /Even if we couldn’t bring back Anna, your brother might be able to come…/
    <rkcgm> The Lady blinks, and you find yourself standing in the garden, next to a door set in a pair of stone pillars. “Make it there.”
    <sila> “That works.”
  • Sila starts weaving the portal while still listening for the time-frame answer.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “I doubt it will take long.”
    <sila> “Hm. OK then…”
    <sila> !6d6: portal to Mountie “Special” HQ
    <painbot> [Sila] rolled "portal to Mountie “Special” HQ": (5+1+5+6+1+2). Total: 20.
    <rkcgm> !4d6: versus intermediate
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “versus intermediate”: (4+6+3+5). Total: 18.
    <rkcgm> ((success))
    <sila> “I’ll just leave it anchored until we get back, and then I’ll close it up neatly, OK?”
    <rkcgm> You hear a distant door slam, and then the door in the garden opens into Anna’s office. Anna is, in fact, there – and she’s spinning around in her chair with a submachine gun that’s…
    <rkcgm> Anna: “OH! It’s just you guys.”
    <rkcgm> Anna: “Does that constitute the American version of knocking?”
    <sila> “Sorry, but I was in Iverindor – no cell service there.”
    <sila> “Otherwise I’d have called ahead.”
    <havrasti> “I suppose you could have made a portal to our home first, called, and then made another.”
    <rkcgm> Anna: “It’s fine – my office door just suddenly slammed with no apparent reason, and then reopened all spooooky-like. So… where are you?”
    <sila> "Still Iverindor, if you mean the far end of the portal. Um, brace yourself for chaos: Anna, as Christian dragon and general non-servant of the demon Whiteteeth, you are cordially-slash-urgently invited to come stand as juror for the trial of a man-eater and/or war criminal, in Iverindor, per the terms of the Iverindor/Yveshina treaty on dragon trials. "
    <havrasti> ((and here is where Anna stares at Sila for a few moments processing that :P ))
    <sila> ((Sila kind of expected that, yes :P ))
    <rkcgm> Anna: “O…kay. Is this going to cut into my lunch break, eh?”
    <ellie> “Probably a bit. To the extent that you may perhaps need to ask for additional time away from work.”
    <sila> “The Lady says she doubts it will take long, but you know…not too long isn’t a standard block on the timesheet.”
    <rkcgm> Anna nods and texts her boss.
    <rkcgm> Anna: “Do I need to bring anything, perchance?”
    <sila> “Not that we know of.”
    <ellie> “Just your good judgment.”
    <rkcgm> Anna nods, grabs her Mountie hat, and stands up. “Lead on.”
    <sila> “Thanks. Right this way…”
    <rkcgm> Anna raises an eyebrow as she steps across the threshold into the Lady’s garden. “Juror for a trial of a man-eating what? Flower?”
    <ellie> “The accused isn’t here…”
    <havrasti> “Polymorphed dragon.”
    <havrasti> ((or is the “snap dragon” not here?))
    <rkcgm> The Lady poofs at Anna’s side, pokes her, and… Anna abruptly shifts into her dragon form, so fast that her hat stays on her head.
    <rkcgm> Anna: “YEEP!”
    <havrasti> ((hehehe))
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh, she is a dragon! Her disguise was good.” She looks at Anna: “Your disguise was good.”
    <sila> ((I think Sila’s still wearing the snap-dragon :P ))
    <rkcgm> Anna: “Grkthanskuntiehatstringpleasechoking.”
  • Sila pulls the hat string
    <sila> “Anna, meet the Lady of Iverindor…protocol isn’t her thing.”
    <havrasti> “At least, not by most standards.”
    <ellie> “Protocol totally is her thing. Her’s. As in, she gets to define it,” Ellie winks.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “One of my daughters invented protocol to make her feel smarter than the rest of her siblings.”
  • Sila snerks
    <ellie> “Heh. Oh dear. How did that work out for her?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “It worked about as well as any child attempting to create rules to control siblings.”
    <ellie> “So, badly. I’ve heard stories, though I had no siblings, myself.”
    <rkcgm> Anna starts breathing again after getting her hat string untied, and looks at the Lady. “So that’s the… ah… Good afternoon, Lady. I am Anna Vaillancourt, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.”
    <sila> “Havrasti and I are mostly here as friends of her grandson, but apparently she hasn’t had enough dragons for a jury in a while.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady simply nods and looks distractedly at one of the stars floating above her garden. “Oh, that’s right! A jury!”
    <rkcgm> The Lady claps her hands once, and the garden disappears. You find yourself in… well, it’s dark, actually.
    <havrasti> “She is… a little quirky…”
    <havrasti> “I suppose we’d better shift, too.”
    <rkcgm> Anna: “That’s becoming clear. Did I just step on one of the humans?”
    <sila> “Ow. Technically, no.”
    <rkcgm> Carley: “Almost. I moved.”
  • Sila takes off her jewel
    <llewelyn>: “And that was your wing in my face…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Oh, I forgot. It’s dark in here.”
    <sila> “Sorry, Llewelyn.”
  • Havrasti finds a secluded spot in the dark to shift
  • Havrasti hopefully does so before the Lady realized it was dark :P
    <rkcgm> All the lights go on, and you find yourself in a small stone cavern that seems to have no entry – unless it’s that hole in the floor, which is covered by a massive grate.
  • Ellie listens for thoughts from inside the grate.
    <rkcgm> Ellie: you hear “If only that one voice steps a little bit closer, I bet I could flame them…”
    <ellie> “So… I’d recommend staying back from the grate…”
    <rkcgm> The Lady seems to be hanging back towards the far wall already.
    <havrasti> “Oh?”
  • Sila gets her wings disentangled from Anna’s
    <ellie> “And I’d recommend you not try any tricks,” she adds to the thinker in the hole.
    <ellie> “Someone thinks they could help their situation – or at least wreak a little more destruction – by flaming anyone who comes near enough.”
    <rkcgm> Voice in the Hole: “Tricks? I’m a feeble prisoner… what tricks would I have to try? Heh heh heh.”
    <havrasti> “Ah, guess I’ll take the lead, tehn.”
    <ellie> ((Pretend that Ellie said her previous statement after the “feeble prisoner” thing))
    <ellie> ((Makes more sense.))
  • Ellie thinks to herself, /Any possibility that this prisoner might be penitent has preeeety much just eliminated itself from my mind…/
    <sila> “I have news for you. Your time of imprisonment is nearly over.”
    <rkcgm> Voice in the Hole: “Well, it took long enough. What’s the matter? Had a bit of trouble finding three ‘good’ dragons?”
    <havrasti> “It seems difficult this far north.”
    <llewelyn> is explaining the situation of the treaty to Anna.
    <sila> “Apparently someone’s been lying to people, telling them dragons come from Whiteteeth when obviously we were made my almighty God like everyone with souls.”
    <rkcgm> ((Who was that to?))
    <sila> (the prisoner – everyone else knows this already :P )
    <rkcgm> Voice-in-the-Hole: “Well, OBVIOUSLY.”
    <ellie> “So… what’s the protocol here? How do we start?” Ellie asks, mainly of the Lady.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Start however you want. The trial ends when you decide whether or not I should release him or put him to death.”
    <rkcgm> Anna: “Wow, okay, now there’s a worryingly broad mandate.”
    <havrasti> “So, what all do you accuse him of? How many has he killed?”
  • Ellie telepathies to the others, /So… if we were modeling this off an earth trial, the accused should have representation. But under the circumstances… is there a reason to add the extra layer of beauracracy?/
  • Ellie adds, /I mean… would there really be a gain or loss of fairness either way?/
    <havrasti> “/I don’t know, it’s fairly simple rules we’re dealing with here. Would we have anyone willing to do the defense?/”
  • Ellie answers, /I heard him thinking about wanting to randomly flame whoever stepped near enough. I’m not sure I’m unbiased enough./
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “He was found among the injured following a major battle at the end of last summer. There were many depopulated homesteads nearby, and he was found unconscious in the middle of one of them, having apparently eaten most of the family that lived there – but clearly he had been wounded by one of the occupants.”
    <havrasti> “Most of? Are there survivors? Witnesses?”
    <rkcgm> Voice-in-the-hole: “Yes, the elder male was quite upset when I ate one of his screaming offspring.”
    <llewelyn>: “Does that count as a confession, cause…”
    <havrasti> “…”
    <ellie> “I’m pretty sure it does, really.”
    <sila> “I’m pretty sure that that was a sufficient confession, yes.”
    <havrasti> “Are you desiring to be condemned?”
    <ellie> “Let’s just jump to this part for a minute – do you have absolutely ANYTHING to say in your own defense? …And what should we call you, other than ‘Prisoner’?”
    <rkcgm> Voice-in-the-Hole: “Syrilth. And I object to the rules of morality being applied by the victor, rather than by the code of my own race. The witch-elf mother has caused you to rebel against [Draconic name for Whiteteeth], our one true lord and god, who shall someday overthrow the heavens and feast upon his enemies.”
    <ellie> “…Oh dear me.”
    <havrasti> “You are deadly mistaken.”
    <sila> “Um, the Lady hasn’t caused anything. She just met us, like, an hour ago. {Whiteteeth} is a liar, who shall be thrown into the pit at the end of days, and seeks to decieve our people into joining him there.”
    <ellie> “Also, he’s absolutely not a god…”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Pfft.”
    <sila> “He can’t even get you out of this hole in the ground! How can you imagine he will overthrow his own creator?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Oftentimes his followers shall be tested in times of great torment and peril – but when we die in his service, we shall ascend to his right wing to continue our fight, immortal and all-conquering!”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “…and do I hear from your voice that you are a female?”
  • Havrasti thinks about saying “And taken.” but wonders where he is going with that
    <sila> “I’m really sad for you. You’re about to discover the most horrifying truth, but it will be eternally to late to reconsider.”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Ha. Then at least the life of the lie was fun… and tasty. I will take these moments to reflect on the joyous sounds of battle. Say, I suppose none of you are courageous enough to face me openly? You’ll simply nod to the witch-queen, and away I’ll go, to disappear with magic?”
    <rkcgm> Anna just shakes her head.
  • Ellie also shakes her head.
    <ellie> “So… You really don’t care if you’re wrong, and about to pay for it forever?”
    <ellie> “I mean, I’m not saying you believe you’re wrong – but entertaining the theoretical prospect, it doesn’t bother you?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth pauses for a few moments. “Maybe a bit… but I’m not wrong. And anyway, what if I’m right?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “What if YOU’RE the ones who are wrong?”
    <llewelyn> mutters. “We’re not wrong.”
    <havrasti> “Whiteteeth is a created being, and a dependantly-exisiting created can not overthrow a self-existing creator.”
    <ellie> “We have one among us who has seen proof positive that we’re not wrong. And what if we are? What, aside from our lives, do we lose in opposing your master?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Oh, yes, and who told you all that, hm? Have you seen it?”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes, I have. And you’re wrong.”
    <sila> “Besides, like I said before, Whiteteeth can’t even overthrow anyone on this one world. His weakness is self-evident. He may be powerful compared to other people on this world, but he is nothing compared to the Creator.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “He’s spent over five millennia not even being able to beat a girl.”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Not the mother, perhaps, but he ate your first brood of mewling rats!”
    <sila> “Five millenia -?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady suddenly stomps her feet and screams at the top of her lungs, loud enough to deafen everyone. The bars over the pit melt and you hear some screaming from the pit.
    <sila> “…apparently he does want to die.”
  • Ellie is concerned about the lacking bars at the top… but then again, it may be unwise of him to actually show his face to the Lady right now….
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Can I have an execution? It will be quick! I’ll place him in the heat of the sun, or the airless frost of the darkened moon – the crushing depths of ocean, kill him!”
    <rkcgm> The Lady suddenly seems to regain her senses.
  • Sila sighs
    <rkcgm> Anna: “Sensetive topic.”
    <ellie> “If you want even the barest chance of living, Syrilth, you’d better start taking this process a WHOLE lot more seriously.”
    <sila> “You think?”
    <sila> (at Anna :P )
    <ellie> “So far, for my part, I’ve seen no evidence that you should be released. You seem to show no remorse for how you’ve treated those around you, and no sign that you’d ever even consider wanting to change.”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth’s voice sounds very pained. “It doesn’t matter. I was dead from the moment SHE captured me.”
    <sila> “Syrilth, the only reason we’re still talking is this:”
    <sila> “You are guilty by your own admission of murder, and the punishment is death. The Lady will not have mercy.”
    <havrasti> “Not necessarily. If you had truely repented and felt remose for what you’ve done, you might have lived.”
    <sila> “But God will have mercy on whomever he pleases, so if you hear the truth and repent, you might yet escape hell, by a scale’s thickness.”
    <ellie> “You weren’t dead from the moment she captured you. There’s a reason her treaty required a trial. A trial is not a foregone conclusion. But you seem to have made your life a foregone conclusion against an awfully lot of other people.”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Your god has mercy. Mine does not. Weakness in facing my appointed death will only result in punishment. I cannot relent.”
    <havrasti> “Then he’s not a god worth following.”
    <sila> “Fall on the mercy of the Creator, and {Whiteteeth} will not have the power to punish you.”
    <llewelyn>: “Maybe you’re serving the wrong god, then.”
    <ellie> “Do you really think mercilessness is the definition of the universe?”
    <ellie> “I mean, from the sound of things, maybe you do. Your god is merciless, and you are merciless, and you expect mercilessness from your enemies. But there is mercy – you recognize that in saying we serve One who shows mercy.”
  • Havrasti turns aside and asks the Lady, “Can you put a projection of God’s word on his wall, so that he can read it, but not destroy it?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Whiteteeth tells that your God shall lose because he shows mercy. It is a weakness to be exploited.”
    <havrasti> “A weak god can’t afford to show mercy. A strong God can show as much as he likes.”
    <llewelyn>: “My thoughts exactly.”
    <ellie> “Let me ask you this – if Whiteteeth were really god – really the source of everything – would he EVER have allowed freedom to what he created? Does he strike you as the kind of master who would choose to have anything outside of his control?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “No, he would not. Whiteteeth desires to fix that flaw in all creation.”
    <llewelyn>: “A flaw which let him choose to rebel in the first place?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “Uh. I suppose that’s right. Grave lack of foresight.”
    <ellie> “But how did that flaw come to be, Syrilth? If he has to fix it, how did it start int he first place?”
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “The first being permitted that flaw to be worked into all creation.”
    <havrasti> “It did let him rebel, yes, but it also let him not rebel, as he wanted. It let him want. Same with us.”
    <sila> “if you’re expecting to spend eternity as a willess puppet, why bother? Stand at the side of the Creator, and be the being of mind and spirit that God created you to be!”
    <ellie> “So Whiteteeth is not the First Being, by your own understanding as well. What if, like mercy, choice was something the First Being could allow because He is stronger than Whiteteeth?”
    <ellie> “Why would Whiteteeth hate that which isn’t under his control? Because those things show the limits of his power.”
    <ellie> “God allowed us choice because His power is great enough to deal with anything we decided to do with it.”
    <rkcgm> There is silence from the hole.
    <rkcgm> Syrilth: “…can you please not kill me yet? I have to think about that some more.”
    <sila> “Lady, I request that the accused receive a commutation of sentance for one month.”
    <rkcgm> Anna: “Seconded.”
    <havrasti> “Adjourning would be good.”
    <sila> “…and a Draconic-language Bible, and a light to read by.”
    <sila> “I can provide the Bible if you’ll allow him to have it.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “So it is granted, so it is done.”
    <sila> “All right then. See you in a month, Syrilth.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady spins her finger several times in a circle, and the cavern is partially transformed into a still-secure but slightly-more-comfortable-for-dragons environment.
    <rkcgm> Syrilth makes a sort of “I don’t want to appear grateful but kinda am” sound, and says nothing else.
    <ellie> “We will be praying for you, Syrilth. You’ve been desperately deceived. We do hope you come to see the truth.”
  • Sila cautiously sticks her head far enough out over the new bars to see Syrilth
    <rkcgm> Syrilth looks a bit like a smaller, more war-torn version of Havrasti.
  • Sila draws her head back, but refrains from commenting on his appearance
    <ellie> “So, Sila, you have a draconic Bible?”
    <sila> “Oh – I’ll have to fetch one from home. It’s the Maia-has-time-on-her-hands translation, with her personal study notes, heh.”
    <sila> “I digitized it in high-school, so I could have it on my computers. It also makes it easier to reproduce.”
    <sila> “I guess we can take Anna back to work, and hit up Kinkos or something. Bring it back tomorrow.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “You have it on your… electronical device?”
    <havrasti> “Yep.”
    <sila> “Yep!”
    <havrasti> “hmm, think you can copy it and make a giant one?”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “It is with you?”
    <sila> “It works better as several volumes, if one prints it for full size clawed hands…yes, sure, it’s on this one right here.”
    <sila> “Here, I’ll show you a sample…”
  • Sila brings up John 1 of the Maia translation to show the Lady
    <rkcgm> The Lady looks at Sila’s phone. “It will suffice.” She makes a beckoning motion towards the phone – which yelps – and there’s a sound of fluttering metal pages in the pit below.
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Come. We still must have you on your way.”
    <havrasti> “Alright.”
  • Sila glances down into the pit again
    <sila> “…I think she got my English and Spanish NIVs in there too…”
    <rkcgm> Sila catches the gleam of… huh, she copied the Bible on gold pages? Well that’s expensive.
    <ellie> But reverent.
  • Sila figures it’s appropriate, if one has the gold available.
    <rkcgm> You suddenly reappear in the garden, next to the door. …and Anna is human-looking again.
  • Sila checks her phone for damage :P
    <sila> (and puts back on her jewel of course)
    <havrasti> “…Where are my clothes? Did they get left behind?”
    <rkcgm> Sila’s phone has… no damage, unless you count an apparent increase in RAM as ‘damage’.
    <havrasti> ((how much of an increase?))
    <sila> “Huh. There’s another one to add to the ‘see if I can learn how to do it’ list…What did you say dear?”
    <rkcgm> ((Only about 10%.))
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “Clothes? Oh, those.”
    <havrasti> “That I’m hesitent to shape shift at the moment.”
    <rkcgm> Havrasti’s clothes suddenly flop out of midair onto his head.
    <havrasti> “…Thanks.”
    <rkcgm> The Lady: “…hm. I’m tired. I missed.”
    <rkcgm> Havrasti’s clothes disappear again and fall out of the air several feet in front of Havrasti’s head.
    <sila> “Hehe. Poor Havra, I’m going to start carrying around a bathrobe at all times, just for you.”
    <rkcgm> A few moments later, they reappear neatly-folded on the ground.
  • Havrasti thinks to himself, again, “Yep, quirky.”
    <havrasti> (meh, of the three appearances of the clothes, the second is their most common state when they’re not on Havrasti :P )
    <sila> “Thank you for coming on such short notice, Anna. I really appreciate it.”
    <rkcgm> Anna: “Eh, no problem, I guess. Even if we didn’t finally resolve the issue… Maybe he’ll have reconsidered by next time.”
    <havrasti> “It’s a good step in teh right direction.”
    <sila> “Yeah. Heh, still much more efficient than an American trial too.”
    == END LOG ==

<rkcgm> ((I think last time the Lady was seeing us out?))
<havrasti> ((yes))
<wayfarer> ((Yep. Determined the prisoner needed more time to reflect on his life choices, and he was granted a temporary reprieve by the Lady. So yeah, we were taking Anna home.))
<rkcgm> Anna: “Well, that was an interesting lunch break.”
<wayfarer> “Never a dull moment, eh?”
<havrasti> “Something to tell your co-workers about at the next break.”
<sila> “At least we didn’t keep you too long. Don’t forget to tell your boss you need off again in a month, though.”
<rkcgm> Anna raises an eyebrow. “A month?”
<rkcgm> Anna: “Oh, right.”:
<ellie> “Well, we will need to actually finish the trial. We only determined on a reprieve, yeh.”
<ellie> *yeah
<havrasti> “Well, given your line of work, I hope the rest of your day is less interesting.”
<ellie> “Heh. Yes. Sometimes boredom is a blessing.”
<rkcgm> Anna: “Eh, mostly going through some genetic evidence for a case I can’t really talk about yet.”
<ellie> “Fair enough.”
<havrasti> “Heh, don’t get too bored with that.”
<ellie> “Sounds sufficiently boring, but not too much so to me.”
<sila> “Guess we’ll leave you to it. Thanks for helping out.”
<rkcgm> Anna: “Yeah, not really boring, eh! Not a problem.”

  • Ellie turns to Llewelyn. “And what do we have next on our agenda? Did we have any other business in Iverindor?”
    <llewelyn>: “Nope. I got to look at the book I needed, picked up the box from my grandfather, and got the command stone. And I even got to fill this waterbottle at Seachnall’s Well.”
    <havrasti> “My wonderings exactly.”
    <ellie> “…When were we even near any sort of well?”
    <sila> “Explain to me again why you needed water from that particular well?”
    <llewelyn>: “It was that stream that we crossed on the way here. And it’s tasty water.”
  • Ellie shakes her head. “You always do like to preserve your air of mystery, don’t you?”
    <ellie> She is grinning mischievously.
    <llewelyn> drinks a sip of the water.
    <llewelyn>: “Yup, especially on this secret project.”
    <ellie> “Well hurry up with it, won’t you, so we can all find out what you’re working on.”
    <llewelyn> grins: “Oh, you want to see? You’re curious? Tiny bit?”
    <havrasti> “Until then, shall we head back to your grandfather’s to say goodbye?”
  • Ellie snerks. “I can tell that it would be extremely imprudent to answer ‘yes.’”
    <llewelyn>: “No, Grandfather was going to be out for a few more days. We can head back to Linn Mhuir, but there’s no reason to.”
    <llewelyn>: “Besides, you are all curious.”
    <havrasti> “Maaaaayes.”
    <llewelyn>: “Let’s get back to the car, then, and make a portal home.”
  • Ellie sighs. “I suppose for once I shall be imprudent.”
  • Ellie is grinning, however, and ready to follow the others to the car.
    <llewelyn> starts walking. “Anyway, aside from the somewhat real possibility of muffing it up, I want to show you guys what I’ve been working on, too.”
    <ellie> “Heh. Fair enough.”
  • Ellie follows close by Llewellyn in heading to the car.
    <sila> “I don’t know whether to be relieved or afraid.”
    <ellie> “Hehehe. Aaah, well, we’ll find out soon enough, I guess.”
  • Havrasti helps Sila into the car
    <havrasti> “I look forward to finding out what it’s all about.”
  • Sila resists
    <sila> “I have to cast the portal, silly.”
    <havrasti> “Oh, right.”
  • Sila gives Havrasti a peck on the cheek and starts casting
    <llewelyn> does help Ellie into the car, and smiles at her. “D’aw, true love.”
  • Ellie giggles. “Thank you, good Sir. And I’ll even admit to a little curiosity.”
    <sila> (do you want me to roll for the portal, or are we to the point of assuming I can hit DEAR HQ without rolling?)
    <rkcgm> ((I’m assuming you can hit without rolling, unless you’re in odd circumstances.))
  • Sila opens a car-sized portal to the DEAR garage
    <llewelyn>: “Excellent. Everyone keep your hands and toes inside the car…”
    <sila> "Go ahead and drive through, I want to video the transition as it drives across the “no-green” boundary."
    <llewelyn>: “Okay then.”
    <llewelyn> drives through without any issues.
    <rkcgm> The Oshkosh stays the same blue-camo color on the other side.
    <sila> “Aww.”
  • Sila folows it through
    <llewelyn> gets out and stares at the Oshkosh. “Huh.”
    <ellie> “Do things usually stay color shifted?”
    <rkcgm> Once Sila’s no longer filming, the vehicle changes back to green coloration.
    <llewelyn>: “Ha, called it. It’s shy.”
    <sila> “The vehicle, or the magic?”
    <llewelyn>: “The magic.”
    <havrasti> “That’s a new one.”
    <ellie> “I’m torn between being analytical, and just refusing to even try and analyze it…”
    <ellie> “As MacDonald says, it’s no use trying to account for things in faerie land…”
    <sila> “Ah well. At least my eyes should be back to normal now, right?”
    <llewelyn>: “When you work with magic for long enough, you start to get the feeling that it’s sometimes off drunk in a pub somewhere and having fun at your expense.”
  • Havrasti mutters, “Elven magic, maybe.”
    <llewelyn> says nothing.
    <ellie> “Anyway, are we heading off to see what your mysterious project is, or aren’t we?”
    <sila> “…dragon magic has more of a ‘wide-winged showoff’ personality, really. Not usually shy, but sometimes prone to exessive flare.”
    <llewelyn>: “I think we are. Let’s go to my office first. I need to get the duck.”
    <sila> “Oh boy…”
  • Sila follows Llewelyn up to the office
    <llewelyn> grabs a cardboard box on his way.
  • Ellie follows Llewelyn. “Need any help?”
    <llewelyn> arrives at his office, grabs his staff, places the marble duck in the box, and then starts rifling through his file cabinet.
    <llewelyn>: “Well, we’ll need the handtruck to carry that back down to the garage. I can’t show you in here.”
    <ellie> “Where’s the handtruck?”
    <llewelyn>: “Utility closet…”
    <havrasti> “Down the hall, a left then right.”
  • Ellie heads to the utility closet and brings it back.
  • Havrasti rmembers where it is perfectly
    <llewelyn> removes a plastic container of dirt from his filing cabinet, and puts it in the box with the duck. He then puts his water-bottle in the box with the duck.
    <llewelyn>: “Okay, back to the garage…”
    <havrasti> “Ah, something special with that water, or would any have done?”
    <llewelyn>: “Any would’ve done, but I like the taste of this kind best. And since we were going to Iverindor anyway, I decided to get some.”
    <llewelyn>: “Call me selfish.”
    <ellie> “Heh”
    <llewelyn> puts the box down in the middle of the garage and pauses for a few moments.
    <llewelyn>: “Okay, okay, psych… Let’s see…”
  • Sila places a mental bet about what this is going to become
  • Ellie is placing no bets, mental or otherwise. She’s just going to wait and see.
    <llewelyn> grabs his staff, grabs the command stone, and huffs.
  • Havrasti comments to Sila “Giant animated duck, a horde of ducks, somethign completely different? Spell goes awry?”
    <llewelyn>: “So the question I kept expecting Havrasti to ask was ‘Llewelyn, why are you using that marble duck to collect leftover magic energy at the end of the day?’ But nobody ever asked that one. It’s simple – because, weirdly, marble is one of the cheapest materials for storing magic easily.”
    <llewelyn> casts a magic circle (vs difficult)
    <rkcgm> !8d6: Llewelyn’s roll
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “Llewelyn’s roll”: (5+1+3+4+4+3+2+4). Total: 26.
    <rkcgm> !5d6: vs difficult
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “vs difficult”: (4+4+5+5+1). Total: 19.
    <rkcgm> ((thhbt. I use my gold.))
  • Sila whispers “What the water, I’m guessing something fountainesque, probably designed to spit tasty water at the unwary.”
    <rkcgm> !16d6: gold re-roll
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “gold re-roll”: (1+2+3+2+3+1+1+2+2+5+6+2+1+6+6+4). Total: 47.
    <llewelyn> casts a magic circle that spiders out through half of the garage. ((It gives him 2 dice for future castings made inside the circle.))
    <havrasti> ((oh, we can do that? :P))
    <rkcgm> ((It was the ability I took at the last level-up.))
    <havrasti> ((ahhh))
    <llewelyn>: “…and why do I need to easily store magic and then get a command stone? Because I’m going to use a lot of it…”
    <llewelyn> casts the big one.
    <rkcgm> !10d6: Llewelyn vs very difficult
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “Llewelyn vs very difficult”: (1
    6+2+1+5+6+1+1+3+3). Total: 29.
    <rkcgm> !6d6: very difficult
    <painbot> [<rkcgm>] rolled “very difficult”: (3+6+6+1+4+2). Total: 22.
  • Ellie is watching curiously, but is mostly fending off too much eagerness. Llewelyn is FAR too obviously trying to build up the suspence. ;-)
    <havrasti> “…But why a duck?”
    <ellie> “Probably just because it was marble and available.”
    <rkcgm> All the lights go out and you are plunged into complete darkness.
    <sila> “Did you /mean/ to do that, Llewelyn?”
    <llewelyn>: “AHAHAHA it worked.”
  • Sila listens for the electrical system
    <rkcgm> Sila: there is no electrical system.
    <ellie> “Heh. So your goal was to plunge us all into the dark?”
    <llewelyn>: “Wait for it… and there was light.”
    <rkcgm> A small sun turns on. There’s the sound of things crashing around.
    <sila> “…What happened to the /lights/ Llewelyn?”
    <ellie> “Okay, so… are you going to provide narration, Llewelyn?”
    <rkcgm> …and you’re standing on the stone patio of a little house sitting on a small partly rocky, partly sandy peninsula sticking out into a calm ocean. There’s a clear sky overhead and stuff is growing like crazy.
    <havrasti> “…Did you make a pocket world?”
    <llewelyn> looks around.
    <llewelyn>: “Maaaybe.”
  • Sila listens for the pocket signature, if any
    <ellie> “…Does one make a pocket world, or… find it?”
    <rkcgm> ((Small one, but totally correct – it’s a pocket world.))
    <llewelyn> looks over at Ellie. “And so what’s the purpose of going to all this trouble, my dear? I hope that-”
    <rkcgm> Cinnamon Sugar suddenly runs between his legs and jumps at Ellie, mraowing loudly.
    <rkcgm> Cinnamon: “Say yes, human, say yes! Mrow!”
    <ellie> “…My goodness gracious. Where did you come from? And what are you mewing about?” Ellie kneels to pick Cinnamon up."
    <llewelyn> freezes for a moment. “Uh, I’m the one who’s supposed to kneel, you know?”
    <sila> “Hm. Not bad…awfully rustic…”
    <llewelyn> has pulled out a fancy-looking old ring.
  • Ellie looks up at Llewelyn, though she blushes. “Umm… I suppose I can correct that.” She stands, and then sees the ring.
    <ellie> A smile spreads over her face, though her blush deepens.
    <llewelyn>: “Ettelewen Ross, would you please-”
    <rkcgm> Cinnamon mraows. “Say yes, say yes!”
  • Ellie giggles. She telepathies to the cat, /You need to let him finish, or I can’t./
    <llewelyn>: “…marry me?”
  • Ellie smiles even more widely. “Yes. Oh yes.” She reaches down to take his free hand.
    <llewelyn> grins: “Oh, yay.”
    <llewelyn> snaps his fingers once. There are fireworks.
  • Ellie giggles, then sits down next to Llewelyn, pulling him from his knee into a hug.
    <rkcgm> Karley: “D’aw!”
  • Havrasti hugs Sila
  • Sila asides to Havrasti, “I know one is supposed to have a lair before proposing, but this seems a rather extravagant way of going about it, hehe.”
    <ellie> “You, Sir, are amazing. I love you.”
    <llewelyn>: “I love you too.”
    <llewelyn>: “So, uh. Shall I explain the magic trick further?”
    <havrasti> “Sure. It does look like a nice place.”
    <ellie> “Yes, I think we’d all like to hear.” Ellie says this snuggled up next to Llewelyn on the sand. Cinnamon is curled in her lap, purring loudly and happily.
    <llewelyn> points at the rocky part of the peninsula. “So… the foundations of it all was the marble duck. Representative of the stone to build on.”
  • Ellie smiles at the symbolism.
    <ellie> ((Correction. They’re sitting on the patio, not the sand.))
    <llewelyn>: “I read about how pocket worlds were created a long time ago, in that book… which I didn’t remember all of it, specifically how to grab all the matter you need… I didn’t create any of the actual matter, I’d note.”
    <ellie> “Just determined how to put it together, then.”
    <sila> “Funny, there seems to be a lot more of it than was in the box.”
    <llewelyn>: “Right. You need representative elements, though.”
    <ellie> “Heee! So water from the well you like so much…”
    <ellie> “Where was the soil from?”
    <llewelyn>: “So I got the marble duck… at a yard sale, and a bucket of dirt and sand from the shore of Lake Superior, and the water from Seachnall’s Well.”
    <rkcgm> ((Sorry – Lake Huron.))
    <ellie> “Heh. And here we all thought you were going to animate that duck and use it as a prank.”
  • Ellie looks around. “I love it.”
    <sila> “Does that mean the lake is particularly nice to drink?”
    <havrasti> “Much more satisfying than a prank.”
    <llewelyn>: “Yes, it should have a bit of a sweet taste.”
    <llewelyn>: “Oh! Oh! Check out the thermostat in the house, please, Ellie.”
  • Ellie raises an eyebrow. “The thermostat, huh. Okay. Where will it be?” Ellie scoops up Cinnamon and stands.
    <llewelyn>: “Main hallway.”
  • Ellie walks inside and looks for the “main hallway.”
    <ellie> And also, incidentally, of course, looks around at the house. ;-)
    <rkcgm> Currently, the house looks very Queen Anne style, both inside and outside.
  • Havrasti looks behind him for the first time for where the house is
    <ellie> ((We’re on the porch ;-) )
  • Ellie is delighted with what she’s seeing of the house, incidentally.
    <rkcgm> In the main hallway, there’s a thermostat which is labeled: ‘I want it to be…’ and there’s a half-dozen tick-marks running between ‘Winter’ and ‘Summer’.
  • Sila follows curiously
  • Ellie grins, thinking she knows where this is going. Is there a window somewhat near the thermostat?
    <rkcgm> ((Yes.))
  • Ellie turns the thermostat to “Winter,” then glances out the window expectantly.
    <rkcgm> Something about the interior of the house changes so it resembles more of a mountain chalet. The windows partially frost up, there’s snow on the ground, and the fireplace comes to life.
  • Ellie chuckles. “Heeee! Oh my goodness.”
    <ellie> “Okay, then, let’s try them each.” She tics it to the next mark.
    <havrasti> “Wow. Impressive…. can we go back to summer?”
    <ellie> “Hehe. I want to see what each of them are, though.”
    <rkcgm> The house changes to something that looks like a Japanese house in autumn, with golden leaves on all the maple trees outside.
  • Ellie shakes her head, grinning. She tics it to the next.
    <sila> “Heh, small but complicated… /very/ Llewelyn.”
  • Ellie snerks and nods.
    <rkcgm> There seems to be – in order – a winter chalet, a Japanese autumn garden house, a late summer farmhouse, an early summer Polynesian beach house, a spring Queen Anne’s house (with turrets!) and an early winter stone-built castle (Scottish baronial style).
    <rkcgm> The house’s floorplan never seems to change, but all the interior decorations change to match the appropriate house style.
  • Ellie turns to Llewelyn. “You, sir, have outdone yourself. This is utterly brilliant.”
    <llewelyn> grins. “Thanks.”
  • Sila has a sudden thought and starts looking for the portal, or however Llewelyn figures on getting in and out.
    <sila> “But where is the entrance…is it permanently bound to the DEAR garage??”
    <llewelyn>: “Nope.”
    <sila> “Well that’s good…”
  • Sila keeps poking around
    <llewelyn> points to the front door and closes it. “Ellie, I convinced your mom to loan me her talent with doors. Open this – er, with the hand your ring is on, please.”
  • Ellie follows the instructions.
    <havrasti> “Ah, so you schemed with her a bit, did you?”
    <rkcgm> Ellie’s mom and dad are standing on the other side, in their living room back in Michigan. “Hey kids!”
    <ellie> “Heee! Mom, Dad!”
    <llewelyn>: “Actually, I schemed with them a lot.”
    <rkcgm> Ellie’s Dad: “I insisted on it.”
  • Ellie runs through the door to give her mom and dad a hug and show them the ring.
    <ellie> “Hehehe. Of course you did.”
    <ellie> “High time you got your daughter married off, huh?” She winks at her father.
    <rkcgm> Cal Ross half-smiles: “Eh, he’s okay.”
    <sila> (At Llewelyn) "So…you /could/ lair here, but it would look like you were /living with your inlaws/ "
  • Ellie snickers at her father’s answer. “Wow, your highest form of praise!”
    <havrasti> “Maybe the door can open onto multiple palces?”
    <ellie> “No, wait. Your highest form would be to say you’d trust him to work on your cars…”
    <llewelyn> has a moment’s panic. “No, not that!”
    <rkcgm> Cal Ross: “Shh. We’re going to need to work on that Cuban junker you brought back.”
    <ellie> “Oh. So you’ll trust him to /help/ you work on /his/ car. Well… that’s still pretty high praise.” Ellie looks back at Llewelyn mischievously.
    <rkcgm> Cal: “We’ll work on it.”
    <ellie> She turns to hug her mother, as well.
    <rkcgm> Cal goes over to the thermostat and starts turning it from summer to winter repeatedly.
    <rkcgm> Laurie Ross hugs Ellie.
    <ellie> Ellie and Laure don’t need to exchange much in words. The looks they exchange, however, make their deep happiness evident.
  • Sila laughs at Cal
  • Ellie looks back to Llewelyn. “So how /does/ the door work? Does it always go hear if I use my left hand? Where else does it go?”
    <havrasti> “Don’t burn it out, Cal.”
    <llewelyn>: “You can use any door you want, so long as it’s with intention to get here and has roughly similar dimensions.”
    <llewelyn>: “And you can open this front door, with intention, to get to most any door on Earth. Sorry, not to Esserea.”
    <ellie> “Ooh. That’ll be helpful. Yay, no work commute!”
    <rkcgm> Cal turns it all the way to early summer, and then wanders outside. A few moments later, he comes back in and looks at his wife. “They have an infinity pool with a hot tub. That’s not fair.”
  • Ellie giggles. “Jealous, Dad?”
    <rkcgm> Cal grumbles.
    <ellie> “Hmm. How do cell phones work here?”
    <ellie> “I imagine they’re isolated from the cell phone network…”
    <llewelyn> blinks. “Uh…”
    <sila> “It /is/ a different world you konw.”
    <sila> “How do you get back in if you close the door you went out to?”
    <sila> “Or is the ring the carrier for the door enchantment?”
    <llewelyn>: “…how about I get back to you on cell phones?”
    <rkcgm> Laurie Ross: “The ring’s the carrier.”
    <sila> “Did you do one for him too?”
    <ellie> “Hehehe. Well I mean, it is nice sometimes to be cut off from all the world. But I imagine DEAR might have problems with two of its agents being completely unreachable half the time.”
    <llewelyn>: “I didn’t think of that. I got the electricity part, but not the communications part.”
    <rkcgm> Laurie Ross: “I’ll make one for him later.”
    <havrasti> “Has anyone gotten that sort of thing to work across worlds?”
    <ellie> “Heh. Aaah, well. Maybe a permanent mini-Way with wiring run through it?”
    <llewelyn>: “That’s what I did with the electricity.”
    <sila> “Ah, good, you can push a phone landline through the same way then.”
    <sila> “Or cable-and-phone, or whatever.”
    <ellie> “Yeah, should be easy enough to work around.”
  • Ellie turns back to her mom. “Ooooh! We have a new project: Wedding Dress!”
    <rkcgm> Laurie: “I have so many ideas!”
    <ellie> “Eeee!” Ellie giggles and does an excited bit of a dance.
    <havrasti> “So what’s this place’s mailing address?”
    <ellie> “I imagine we’ll have a post office box somewhere.”
    <sila> “Maybe they’ll have a PO Box, hehe.”
    <llewelyn>: “Post office box.”
    <sila> (( so much ninja :P ))
    <llewelyn> points to a box next to the door.
    <ellie> “Heh. You’ve got it connected to a post office box already?”
    <llewelyn>: “I planned ahead! On everything except internet.”
    <ellie> “Hehehehee! You did amazingly.” Ellie returns to Llewelyn and gives him another hug.
    <llewelyn>: “Thanks.”
    <ellie> “So… have you started thinking about a wedding date yet?”
    <havrasti> “So, will you host DEAR summer parties? Regardless of season?” ;)
    <llewelyn>: “A date? No, I figured we’d want to talk about that.”
    <llewelyn>: “And… maybe. We’ll see.”
    <ellie> “So… I’d love for you to take me on a tour of our house,” Ellie grins up at Llewelyn.
    <llewelyn>: “Sure!”
    <llewelyn>: “Well, we’re in the living room now… or the great hall when we’re castled up. Or the open breeze-room when we’re going South Pacific.”
    <sila> “I’d like a tour too, but I think it’d be fairest to let him show off for you, first. Mind if I set it to summer and go swimming?”
  • Ellie giggles.
    <llewelyn>: “Go ahead.”
  • Ellie nods her agreement. She’s looped her arm through Llewelyn’s so he can guide her.
    <havrasti> “Any dangerous currents here to be ware of?”
    <llewelyn>: “Nope. The water should be shallow most of the way to the edge, particularly on the summer setting. Pretty much a snorkelling lagoon.”
    <havrasti> “Nice. Time to scale-dip.”
    <sila> “And see if this drinking water stands up to the hype, heheh.”
    <rkcgm> ((Outside, there are palm trees and everything seems to be a slightly breezy 95. Inside the house – which in summer-mode has half of the walls removed for fresh air – it seems to be about 80.))
    <ellie> ((I’m surprised Llewelyn invented a home for himself that included such warm temperatures. ;-) ))
    <rkcgm> ((He knows how to be self-sacrificing, he just doesn’t like to be. :P ))
    <ellie> ((Hehehehe))
    <rkcgm> ((But for the right cause.))
    <havrasti> ((though it’s probably not too bad when swimming))
  • Sila takes off her jewel and investigates
    <rkcgm> (Link: this is the color of the water outside, btw
    <ellie> ((I imagine it will be summer a lot when the dragons come visiting, but other seasons most of the time when it’s just Ellie and Llewelyn. ;-) ))
    <havrasti> ((also probably not much humidity…. or bugs ;) ))
    <rkcgm> ((There’s definitely a complete lack of noticeable bugs.))
    <rkcgm> Downstairs on the main floor, Llewelyn shows Ellie the living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook overlooking the sea (it has a bay window in the Queen Anne version), bathroom, etc…
    <rkcgm> There’s also an infinity pool out front, with a spa. All the decor seems to be South Pacific themed, and everything’s built of a dark, almost black wood.
    <rkcgm> The upstairs has more bedrooms, including a very large circular master bedroom that’s 75% windows looking out over the ocean.
    <ellie> “Oooh, this is gorgeous!”
    <ellie> “I love it so much!”
  • Ellie excitedly explores everything, peeking in closets and looking out windows.
    <llewelyn> notes that his library in the basement doesn’t change interior designs.
    <sila> ((hehe of Course the library is the most stable part of the house!))
    <ellie> “Heh. So long as it has some bookshelves free for me,” Ellie winks.
    <llewelyn>: “I made it with growth room.”
  • Ellie laughs. “Absoultely appropriate. You really did think ahead.”
    <llewelyn>: “I tried to.”
    <rkcgm> Cinnamon runs up to Ellie. <look>
  • Ellie looks to Cinnamon. /What is it?/
    <rkcgm> Cinnamon runs off to a corner of the room and pauses next to a cat-sized hinged door in the wall – which leads to a cat-sized ‘secret passage’ going to other rooms.
  • Ellie giggles. /But where did you come out? I can’t follow you, you know./
  • Ellie then turns to Llewelyn, “Is that how you convinced him to take your side and beg me to say yes?” She’s teasing, of course.
    <rkcgm> Cinnamon mraows excitedly and disappears into the passage. You hear running-cat-paws for a few minutes in the walls, and then Cinnamon reappears from a different bedroom.
    <sila> “Does it go through the wire-Way too?”
  • Ellie is chuckling at the cat’s excitement.
    <llewelyn>: “I didn’t actually bribe him at all.”
    <ellie> “Hehhee. I do have to ask how he got to be here. In your ‘big reveal’ moment, weren’t you making the place? He couldn’t have been here beforehand…”
    <llewelyn> shrugs. “I blame your mother?”
    <sila> ((so if there’s stuff growing, does that mean there’s a whole micro-ecology here? birds, fish, etc?))
  • Ellie chuckles. “Uhuh. …Well, likely as anything, I guess.”
    <rkcgm> ((Closer inspection shows that most of the plants are actually very convincing illusions, since the trees change from, say, maples to palm trees based on the settings.))
    <havrasti> ((ahhhh))
    <sila> “We need to stock their pond for them so there will be fish to chase.”
    <sila> “…maybe bring in a few ducks, heheh.”
    <ellie> ((Do I sense a probable wedding gift? ;-) ))
    <sila> (quite possibly, yes, if they go for it when Sila suggests it to them; right now, she’s talking to Havrasti out in the water)
    <ellie> ((I was just saying eventually Llewellyn will have to add a greenhouse so Ellie can grow actual plants that won’t end up hurt when they change the season dial ;-) )
    <sila> ((ila’s pitch will be along the lines of "Fresh eggs! Hormone free poultry at holidays! Feathers for stuffing into pillows!))
    <ellie> ((Hehehhee!))
  • Sila swims a few laps around the pond/sea, becoming increasingly introspective, and eventually gets out and goes looking for Llewelyn
    <llewelyn> is just finishing the house tour.
    <sila> ((so, in the Library?))
    <rkcgm> ((Probably main airway / living room.))
  • Sila comes up the steps to the front door.
    <sila> “Llewelyn, about that book that told you how to do this… I think I need a look at it myself. Maybe a copy of it; it’s written for practitioners of a different school of magic, so it might take a logn time to unravel it enough to figure it out.”
    <llewelyn>: “Oh?”
    <sila> “I need a place like this. Really /need/ it. But…bigger. Mom and the family will probably all have to help. It needs flying space for the little ones you know?”
    <sila> “Because, you know. I /didn’t/ have to settle for a human. My kids won’t /be/ half-human like I always though.”
    <sila> “I need a nesting grounds. A training grounds. A place where I can teach my younger-sibs and offspring to hunt without worrying about being shot at!”
    <llewelyn>: "Quite true. Though weren’t you going to take over the dragonhunter’s old pocket?
    <sila> “That was before I realized it was possible to /make our own/ Llewelyn. There could still be /dragonhunters/ that know how to get into their old pocket. I want a place that’s safe for hatchlings!”
    <llewelyn>: “Fair enough. I can write down for you everything you need and how to do it.”
    <sila> “Do that then – please. If you can do, then I’m sure any world-walker can learn. And you can’t…well, ok, you probably can imagine very well just how motivated I am to do it.”
    <sila> “That way, even if something happens, and things aren’t all safe and stable outside, I won’t have to be afraid to quicken my eggs. My children won’t ever get caught spending centuries in the shell because some lunatic humans have a disagreement about political borders or, or whatever.”
    <ellie> “I’ll admit I can see many advantages to raising a family in… one’s own little world, really.”
    <llewelyn>: “Sure. You’ll need a command stone, though.”
    <sila> “I’ll find a way to get one. Maybe your grandmother will do me a favor for helping her deal with juries, by and by.”
    <llewelyn>: “Maybe.”
    <llewelyn> pulls out the command stone he used, which looks like it got partially ashed. “I’d offer to loan you this one, except it was a one-time use thing.”
    <sila> “Burned out?”
    <sila> “I thought people used them on staffs.”
    <havrasti> “A big thing like this would use it all up.”
    <llewelyn>: “They do. That’s why I needed it – otherwise, that would’ve happened to my hands or something.”
    <ellie> “This must’ve used rather more than one on a staff would usually have to manage.”
    <sila> “Ah. Well, I’ll work on it. Anyway…thanks. I know it’s neither simple nor easy, but this means a lot to me. The one thing that’s really made me nervous since I got married was wondering if I could handle raising kids in hiding, how I could do better on the parts that bothered me worst as a child. I think this will make a world of difference.”
  • Ellie smirks and mutters, “No pun intended.”
    <sila> “…and if you find any more yard-sale marble statuary, call me, I believe we’re in the market for some.”
  • Havrasti chuckles
    <llewelyn>: “Sure. I can’t say ‘no problems’, but as I just proved… doable.”
  • Sila nods
    <sila> “It’s pretty, by the way. The structure I mean. The music of it is nice.”
    <havrasti> “So, Sila, what do you want our house to be like?”
    <llewelyn>: “Thanks.”
    == END LOG ==



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